NJPW: Jon Moxley Vs. El Desperado – Results


NJPW: Jon Moxley Vs. El Desperado – Results. This was advertised as a “no disqualification match”, but this was a deathmatch.  This was brutal; this was excellent. The match opened with boards covered in barbed wire placed in the corner. Moxley and Desperado teased throws into the boards from the beginning.

After gaining a slight lead, Moxley tried removing Desperado’s mask. This enraged Desperado, leading to a passionate turnaround for Desperado. Once Moxley was rocked, Desperado grabbed a bouquet of roses; from the roses, he pulled a bundle of wooden skewers. Desperado drove the skewers into Moxley’s head, drawing blood. El Desperado continued his attack, running Moxley’s face into the barbed wire.

Desperado locked in a cloverleaf; Moxley forced Desperado to break the hold by tearing at his mask once more. Moxley interrupted a Desperado suicide dive with a gnarly guitar shot. Moxley continued his assault by repeatedly driving a piece of the guitar into Desparado’s forehead.

(Jon Moxley Vs. El Desperado)

Desperado reset the match with a spear into a barbed wire board. Moxley answered with a dropkick that sent Desperado crashing through a barbed wire board. A piledriver from Moxley yielded a near fall.

Both men rolled to the outside. Moxley set up a table while Desperado grabbed a chair. After flattening Moxley with the chair, Desperado placed Moxley on the table and climbed to the top rope. Moxley sprung to his feet and threw Desperado from the top rope, through the table, and to the floor. Looking to finish, Moxley grabbed a board covered with cut aluminum cans, onto which he through Desperado; Desperado kicked out.

Desperado caught Moxley in a stretch muffler. Moxley transitioned from the hold into an armbar. After escaping the armbar, Desparado stomped Moxley’s skull before landing a frog splash for a near fall.

(Jon Moxley Vs. El Desperado)

After Moxley kicked out, the pair exchanged strikes. Desperado survived the barrage, landing a Pinche Loco; instead of attempting a pin, Desperado tried a second. Moxley answered with a lariat and Death Rider. Instead of pinning Desperado, Moxley locked in a choke, but Desperado refused to tap out, flipping the bird as his consciousness wained. Desperado passed out, leaving Moxley victorious.

Jon Moxley tried to close the show with a promo, but the microphone was broken. 

NJPW: Jon Moxley Vs. El Desperado – Results

NJPW: Jon Moxley Vs. El Desperado – Results.

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