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AEW Collision Results February 10, 2024


AEW Collision Results February 10, 2024. Jon Moxley and Claudio Castagnoli will team up against Star Jr and Esfinge this Saturday in Henderson, Nevada. Toni Storm and Deonna Purrazzo will be in individual action on the way to AEW Revolution 2024 Tonight we will once again enjoy a new live follow-up of AEW Collision . The All Elite Wrestling show will air from The Dollar Loan Center in Henderso, Nevada. 

Team Match

Star Jr. and Esfinge vs. Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley and Claudio Castagnoli)

Moxley starts with an advantage over Star. They both relieve, and Claudio finds himself in trouble against Esfinge. The masked men feign a jump, but BCC walk out of sight. Castagnoli regains ground with a Swiss Swing and looks for the tag, but Star Jr. appears for a combination of Old School and Hurracarana that leaves his opponents ready for the double Tope Suicida.

We return from the first break with Claudio punishing Star Jr. The two men look for relief. Esfinge maintains the advantage over Mox while the one in blue takes the Swiss out of the area. Star goes for a leapfrog, but gets caught with a Neckbreaker from Jon. Sphinx reappears with an exchange of Chops, but it is not enough to stop the opponents from him. Star gets the signature elbows and an Armbar for the BCC victory.


Winners: Blackpool Combat Club by surrender

“Thanks, guys,” Jon Moxley says into the microphone. He clarifies that the message is served for CMLL, and no team would be able to stop Blackpool Combat Club. FTR come out to the ring ! The exchange easily turns physical, and both teams are separated by referees and security officials.

Daniel Garcia vs. Shane Taylor

The two start evenly with arm locks. Taylor takes advantage of his brute strength to gain the advantage and escapes from a padlock on his legs, taking his rival out of the ring. Daniel escapes a Legdrop after the commercial break, and gains distance for the counteroffensive. 

He corners Taylor and applies several dropkicks that damage her left leg. Shane responds with a right hand to the chin and successfully applies his Legdrop, but is caught in a Dragon Screw that forces him to hit the canvas.


Winner: Daniel Garcia by surrender

Backstage, Eddie Kingston challenges Bryan Danielson for the Continental Crown at AEW Revolution 2024 . The Mad King adds that, if he wins, Bryan will have to shake his hand as a sign of respect.

Handicap Match

Brian Cage vs. The Outrunners (Turbo Floyd and Truth Magnum)

Brian quickly dispatches both of his opponents. He takes Turbo Floyd in a leg lock and damages him until he surrenders.

Winner: Brian Cage by surrender

The Las Vegas Warriors mascot imitates Prince Nana’s signature dance, but gets an attack on his back courtesy of Brian Cage. Hook shows up to make the save !


Backstage, The Kingdom complain to Tomohiro Ishii for not receiving a single call after leaving CHAOS. Roderick Strong calls him tonight’s winner, but Ishii refuses to shake his hand.

Adam Copeland makes his entrance to the ring.

Tony Schiavone remembers that The Rated R Superstar  is third in the rankings, to which Adam begins to consider his options. He assures that he will not interfere on the world stage, Cassidy is busy with Roderick, and is not interested in Eddie’s “dozen titles”, so his target is clear: Christian Cage. Daniel Garcia returns to the ring with microphone in hand.

The young man remembers his victory against The Patriarchy last week, and notes that he is interested in competing for the TNT Championship. Copeland assures that he has respect for Daniel for seeking his opportunity, but he will not let him pass him by. Adam Copeland vs. Daniel Garcia is official for AEW Dynamite.


Mark Briscoe vs. Brody King

Mark corners his opponent with blows before receiving a Powerbomb followed by the Cannonball. Briscoe finds space and throws his opponent out of the ring for a Moonsault. He places a chair in the ring and pushes himself on it for the Tope con Giro. He sets up a table in the ring, but the referee stops him. King recovers and catches him for a powerslam onto a steel chair.

We’re back from break. Mark corners his rival and attacks him with kicks and punches. Brody recovers at ringside, applying several elbows near the neck followed by a Clothesline. Briscoe throws him out of the ring and takes height for a jump. Julia distracts him and Brody pushes him onto the half-assembled table! Gonzo Bomb in the center of the ring and victory for House of Black.

Winner: Brody King by three

Julia Hart finishes Mark Briscoe with a long nail, causing blood to flow from his head.


Deonna Purrazzo vs. Kiera Hogan

The two women start with simple locks and Roll-Ups. Kiera takes her opponent over the second rope for the Hip-Toss. Deonna responds with a tie to her arm that leaves her rival in pain.

She keeps the punishment to this extremity. Hogan escapes for the counteroffensive, but falls again into a double arm lock that gives victory to The Virtuosa .

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo on three counts

Deonna’s celebration is interrupted by the entrance of Toni Storm for the next fight.


Queen Aminata vs. Toni Storm

Toni closes several locks that give her a first advantage, but her rival takes her arm and rubs her hips against her to mock her. Storm launches herself at Aminata and punches her in the face repeatedly.

Close-Up before the break! Aminata escapes a back lock and falls next to her opponent with a Lariat. Aminata loses the lead and falls with a Package Piledriver. 1…2…3…

Winner: Toni Storm by three

Toni Storm announces the premiere of a new production for the next AEW Dynamite ! He also sends a warning to Purrazzo, assuring that he will “kick his opponent’s ass.”


AEW International Championship

Orange Cassidy vs. Tomohiro Ishii

Ishii surpasses his opponent in the test of strength. Orange takes the run and takes advantage of his speed for a successful Tackle. Tomohiro does not sell the blows to the chest and the champion takes several Chops that make him lose his balance. We enter the last block of the night. Tomohiro takes a DDT and the lethal kicks of his rival. The Japanese maintains the offensive with a Powerbomb, but Orange escapes a second and resists several blows to the chest… only to fall knocked out to the canvas.

 He reacts in time to dodge a Lariat and desperately looks for the count with Roll-Ups and Sunset Flips. Orange Punch! Ishii takes the Beach Break, but resists at 2.99. The Japanese applies a Dragon Suplex and looks for elevation, but receives another Orange Punch and a Small Package. 1…2…3…

Winner and STILL CHAMPION: Orange Cassidy on account of three

Undisputed Kingdom look for an ambush, but Tomohiro Ishii returns to the ring with Trent Beretta to make the save and close the episode. We’ll be covering more on this so stay tuned and remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling! For more updates follow

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