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AEW Dynamite Results February 28, 2024.


AEW Dynamite Results February 28, 2024. Sting will be present at his last AEW Dynamite show as an active wrestler. TBS broadcast the 230th episode of AEW Dynamite today, February 28 , live from the Propst Arena at Von Braun Center in Huntsville, AL.

Hangman Adam Page comes out with a crutch for his injured foot.

He begins to talk about the beginnings of AEW, and considers being champion the greatest achievement of his career. “That’s why it’s so hard to have that opportunity in front of me and to have… this…” he says, looking at his leg. “When AEW said the championship would be defended in a three-way match I said it was rubbish, I wanted it to be hand-to-hand, but it looks like it will be with the wrong competitors. I’m not going to apologize to Samoa Joe or Swerve Strickland. This Sunday at Revolution I won’t be able to compete,” Page announces regretfully.

Swerve Strickland comes out to respond to Page, saying that he cannot avoid destiny, nor avoid his own, which is to become the AEW world champion. Samoa Joe comes out to respond to both of them, saying that it doesn’t matter if he’s against one or both of them, he’ll kick their asses on Sunday at Revolution. Swerve lights up and says that he has gone from being unemployed to being in the main event, to fighting for the top title, and remembers that he is capable of anything, like he did against Nick Wayne.


Hangman Page attacks Swerve from behind! Page was faking his injury and shouts that he will be champion.

The Young Bucks are interviewed by Renee Paquette. Matthew and Nicholas Jackson say they had a great meeting with Ric Flair, that’s all they can say right now. Regarding Sting, they say they want to be the hosts of the farewell interview with him. The AEW EVPs grab their bats and go out to find Sting.

Eddie Kingston & FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) vs. Blackpool Combat Club (Claudio Castagnoli, Bryan Danielson & Jon Moxley)

It seems that Eddie and Bryan are going to start, but Danielson takes over from Claudio. Small exchange between Kingston and Castagnoli, now Dax and Danielson enter, then Wheeler and Moxley to raise the intensity with a hard exchange of blows. Both teams go in to separate them but chaos ends up breaking out between the six. The action moves to ringside, where the Blackpool Combat Club violently manages to take control. Danielson destroys Cash with kicks, Claudio runs with an Uppercut but Dax arrives to defend his partner.


Dax takes over and attacks the entire BCC with blows. Dax looks for the account on Mox several times but can’t. Danielson breaks the count with a kick to Harwood, Kingston enters to argue with him. Once again, Blackpool Combat Club takes the action to ringside to punish their opponents with animosity. Claudio and Mox catch Dax so Danielson can fly into a Diving Headbutt, but Harwood resists.

Kingston takes over and exchanges hard Chops with Danielson.

 Eddie delivers an Exploder Suplex, but Blackpool gangs up on him. Giant Swing by Claudio, Dropkick by Bryan and Piledriver by Mox. Dax breaks the count just in time! Cash saves his partner from a Double Suplex, they take Claudio and Mox out of the ring and team up against Danielson. Hurricane and Avalanche Bulldog but BCC breaks the count. The BCC traps its opponents to unleash blows and apply holds, but none of them give up.

FTR and Kingston break free to respond with a barrage of quick Chops. Shatter Machine for Claudio, but he turns the ring. Paradigm Shift from Mox to Cash, Brainbuster from Dax, Buisaku Knee from Danielson. Bryan dodges the Hurricane and hits a Suplex on Eddie. Buisaku Knee for Kingston, but he doesn’t look for the account, but instead steps on his head. Triangle Hold on Eddie, who can’t respond.


Winners: Blackpool Combat Club .

Chris Jericho is interviewed. He says that 30 years ago he was immediately introduced to legends, like Negro Casas, Silver King and Atlantis. “Atlantis was a great opponent, a friend, a mentor. When AEW started working with CMLL I asked to work with Atlantis Jr., to return the favor, teach him how to fight here. Atlantis Jr., I will give you some lessons, some lessons from violence even. Atlantis, you will never forget this night, because Ocho is going to beat you up,” he closes in Spanish.

Tony Schiavone welcomes Will Ospreay.

The wrestler appreciates the public’s reception and announces that his commitments to New Japan Pro Wrestling are over. He says he lost his bag, then got it back and talks about his look, and now he’s full time with All Elite. Ospreay remembers that he fought with Orange Cassidy, with Kenny Omega and with Chris Jericho, whom he beat at Wembley Stadium. “Make no mistake, I’m ready to pick up where things left off with the Don Callis Family,” Will says, and Callis appears.

Powerhouse Hobbs and Konosuke Takeshita arrive with Callis. The audience boos and barely lets Callis speak, who celebrates the opportunity to have a family reunion. Callis takes credit for Will’s wins, and says they will top that by having the match of the decade with Takeshita. Callis compares family fighting to Scott Pipen and Michael Jordan. “It doesn’t matter who wins in Revolution, who will win will be the Don Callis Family. We will make history. Shake hands!” Callis asks. They shake hands, but Takeshita doesn’t let go, creating tension between them.


The Jackson brothers interrupt Eddie Kingston when he is being interviewed. Nicholas says they have unfinished business with Kingston, Matthew criticizes his way of dressing. The EVPs are still looking for Sting.

Match for the AEW International Championship: Orange Cassidy (c) vs. Nick Wayne

Christian Cage, Mother Wayne and Killswitch accompany Wayne. Quick start, Nick avoids a Beach Break and surprises with a Hurricanrana. He doesn’t get the Wayne’s World but connects with an Uppercut that makes Orange leave the ring. Nick avoids Orange at ringside causing him to crash into the steps and flies with a Moonsault from the second rope. They struggle in the heights, Orange knocks Nick down but Cage intervenes. The referee, although he does not see what happened, realizes that something happened and throws them all out of ringside.

Nick seizes the moment and takes control of the match. Orange escapes a Suplex by putting his hands in his pockets, blocks Nick and smashes him face first into the corner pads. He looks for height and launches into Crossbody despite the pain in his midsection. He hits a DDT for a two count on Nick. Orange stomps and kicks Nick, misses the Orange Punch but surprises with a Beach Break to reverse an attack from Wayne.


Matt Taven and Mike Bennett of Undisputed Kingdom appear to distract Orange. Trent Beretta and Rocky Romero arrive to scare them off and help Cassidy. Wayne delays removing the corner protector, Cassidy connects him with the Orange Punch and takes the victory.

Winner: Orange Cassidy .

After the fight, Roderick Strong charges Cassidy out of nowhere. Romero and Beretta save Orange once again, while the UK flees.

The Bang Bang Scissor Gang are interviewed by Renee Paquette. Jay White says that at first he had doubts about him, but now he is convinced of the group, especially after Collision. Daddy Ass laughs at Max Caster’s rap failure, Max asks if anyone noticed. Austin Gunn offers to have a match with The Acclaimed at Collision. Bowens says it could be The Acclaimed and Austin Gunn.


Kris Statlander vs. Skye Blue

Skye charges at Kris as soon as the bell rings, but Statlander responds by demonstrating his power. Senton from Kris and a two count. Statlander blocks some Headscissors from Blue, throwing her against the canvas. Skye manages to land a knee to her face and knock Kris out of the ring. Statlander takes it at Military Press and throws it over the barricade onto the audience in the first rows. Skye takes control as she returns to the ring, punishing Kris against the corners.

Statlander stops her with a Lariat and a Knee Strike. Powerslam and two count on Blue. Swinging Neckbreaker by Blue and a two count. They fight on the edge of the ring, exchange kicks and Kris applies a Suplex. Willow Nightingale and Julia Hart face each other at ringside, Skye takes advantage of the distraction and punishes Kris against the metal steps. Canadian Destroyer and a two count on Statlander. Iconoclasm by Kris and Blue escapes the pin again.

Stokely Hathaway comes over to offer Kris a chain. The referee is distracted and does not see Julia Hart enter to attack her with the championship. Code Blue and a three count on Statlander.


Winner: Skye Blue .

The EVPs find Sting’s room. Matthew tells his brother to be careful, that Sting can go crazy. The Jacksons enter the room, but there are only hanging bats, a mirror, and red light.

Chris Jericho vs. Atlantis Jr.

Atlantis accompanies his son at ringside. Jr offers his hand to Jericho but he responds with a blow. Atlantis Jr responds with Crossbody and Monkey Flip to Jericho. Chris looks for his Walls, in the struggle he dislodges Atlantis Jr’s mask a little. Atlantis attacks Jericho with his towel while the referee does not see him, Atlantis Jr takes the opportunity to launch himself into a Tope Suicida on Jericho. Atlantis Jr goes for a Powerbomb on the metal steps but Jericho reverses by throwing his rival against the metal.

Back in the ring, they exchange Chops, with Atlantis Jr gaining the advantage. Jericho looks for height but Atlantis Jr knocks him down with an Arm Drag for a two count. Jericho uses a Bulldog variation from the corner but it is not enough. Powerslam by Atlantis Jr and a two count. Atlantis Jr flies in Tope with Giro, looks for height when he returns but Jericho attacks him and applies a Super Hurricanrana. Jr dodges the Judas Effect, looks for Atlantis but Chris reverses past the Walls of Jericho. Atlantis Jr almost reaches the ropes, but Jericho takes him to the middle of the ring. Atlantis throws in the towel!


Winner: Chris Jericho .

Matthew and Nicholas Jackson head out to the ring. Darby Allin surprises them from the audience! The Jacksons overcome Darby, punishing him in the ring. They apply the EVP Trigger and hit him with the bats.

Ric Flair comes out to the ring!

The Jacksons give him money and give him the bat to hit Allin. Flair attacks the Jacksons! Nicholas hits him with a low blow and they both start hitting him. The Jacksons move toward the entrance as Sting’s music plays, but The Icon doesn’t come out. Sting comes down from a cable from the ceiling! Sting and Allin attack the EVPs. Scorpion Deathdrop to Matthew! Sting closes Dynamite with Ric Flair and Darby Allin in the ring.

As AEW Dynamite went off Air. We’ll be covering more on this so stay tuned and remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling! For more updates follow

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