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Jon Moxley Vs Hiroshi Tanahashi Vs Will Ospreay Vs Juice Robinson


Jon Moxley Vs Hiroshi Tanahashi Vs Will Ospreay Vs Juice Robinson Full Match. NJPW returns stateside with Capital Collision: a Saturday pay-per-view from Washington, DC, on

The IWGP U.S. title will be on the line in a four-way as Hiroshi Tanahashi defends against Will Ospreay, Jon Moxley and Juice Robinson.

This was the first glimpse we got of “Rock Hard” Juice Robinson, who has new tights and new theme music to go along with his move to Bullet Club. Ospreay came to the ring with the United Empire in tow. Mox made his entrance through the crowd. 


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Jon Moxley Vs Hiroshi Tanahashi

Retired NJPW referee Tiger Hattori appeared in the ring to present the IWGP US Championship belt before the bout got underway.

When the bell rang, Ospreay went right at Moxley, elbowing him and sending him to the floor. Tanahashi would soon after dive onto Robinson with a pescado. Robinson responded by whipping him into the guardrail. 

On the other side of the venue, on the entrance ramp, Mox back bodydropped Ospreay onto the stage. Mox spotted Tanahashi alone in the ring, then approached him. They finally got their chance to face off man to man after a few years of teasing a match. When Tanahashi climbed to the top for senton, Robinson pulled Tana’s hair to drag him down.

Jon Moxley Vs Hiroshi Tanahashi

Ospreay did some sort of dive that the crowd reacted to, but the live camera didn’t catch it. We only got a shot of Ospreay posing outside the ring after what we could only imagine was a spectacular spot. The announcers didn’t even seen it.

Ospreay used his new spinning backbreaker spot on Moxley. Mox responded with two back suplexes, but on the third one, Ospreay moonsaulted his way out of it, landing on his feet. The two stared each other down before Mox used a suplex bomb to put him back on the mat.

When Ospreay went for an Oscutter moments later, he accidentally rammed himself into Juice Robinson’s steel chair, one that he was holding on the ring apron. This was clever. Robinson later slammed Mox onto the chair inside the ring. No disqualifications or count-outs in this, by the way. Robinson put the chair in the corner and whipped Mox into it, then started biting him. Robinson has good heel heel energy. Moxley was bleeding after this. 

Jon Moxley Vs Hiroshi Tanahashi

Ospreay caught Robinson’s leg, but then Tanahashi appeared and caught Ospreay’s leg and did a double dragon screw legwhip. Mox appeared and flattened Tana with a cutter. Ospreay got back up and used a roundhouse kick on Moxley, then went for the Oscutter, but Mox caught him. Robinson approached, and Mox caught him, too. He DDT’d both of them. Tana then took Mox out with a slingblade. The crowd started chanting “this is awesome.”

It was difficult to catch all of the action on screen since there’d often be two hypothetical singles matches going on at the same time, one in the ring and one on the floor.

When Tanahashi locked Moxley in the Texas Cloverhold, Ospreay stood behind him and teased knocking Tana out with a Hidden Blade elbow. Robinson then dragged Ospreay out onto the floor and threw him at the ring announcer’s table. 

Jon Moxley Vs Hiroshi Tanahashi

Robinson grabbed the US title and bashed Tanahashi in the back of the head with it, then once more to the front of his face. When he covered Tanahashi, Mox appeared to break up the pin. He threw Robinson from the ring, which allowed Ospreay to land a 450 Splash off the top to an already-prone Tana. 

Mox broke that up and pinned him. Robinson broke it up and pinned Tana himself, but no dice. Ten minutes had passed when the crowd began chanting “TA-NA-HA-SHI!”

Robinson hoisted Tanahashi into a torture rack, but Ospreay caught Robinson with a head-kick and crescent kick. Moxley approached, but Ospreay ducked and went for the Stormbreaker, which Mox immediately countered into a piledriver. 


He went for a Death Rider on Tanahashi next, but Tana landed another Slingblade on Mox. He took Mox out with a High Fly Flow body press. Robinson laid Tana out with Pulp Friction. Ospreay took Robinson out with an Oscutter. Mox spiked Ospreay with the Death Rider, but Ospreay transcended the damage and went for the Hidden Blade, which Mox evaded before turning Ospreay inside out with a lariat. He then drilled Ospreay with a high-angle Death Rider for a very close two. 

Jon Moxley Vs Hiroshi Tanahashi

Moxley transitioned into a bully choke. Ospreay looked to be passing out when Tanahashi climbed to the top rope and crushed both of them with a High Fly Flow. He went for one more on Moxley, but Robinson interfered and tried putting Tana through the table set up on the floor. He couldn’t swing it, though, and Moxley ended up kicking Robinson off the apron, though he didn’t go through the table. 

Mox teased a Death Rider to Tana through said table, but Tana reversed it and drove Mox’s back and neck across the apron with a Slingblade. The Ace was fired up. He set Moxley up on the table before using a brutal High Fly Flow through the table. 


In the ring, Robinson scored a close nearfall on Ospreay. Ospreay answered with sudden Spanish Fly for two. 15 minutes passed when Ospreay teased finishing Robinson with the Hidden Blade, but before he could do it, Robinson shoved referee Jeremy Marcus across the ring, then landed a low blow before putting Ospreay away with a spinning reverse Death Valley Bomb—Juice Robinson is your new IWGP US Heavyweight Champion. 

Jon Moxley Vs Hiroshi Tanahashi

The announcers kept bringing up whether or not Ospreay had his foot on the rope during the finish, but if there’s a no-DQ stipulation, why would that even matter?

“The ‘Ace of the Universe,’ my ass! All of you piss-ant marks act like the whole world shines on Will Ospreay’s ass!” He explained that he was the best because he not only beat Tanahashi, Moxley and Ospreay, but he beat them all at the same time. He called the fans idiots and said they hadn’t seen anything yet because he was now a three-time IWGP US Heavyweight champion. 

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