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Jon Moxley Vs Will Ospreay Full Match – Windy City Riot

Jon Moxley Vs Will Ospreay Full Match NJPW Windy City Riot. Moxley and Ospreay haven’t sweet-faced off in singles competition, creating the most event a first-time match-up.

This was one thing else. These men place it all on the road associated with achieving a joyfulness to shut the show.


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This match opened with a brawl on the surface. Moxley had a small lead once things found their thanks to the ring, however Ospreay took management by directing the action back to the ground.

After busting open Moxley, Ospreay brought the fight back between the ropes. Ospreay began to require his time exploiting his new management, going Moxely hospitable counter the acrobatic feat cutter with a German suplex and dropkick to the ground. Now, Ospreay was conjointly hurt.


Moxley LED a brief sequence before Ospreay retook management with a high rope forearm. Moxley answered with a combination of suplexes and a forearm strike to counter a springboard try. Ospreay blocked Moxley’s try for associate apron driver, delivering a cutter to the ground instead.

Jon Moxley Vs Will Ospreay Full Match

Ospreay set Moxley abreast of associate associatenounce table and delivered an insane elbow drop from the highest rope. Back within the ring, Ospreay hit a springboard dropkick and visible light press for a close to fall. Moxley blocked the OsCutter and reversed into a Paradigm Shift DDT; Ospreay answered with a lightning-quick hidden blade.


After a high-impact sequence of moves, Moxley ducked the second try at a hidden blade. Moxley connected with a barrage of elbows and tried for a choke, however Ospreay slipped free. Ospreay hit OsCutter; Moxley kicked out. Ospreay tried to shut once more however was fast to reply with a riata. Moxley born Ospreay with an impressive curb stomp, leading to another convincing close to fall. Jon Moxley tried for one more riata, however Ospreay reversed into a blister beetle and hidden blade. Moxley fought back, striking not one, however 2 additional Paradigm Shifts; Ospreay kicked out once more. Moxley secured during a rear-naked choke because the bell measured pre-maturely. Regardless, this was the tip of the match.

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