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AEW Dynamite Results December 6, 2023


AEW Dynamite Results December 6, 2023. Christian Cage puts the TNT Championship at stake against Adam Copeland. TBS broadcast episode number 218 of AEW Dynamite today, December 6 , live from the Bell center in Montreal, QC.

Fight for the Continental Classic – Gold League: Jon Moxley vs. Rush

Exchange of blows and Chops to start the fight with high impact. Belly to Belly Suplex by Rush that hurts Mox’s arm as he falls. the White Bull takes the action out of the ring and into the audience area. Back in the ring, Rush dominates Mox in the corner and feints with his Bull Horns. Cutter by Jon to stop the advance of his rival and then place him in the corner for a Superplex. Rush throws Moxley with a Suplex against the barricade and receives him with a knee when he returns to the ring. Piledriver and two count on Mox. Superplex and another two count on Moxley.

Jon advances with forearm blows, Rush challenges him and returns with his own blows. Rush avoids a Lariat and hits a hard Discus Elbow. He prepares to finish him off but Jon stops him and they return to the exchange in the middle of the ring. Rush runs to try to finish him off but Mox surprises him with a Lariat and the Death Rider but it is not enough. Bulldog Choke, Rush struggles but falls unconscious.


Winner: Jon Moxley .

Renee Paquette presents Roderick Strong and The Kingdom. Strong says that MJF is going to stab Samoa Joe, but Joe is a big guy and knows what he’s doing. Strong says actions have consequences, like being in a wheelchair every day of his life. “I will live with the consequences of my actions thus far…I will no longer suffer consequences for my actions! I will not be restrained by this wheelchair,” Strong shouts, standing up and knocking the chair over. “This chair has held me back for too long. Too long,” Strong closes and throws the microphone.

Renee Paquette is waiting to interview MJF.

but Hangman Adam Page shows up and talks to him. Page sends a message to Swerve Strickland. “You broke into my house. You used Cage and Prince Nana to beat me in the Texas Deathmatch, but you did it. In Full Gear I took something from you that you will never get back. I believe we are united by something bigger than ourselves. I want you to know that you don’t “We’re done. know what you want more than anything in my life, and I promise you, because of what you did to me, I will make sure you never have it,” Hangman says.

MJF comes out of the locker room and ironically congratulates Page on his fight, talking about the illnesses he could catch. Page says she doesn’t have 30 minutes to listen to him talk and leaves. MJF starts to talk but Page returns to argue with him. MJF accuses him of being the Devil, Page calls him a manipulator and says he may be able to be himself. Tensions rise between them and they seem about to go to blows, when Samoa Joe appears to stop them. He tells MJF that they have other business to attend to tonight and it doesn’t involve Page.


Fight for the Continental Classic – Gold League: Swerve Strickland vs. Mark Briscoe

Even start with key exchange, seeking dominant position. Swerve lands some blows to take control of the match, Neckbreaker and a two count on Mark. They exchange chops on the edge of the ring, Mark lands a kick and continues attacking ringside against the barricade. Swerve dominates when he returns to the ring, applies a Neckbreaker between the ropes and appears confident. Red Neck Kung Fu by Mark to go on the attack and put Swerve against the ropes. Fisherman Buster and a two count on Swerve.

Strickland kicks Mark’s face but doesn’t reach the count of three. Swerve looks for height, Mark knocks him down and throws himself on him. Hard Lariat and counts about three on Swerve. Mark fails to do the Jay Driller, Swerve applies the House Cally looks for the 450 Splash that Mark receives with his knees. The count barely reaches three, Mark continues attacking with a Death Valley Driver and looks for height. Swerve receives the Froggy Bow with his knees and looks for the account without success. Death Valley Driver by Swerve on the edge of the ring and Swerve Stomp for the three count.

Winner: Swerve Strickland .

Mariah May is interviewed by Renee Paquette. May talks about her talk with Tony Khan, but she rudely responds to Renee that it’s not her business to talk about it now, since the topic of the night will be defending Toni Storm.


Samoa Joe comes out to the ring to face the masked Devils with MJF.

Upon reaching the ring, the lights go out and four masked men appear surrounding Joe. The lights go out again, and when they return, the men are no longer there. The Devil’s face appears on the giant screen, and then MJF is seen lying in the arena parking lot. Next to him is a broken bottle, the object that was probably used against him.

Jon Moxley speaks backstage. He says that he hopes to win the Continental Classic with five wins because he is the best. Swerve Strickland interrupts him and says that he will do whatever it takes to win and it doesn’t matter who is in his way. Jon says he’ll do the same.

AEW Women’s World Championship Match: Toni Storm (c) vs. Skye Blue

Toni gets upset after a knockdown by Skye and begins to attack her more aggressively. Skye responds with Headscissors to take her out of the ring. Luther carries Storm on her shoulders to carry Blue from corner to corner on the edge of the ring, crashing her against the post. Hip Attack by Toni against the barricade, then she returns to the ring as Skye receives the count out. Toni turns her arm as if charging a blow and connects with Skye. Storm dominates and prepares another charged blow, but Skye dodges it and connects with a Knee Strike.


Crossbody by Skye and a two count on the champion. Blue dodges a Hip Attack, responds with a kick and a Hip Attack of his own. Code Blue! 1…2…no! Toni resists Skye’s shot. Blue looks for height, Storm stops her with elbows and applies a Superplex. Hip Attack by Storm, she goes for the finisher but Skye reverses with a pin. Toni turns the pin around and takes the win.

Winner: Toni Storm .

Riho returns to AEW! Riho enters the ring and stands in front of Toni Storm. The champion tries to attack her but Riho quickly responds. Storm runs away and Luther takes her in his arms.

Fight for the Continental Classic – Gold League: Jay Lethal vs. Jay White

Lethal becomes confident after the first exchange, White takes the opportunity to go on the attack and increase the pace of the match. DDT by White and a two count on Jay. They exchange blows in the corner, White stops his rival with a Dragon Screw and a Body Slam. Lethal Combination and Jay’s Suicide Stop to take control. Torture Rack for White and Elbow Drop for a two count on White. Brainbuster by White and a two count. White looks for his shot, Lethal escapes with blows and they move on to the exchange.


They both attack each other’s eyes, White connects with a Sleeper Suplex. White avoids Lethal Injection once with a pin and then attacking Lethal’s hand by bracing himself. Lethal avoids the Bladerunner looking for a pin, White turns it around for the win.

Winner: Jay White .

TNT Championship Match: Christian Cage (c) vs. Adam Copeland

Adam throws the first blow and looks for a Sleeperhold, Christian escapes by reaching the ropes. Adam hits Christian’s chest and throws him against the barricade. Copeland punishes Cage against the commentary table several times before returning to the ring. Christian tries a low blow but Adam stops him and goes on to punish his hand. After several minutes of Adam’s dominance, Christian throws him to the other side of the barricade and runs to the ring to wait for the count outside.

Adam returns to the ring just in time to avoid the count of ten, Cage receives him by stepping on his neck and applying a Neckbreaker. Christian punishes Adam against the ropes and maintains control despite the pain in his hand. Adam launches himself into a Flying Clothesline on the edge of the ring and they both end up outside. Frog Splash by Christian and a two count. He looks for a Spear but Adam catches him to apply the Impaler DDT,


counting very close to three.

Cage tries the Killswitch twice, Adam manages to escape both times, the second time attacking and looking for the pin. Crossface to Cage in the middle of the ring. Copeland prepares for his Spear, Cage jumps to avoid it and connects with the Killswitch. 1…2…no! Adam avoids a Spear and shoves the referee. Cage low kicks the referee in the back and goes for his championship. Adam dodges the blow and they both launch themselves into Spear, colliding in the middle of the ring.

Nick Wayne’s mother enters the ring and takes the TNT Championship. She glares at Cage and Copeland, and finally charges at Adam, hitting him with the title. Another Killswitch for Adam. Cage places the title under him and steps on his neck. The referee comes to his senses and finally counts three.

Winner: Christian Cage

Christian Cage celebrated his victory. As AEW Dynamite went off Air.We’ll be covering more on this so stay tuned and remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling! For more updates follow

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