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AEW Dynamite Results Holiday Bash December 20, 2023


AEW Dynamite Results Holiday Bash December 20, 2023. Samoa Joe and MJF will face their problems with the mysterious character of The Devil.

TBS broadcast the 220th episode of AEW Dynamite today, December 20 , live from the Paycom Center in Oklahoma City, OK.

Fight for the Continental Classic – Gold League: Swerve Strickland vs. Rush

Key exchange at the start of the match, Rush soon launches the first Chops of the match. They dodge and knock each other down at a high pace until they face each other again. Rush takes Swerve out of the ring and flies over him, but his leg is sore. Rush dominates superbly, Swerve surprises him with a Yujigatame that doesn’t last long. Strickland goes on to focus his attack on Rush’s bandaged leg. The White Bull attacks at ringside, slamming Swerve into the barricade, targeting his bandaged shoulder.


When they return to the ring, they hit each other at the same time and remain prone. Rush prepares to finish him off but his injured knee gives way. Swerve takes advantage and closes a Single Leg Boston Crab that then passes to Stretch Muffler. Rush spins to cover him and almost gets the win. They exchange hard Chops on the edge of the ring, Swreve lands a kick but Rush throws him out with a Suplex. Rush looks for height for a Senton, Swerve dodges it and launches into a 450 Splash. Count one! Brainbuster by Swerve and a two count. Strickland continues attacking with the House Call and finishes with the Swerve Stomp for the victory.

Winner: Swerve Strickland .

With this result, if Jon Moxley wins or draws his match, the Gold League final will be Jon Moxley vs. Swerve Strickland. If Jay White wins, there is a first place match between Moxley, White and Strickland.

Chris Jericho talks about the health situation of Kenny Omega, who will be out of AEW indefinitely due to diverticulitis. “The most important thing is Kenny’s health,” says Chris, and lets the support of the public be heard chanting for Omega. “The fans, the locker room, and I support you. Take the time you need, we will be here, we will be waiting for you and The Golden Jets will be here,” says Jericho and closes by saying goodbye Omega style.


Fight for the Continental Classic – Gold League: Mark Briscoe vs. Jay Lethal

Even start between keys and Chops back and forth. Jay gets the better of it but Mark responds with a Missile Dropkick. They struggle looking for a Suplex until Jay manages to apply it, take Mark out of the ring and fly with Tope Suicida. Mark catches another Tope and applies a Suplex at ringside to take control. Jay gets upset and gets out of the ring to throw a chair in, but the referee catches it in the air and carries it out of the ring. Briscoe looks for the count several times and complains to the referee. Mark goes for the chair and the referee catches it in the air again.

Lethal Combination by Jay, who looks for height but Mark stops him with blows. Briscoe knocks him out of the ring with a Red Neck Kung Fu slam, opens the chair in the ring and pushes himself up to fly over Lethal. Mark avoids the Lethal Injection and applies a Suplex followed by a Fisherman Buster, Jay resists the count. Death Valley Driver and Froggy Bow from Mark, Jay receives it with his knees and looks for the Lethal Injection. Mark dodges it but receives a Jay Driller from Lethal for a two count. Mark applies the Jay Driller and takes the victory.

Winner: Mark Briscoe .

Video of MJF being part of the National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, the hall of fame located in New York that recognizes distinguished Jewish athletes.


Samoa Joe comes out to talk about the MJF and the Devil situation. “It seems like every time the Devil attacks there’s a ton of video, but when he attacked the world champion, he just lay there calmly,” Joe says, asking for MJF to come out and answer some questions right now.

AEW Dynamite Results Holiday Bash December 20, 20232023.

MJF comes out to talk to Samoa Joe.

Max reminds him that Samoa had sworn to protect him until they face each other at Worlds End, even saying that MJF was now his property. “It seems that you take care of your property like you take care of your diet,” MJF shoots and has accusations. “When they attacked me backstage, the henchmen surrounded you but didn’t lay a finger on you. I don’t like you, I don’t trust you. Why am I waiting until December 30 when I could finish you off right now?” challenges MJF and He stands in front of Joe.

MJF takes off his jacket, scarf and championships. He pushes Joe and yells at him. Samoa takes him aside to face a number of masked men who suddenly enter the ring to attack them. MJF and Joe manage to push them away but they appear even more masked to surround them.


Suddenly the lights go out and the Devil’s face appears on the screen.

Below, several questions and a challenge. “Where are you going? Who can you trust? Are you accepting a challenge for the ROH Tag Team Championships next week? Are you a hero, Max?” the screen says. MJF wants to convince Joe, but Samoa takes the floor to accept the challenge and claim that they will get their asses kicked next week.

Rocky Romero and Trent Beretta are interviewed by Renee Paquette, who asks them about their future. Rocky says he looks for international opportunities and wants gold around his waist. Orange Cassidy who is standing next to Kris Statlander there, says that he understands and will face him for the championship at AEW Rampage.

Fight for a chance at the AEW Women’s World Championship: Riho vs. Saraya

Toni Storm joins the commentary table during the match. Ruby Soho watches from backstage and doesn’t seem very convinced about what Saraya is doing. Riho takes her out of the ring and takes control of her by applying several Headscissors at ringside. Saraya responds by throwing Riho against the barricade. Riho reacts in the ring with a Tiger Faint Kick and a Crossbody. Northern Light Suplex by Riho for a two count. Diving Foot Stomp by Riho and Meteora for the count of three.


Winner: Riho .

After the match, Toni Storm enters the ring and puts on her glasses to see Riho, mocking her. Riho attacks and connects with a Tiger Faint Kick. Mariah May saves Storm ! Mariah takes Storm’s championship to attack Riho and get her away from her.

Confirmed for Worlds End: Toni Storm (c) vs. Riho for the AEW Women’s World Championship.

Tony Schiavone reads a note sent by Christian Cage, which opens with a threat to Tony himself, telling him to read carefully and messing with the local public. “After my win over Adam Copeland, I decided to take Prodigy Nick Wayne on a well-deserved vacation. I’ll be back this Saturday on Collision where I’ll answer Adam Copeland and questions about what happened at AEW Dynamite in Montreal a few weeks ago,” Tony reads. Copeland challenged Cage to a no disqualification match at Worlds End.

AEW Dynamite Results Holiday Bash December 20, 20232023.

Samoa Joe and MJF argue backstage and each one goes their separate ways.

MJF finds a balaclava at the Mogul Embassy locker room door. Max knocks on the door and threatens Prince Nana, but Swerve Strickland comes out to confront him. MJF remembers their time together on the independent scene and acknowledges how much Swerve has grown. “The reason we haven’t crossed paths is because you’re not on my level,” Max says. Swerve remembers MJF and William Regal’s interaction, when Regal ignored him. “When you do try outs, I sign contracts. Be careful what you tell me. I hung the last person who messed with me in the ring in front of thousands of people,” Swerve shoots.


MJF tells him that it is strange that he talks about respect. “I’m the champion, kid, show some respect when you talk to me,” he replies. “You hate Hangman, you want to be world champion. It’s not like you beg for that all the time…” MJF says, and asks if he’s the Devil. “I hope so. You say this is your house, but I’m the big, bad wolf and I can blow it up,” he adds. Swerve says that if he continues to wear that championship in his face, he will bring hell to him. Mogul Embassy leaves the locker room and Samoa Joe arrives to take MJF away.

Roderick Strong vs. Komander

Strong controls Komander, preventing him from showing his speed and taking flight. Komander manages to surprise with a takedown, Headscissors and Dropkick but Strong stops him with a kick to the middle zone and a Backbreaker. Roderick catches Komander in the ring and throws him backwards against the edge of the ring. Komander dodges a Knee Stirke in the ring, throws Roderick into the corner and delivers a kick.

Strong puts Komander in the corner to go for a Superplex, Komander breaks free and kicks Strong to take him down. Phoenix Splash and a two count on Strong. Roderick takes refuge with The Kingdom outside the ring but Komander flies over everyone. Back in the ring, Strong avoids an aerial attack with a Jumping Knee and finishes with End of Heartache for the count of three.


Winner: Roderick Strong .

After the fight, The Kingdom put up signs that say “MJF is the Devil.” Renee Paquette asks Strong what is happening. Roderick yells at Samoa Joe that it’s obvious Max is the Devil. “Come on Joe, it’s time to wake up, it’s time to believe,” Roderick insists. Renee asks if Joe is going to listen to his advice now when he hasn’t done so yet. Strong shouts that Samoa Joe is his best friend by proxy and poses with Bennett and Taven holding the signs.

Tony Khan announces that Jim Ross is joining the commentary table for the main event.

Fight for the Continental Classic – Gold League: Jon Moxley vs. Jay White

Jay White takes control during the first minutes of the match. Moxley responds strongly and takes White out of the ring, reaching the ramp where he applies a Back Body Drop. White goes on to punish Jon’s knee inside and outside the ring. White locks in a Muta Lock. In the middle of the ring, Jon escapes, hurting White’s eyes, who responds in the same way. Jon absorbs blows to the back and begins to get upset.


Mox knocks Jay down with a blow and kicks him into a corner. Mox flies into Tope Suicida, moves the metal steps with kicks and looks for an attack, but Jay throws him into a Suplex against the metal. Jay takes advantage of the referee’s back to attack Moxley’s injured knee with a chair. Jay runs to the ring to wait for the count outside, but Jon returns just in time. He attempts a Bladerunner but Mox reverses with the Paradigm Shift. Running Knee Strike by Mox and he counts about three. Cutter by Mox, Sleeper Suplex and Uranage by Jay for a two count.

Kiwi Krusher and a two count on Jon. He goes for the Bladerunner but transitions into a Sleeper Suplex. Jon reacts immediately with a hard Lariat, blocks another Bladerunner and launches another Lariat. Jon’s Stomp, Jay avoids the Paradigm Shift and manages to land the Blade Runner. 1…2…3!

Winner: Jay White .

The Gold League final will be a three-way fight: Jon Moxley vs. Swerve Strickland vs. Jay White .


Swerve Strickland comes out to watch them from the ramp. Jay White surprises Jon Moxley by attacking the knee from behind him, thus closing the broadcast. We’ll be covering more on this so stay tuned and remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling! For more updates follow

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