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AEW Collision Results December 2, 2023


AEW Collision Results December 2, 2023. Tonight’s show will have three matches from the AEW Continental Classic Blue League. TNT and AEW Plus broadcast the 25th episode of AEW Collision last night, December 2 , with Tony Schiavone, Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuiness on the commentary table, live from the Erie Insurance arena in the city of Erie, Pennsylvania.

This week’s show featured attractions such as the three matches Claudio Castagnoli vs. Brody King, Andrade The Idol vs. Daniel Garcia and Bryan Danielson vs. Eddie Kingston for the AEW Continental Classic Blue League .

AEW Continental Classic Blue League

Brody King vs. Claudio Castagnoli

The two collide hard and want to knock each other down but King prevails with his physicality and knocks down Claudio first with a butt. However, Castagnoli manages to lift him up and throw him to the canvas with two Slams and then connect his Uppercuts at ringside. King responds with a brutal Lariat and takes the action with several Chops in the ring. Claudio responds with several Uppercuts in the corner and manages to knock him down for the Swing, but changes to a Doublefoot Stomp that King breaks the count in two.


Aerial uppercut by Castagnoli, brutal, but Brody again frees himself from the two count. Claudio’s Giant Swing to a stunned King and the Sharpshooter and grabs his arm to worsen the pain but King reaches the rope. King recovers with a Senton and looks for the Piledriver. Claudio frees himself and applies a powerslam that King releases in two. Gotchstyle Piledriver and Castagnoli breaks free. Gonzo Bomb by Brody and the fight ends for three.

Winner: Brody King.

We review Jon Moxley’s emotional promo from last week, about his physical and mental situation but he is focused on the AEW Continental Classic because he is the Ace of the World.

Abandon vs. Kiera Hogan

Abadon has no mercy and attacks Hogan hard with several blows that leave him on the canvas but Hogan manages to get up and hit a Slam for coverage, without success, and Abadon connects a knee to the head and his Flatliner variant to stop him. the count of three.


Winner: Abadon.

The lights go out out of nowhere and when they return, Julia Hart appeared in a corner and watched Abadon for a few seconds before leaving down the ramp.

Backstage, Samoa Joe is being interviewed and is interrupted by Roderick Strong’s scream and he tells him that he forgives him for trying to break his neck twice but warns him that MJF is The Devil and that Wednesday’s event on AEW Dynamite will be a trap. Joe just laughs and leaves.

AEW Continental Classic Blue League

Daniel Garcia vs. Andrade The Idol

Andrade easily gets rid of Garcia and makes him look ridiculous. He even makes fun of him on the ropes and with the audience, but Garcia grabs him by the head and puts him in the ring. Andrade frees himself and hits him and then jumps to ringside on him. Brutal lock from Garcia to Andrade’s leg, with Dragon Screw included and leaves the Mexican injured in the knee. At ringside, Garcia controls with punches and kicks, and already in the ring he locks him until Andrade cuts him off with a knee and throws him into the top corner.


Powerslam by Garcia on Andrade after commercials and he attacks with open-handed blows. He charges him in the corner and releases him to kick and punch his knee. Brutal brainbuster from Garcia but Andrade breaks free in two. Dropkicks from Andrade but Garcia avoids him. Two Suplexes from the Mexican and he looks for the DDT but changes for a Sleeper Hold. Superplex by Andrade, three more suplexes but Garcia breaks free in two. He looks for the Figure Four but Garcia applies a Roll Up and the Sharpshooter. Andrade recovers and connects his DDT for a three count.

Winner: Andrade The Idol.

AEW reviews the Gold League day this past Wednesday on AEW Dynamite, and announces Swerve Strickland vs. Mark Briscoe, Jay White vs. Jay Lethal and Jon Moxley vs. Rush.

We review Wardlow’s savage attack on AR Fox on AEW Dynamite that was stopped by the referee. Backstage, Wllie Mack challenges Wardlow to a match next week to teach him a few things in the ring from his extensive career around the world.


Roderick Strong walks out on the ramp with his teammates from The Kingdom before his fight against Iron Savages and sends a message to Adam Cole, whom he considers his best friend: if Samoa Joe is his friend, he is also Strong’s, which is why he wanted to help him. moments ago.

Iron Savages vs. The Kingdom

Taven and Bennett run to the ring and attack Bronson but Boulder goes after Mike and slams him to the floor. Bronson dodges Taven’s Kick and hits him with a Code Red but he can’t finish the count at three. Boulder looks for the Moonsault but Taven dodges him. Combined attack on Boulder and they apply the finisher of both to finish on a count of three.

Winners: The Kingdom.

Backstage, Ethan Page is very hurt by losing his opportunity in Canada, and that it is still recent, but next week will be different because in Montreal he wants to face Kenny Omega to show who is the best Canadian.


House of Black (Malakai Black and Buddy Matthews) vs. Christopher Daniels and Matt Sydal

Butts from Sydal but Buddy resists it and manages to hit him with Slams against the canvas. Sydal gets out of a Vertical Suplex and lands several kicks and tags in with Daniels. Quick House of Black combination against Daniels who couldn’t reach Sydal, but at the right moment he manages to get away and changes. Buddy connects a knee to recover the offense and they connect two more with Black and then apply the Black Mass to Daniels and count three.

Winners: House of Black.

The lights go out and the screen turns on with the FTR theme. They both face Black and Matthews and after exchanging words they go to blows. Black Mass from Malakai to Cash Wheeler while Matthews retains Dax Harwood. Black assures that no one will come for FTR and gives another Black Mass to Dax.

El Hijo Del Vikingo vs. Kip Sabian

Sabian wants to hit first but Vikingo is more cunning and uses his agility to dodge him and leave him at the mercy of his jump into the void at ringside. He looks for another one but Sabian waits for him with his leg and a Moonsault on the apron. Sabian connects two Irish Whips against the corners and a lever to Vikingo’s arm.


Brutal cannonball to Vikingo but the count remains at two. Chops battle in the center of the ring and Viking hits him with a spinning kick. Variation of GTS and the Phoenix Splash from the top rope but the count remains at two. Michinoku Driver by Sabian but Vikingo breaks free in two. And the Mexican launches himself with a Tornado to ringside. 630 Splash and the count of three.

Winner: El Hijo Del Vikingo.

Backstage, Keith Lee is being interviewed by Lexy Nair until Shane Taylor arrives, angry with him for his exchanges of words for weeks, and challenges him to a match for ROH Final Battle, to which Lee gladly accepts.

AEW Continental Classic Blue League

Bryan Danielson vs. Eddie Kingston

The two go out equally, unable to knock each other down until Eddie sends him to the canvas with a tremendous blow and Bryuan is perplexed by his strength. Bryan starts with his kicks and leaves him on the canvas to apply locks and forearm blows. Slam by Eddie but Bryan sends him away and connects two Boots. Tackle to the leg but Kingston receives him at ringside with a Suplex to the ground. Rain of Chops from Kingston and he looks for the Suplerplex but Bryan takes him out and launches himself with brutal Dropkicks, very close.


Eddie connects Chops and Bryan responds with punches to the middle zone. He takes him down and looks for the LeBell Lock. Kingston escapes and lands several punches. Bryan responds with slaps and receives forearms from Eddie. He can’t connect the Running Knee. Suplex, Back Fist and the count of three but it doesn’t reach three. Vertical Suplex and the count doesn’t reach three either. Bryan reverses the Powerbomb and hits a Round Kick.

Danielson’s characteristic kicks but Eddie blocks and connects some very hard Chops. Enziguiri by Eddie, Suplex but Bryan blocks the Back Fist. Bryan continues with his kicks and Eddie responds with punches and Chops until they can’t take it anymore on the canvas. Bryan’s Psycho Knee out of nowhere for a three count.

Winner: Bryan Danielson

As AEW Collision went off Air.We’ll be covering more on this so stay tuned and remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling! For more updates follow

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