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AEW Dynamite Winter is Coming Results December 13, 2023


AEW Dynamite Winter is Coming Results December 13, 2023. The Continental Classic continues with four fights with the addition of Brody King vs. Andrade El Idolo for the blue group of the tournament.

TBS will broadcast episode number 219 of AEW Dynamite today, December 13 , live from the College Park Center in Arlington, TX.

Samoa Joe opens the show.

Joe talks about the promise he made to MJF, to protect him until Worlds End, where he intends to defeat him to become champion. He remembers when last week MJF was attacked backstage, jeopardizing his opportunity. “When I saw him there, I saw a broken bottle, a bottle of a certain brand, that a certain cowboy, that was broken on the head. When I got closer, I smelled the aroma of disappointment, and I told myself that I had already felt that “And when I looked everywhere for the cowboy, it seems that a certain ‘Hangman’ was nowhere to be found,” Joe shoots.


Hangman Adam Page comes out to answer Joe. “If you want to accuse me of something, why don’t you do it like the man I think you are? If you think I care about the Devil, the bromance, if you think I care about this clue game and who did it… Well, I don’t care,” says Page. Joe replies that maybe he’s wrong if he thinks he’s an investigator, maybe he’s here as an executioner. Page challenges him to do something about it.

“SAMOA! SAMOA!” Roderick Strong shouts and arrives next to The Kingdom.

Strong says that Joe should listen to Hangman and calls him his “boy.” Strong continues his theory that MJF himself is the Devil. “Last week we never saw who attacked him. We just saw him lying there. Come on Joe, he thinks, it’s obvious that Max is the Devil,” Strong says. Page approaches but Strong pushes him away saying he’s not talking to him. Hangman hits him and Strong leaves the ring to take refuge with The Kingdom.

Hangman Adam Page vs. Roderick Strong

Strong takes advantage of the fact that Page has his back facing Joe and attacks him from behind when the fight officially begins. Page responds soon, hits a Slam and Standing Shooting Star Press for a two count. Roderick takes control and starts punishing Adam’s back. Page takes him out of the ring with a Lariat and flies over him. He looks for height but while Mike Bennett distracts the referee, Matt Taven helps Strong stop him. Backbreaker on the corner guard to hurt Hangman even more.


Page attacks with a barrage of punches and kicks, cornering Strong. Hangman catches Roderick and applies a Death Valley Driver but it’s not enough. Roderick avoids a moonsault, Page lands on his feet and hits a Powerbomb. Strong continues punishing Page’s back, applies an Angle Slam and a Tiger Driver, Page resists but his opponent passes to the Stronghold. Page looks for the finish on him, Taven and Bennett try to stop him but he takes care of them. Strong avoids the Buckshot Lariat but falls to a Deadeye.

Winner: Hangman Adam Page .

Fight for the Continental Classic – Blue League: Brody King vs. Andrade El Idolo

Even starting with Headlocks and takedowns, King shows his power with a powerful Senton and goes on to hit Andrade in the corner. King looks for a Sleeperhold against the ropes, Andrade escapes and responds with a Crossbody and Moonsault. King reacts and dominates at ringside with hard blows. He places Andrade on a chair and hits him with a Crossbody against the barricade. King charges but Andrade hits his knee so he crashes into the corner.

The Idol continues attacking and gains confidence in the match. Body Slam and Split Legged Moonsault for a two count on Brody. King avoids some knees and runs over with a Lariat, Andrade resists. They begin to exchange blows, King takes the better part after a right hand but El Idolo surprises with a Back Elbow. They struggle in the heights, Andrade applies a DDT on the exposed corner and finishes with the Hammerlock DDT to take the victory.


Winner: Andrade El Idolo.

Kevin, Ross and Marshall Von Erich are interviewed by Renee Paquette. Kevin says that he loves AEW and has many friends there. Orange Cassidy arrives with Danhausen and Trent Beretta to offer Ross and Marshall a team fight next Friday at Rampage. Trent and Danhausen get a little upset, but Orange tells them that they are in Texas, the Von Erich’s land, and they accept.

The Golden Jets , Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho, come out to the ring.

Jericho is with protection on his elbow and remembers that he was attacked by Ricky Starks and Big Bill, just like they attacked Omega. Chris challenges the tag team champions to come out and face them right now.

Ricky Starks and Big Bill arrive to answer. Ricky says he thinks this is funny. He thanks Kenny Omega for AEW, but he has nothing to thank Jericho because he sucks the life out of everything he touches. Bill adds that if one day Jericho attacked Omega out of nowhere, no one would be surprised. Kenny responds by saying that Jericho himself knows that he doesn’t trust him. Kenny picks on Bill by reminiscing about his team The Firm and making puns referencing the term SAWFT. Omega challenges Starks and Bill to a match for the World Tag Team Championships at Worlds Ends.


Ricky answers yes on behalf of his team, and reminds Jericho that he has already beaten him. “We’re the best team, even without a name,” says Starks. Chris starts looking for names: Absolute Assholes, The Rick and the Dick or Bigbillystarks. They call Ricky an Enzo Amore that is better visited and the discussion increases until they reaffirm the challenge for the event.

Riho vs. Ruby Soho

Toni Storm joins the commentary table. Riho attacks with a Knee Strike and Suplex to soon look for an account. Riho looks for height, Ruby goes for her but Riho holds on to the corner. Diving Foot Stomp on Ruby in the corner. Soho reacts and takes control of the match. Riho applies Headscissors and Tiger Faint Kick followed by a Crossobdy but it is not enough. They exchange pins, Ruby lands a kick and Riho resists.

Riho’s Crucifix Bomb for a two count. No Future from Soho and a two count on Riho. Front Guillotine to Riho, who from that position applies a Northern Light Suplex. Dragon Suplex and Double Knee Strike on Ruby for a three count.


Winner: Riho .

Video of Wardlow saying that he has been preparing for his return mentally, physically and spiritually. He claims that MJF’s reign will come to an end.

Fight for the Continental Classic – Gold League: Rush vs. Jay Lethal

Fast start with both going at it from the beginning. Jay gets confident and dances, Rush responds with a Suplex and Knee Strike to then take the action to ringside. They exchange blows on the ropes, Jay overcomes Rush and then connects with a Lethal Combination. 

He goes for a Figure Four on Rush’s bandaged leg, but the White Bull escapes for a pin. Belly to belly suplex into the corner for Jay, Rush charges but gets kicked. He stops the Lethal Injection with a Sleeperhold in the middle of the ring and Jay taps out.


Winner: Rush .

Fight for the Continental Classic – Gold League: Mark Briscoe vs. Jay White

Mark takes the initiative of the match, Jay tries to stop him with a pin but Mark continues attacking. Death Valley Driver and Froggy Bow but White gets out of the ring. Jay responds with a Suplex to take Mark out of the ring, causing him to hit the edge of the ring as he falls. DDT and two count on Mark. Briscoe manages to escape White’s control and stops him with a Lariat. Elbow Drop at ringside on Jay, when they return they exchange Chops and blows in the corner. Splash Mountain by Mark and counts about three on White.

Mark looks for the Jay Driller, White surprises him with a Dragon Screw and another one right away. Sleeper Suplex on Mark, Briscoe tries to stop it but receives another Suplex. Jay aims and prepares his finish, Mark reverses with a Suplex. Froggy Bow that Jay receives with his knees and then finishes with the Blade Runner and takes the victory.

Winner: Jay White .

Fight for the Continental Classic – Gold League: Jon Moxley vs. Swerve Strickland

Jon tries to dominate at the beginning with a lock, corners Swerve and gives him a kiss to annoy him. Mox looks for height, Swerve hits his knees, connects with a Chop and applies a DDT from there. Jon responds by biting Swerve and hitting a Piledriver. He goes for a stomp on him but Strickland escapes by making him leave the ring. Jon catches him on the ring skirt and lifts it to punish his crotch. Superplex for Swerve after a series of elbows in the corner. Strickland suffers from his bandaged shoulder after the impact.


Swerve lands a punch but Jon stops it immediately with a Lariat. Swerve throws another right hand and applies a Backbreaker, despite the pain, he continues attacking and launches himself from the corner. Mox surprises with a Cutter and almost takes the victory. Gotch Style Piledriver and another two count on Swerve. Strickland turns to apply a Flatliner, follows with a Brainbuster and a kick that Jon resists. House Call on Jon, Strickland prepares for the Stomp but Jon pushes him from the corner so that he falls out of the ring.

Jon closes a Sleeperhold in the ring, transitions to Yujigatame on Swerve’s injured arm, but he reaches the ropes to free himself. Mox gets upset and goes for a chair, Swerve flies over him with Plancha and then with Double Stomp. Back in the ring, Swerve Stomp and counts very close to three on Jon. He looks for the JML Driver but Mox surprises with a pin and takes the victory.

Winner: Jon Moxley .

As the show is about to end, Hangman Adam Page is seen being attacked by the Devil’s masks in the parking lot. Page tries to resist but is overcome and thrown against the windshield of a car. The Devil watches the action from up close. 


. As AEW Dynamite Winter is Coming, it went off Air. We’ll be covering more on this so stay tuned and remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling! For more updates follow

AEW Dynamite Winter is Coming Results December 13, 2023.

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