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AEW Collision Holiday Bash Results December 23, 2023


AEW Collision Holiday Bash Results December 23, 2023. Bryan Danielson and Eddie Kingston qualified for the Blue League finals at the AEW Continental Classic

TNT and AEW Plus broadcast the 28th episode of AEW Collision last night, December 23 , with Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuiness on the commentary table, live from the Curtis Culwell Center arena in the city of Garland, Texas. This week’s show featured attractions such as the last three matches of the  AEW Continental Classic Blue League  and the return of Thunder Rosa to action.

AEW Continental Classic – Blue League

Bryan Danielson (9) vs. Claudio Castagnoli (6)

Both shake hands as a sign of respect before starting the first phase of the fight. Danielson dominates his partner with several submission keys. Claudio stops Bryan forcefully, charging him towards one of the corners before knocking him down. Claudio executes an elbowdrop to later cover it. 1..2..NO. Bryan recovers and traps Claudio again in a submission hold. Castagnoli is not far behind and stops his partner’s offensive by applying the same key while they exchange monkey flips .


Castagnoli takes Bryan to one of the corners to launch several European uppercuts , followed by a clothesline . Claudio tries to execute his big swing on him, but Bryan reverses it into a Lebell Lock . Claudio escapes to ringside, at which point Danielson launches himself at him with a double kick before executing a jumping knee from the apron. The action moves to ringside. Danielson executes a series of kicks on Claudio before taking him back to the ring.

Bryan climbs to the top of one of the corners and launches himself at Claudio, but he receives him with a European uppercut . Castagnoli continues attacking Bryan. He manages to recover, launching a series of running big boots in one of the corners, but Claudio stops Danielson by catching him in the air to apply the Big Swing  before throwing him against the canvas 1..2..NO.

The audience chants “This is Awesome!”

The action moves once again to ringside, where Castagnoli executes two consecutive running European uppercuts next to the audience barrier. Claudio returns to the ring. The referee starts the count of 10 while an exhausted Bryan crawls until finally returning to the ring. Claudio catches Danielson, placing him on top of one of the corners. There, after throwing several uppercuts , he tries to execute a superplex . However, Bryan escapes, making Claudio fall, who is left hanging by his legs. Danielson lands several kicks on a defenseless Castagnoli before executing a back suplex from the second rope . 1..2..NO.


The fight returns to the top of one of the corners. Claudio manages to lift Bryan onto one of his shoulders to execute a spectacular suplex . 1..2..NO. Castagnoli continues executing uppercuts on Bryan before looking for his finisher on him. Danielson tries to reverse it into a hold, but Claudio avoids it to execute a Neutralizer . 1…2…NO. Bryan escapes from Claudio and executes a Boosaiko Kick . 1..2..NO.

Danielson catches his rival by the arms to execute a wave of  face stomps . Castagnoli reverses the situation to counterattack with his own face stomp . Trapped by the arms, both exchange kicks at the level of the canvas . Danielson looks knocked out. Claudio covers it. 1…2..NO. Castagnoli applies a sharpshooter while the announcer informs that the fight will end in 60 seconds… 50 seconds… 40 seconds… 30 seconds… Bryan continues to resist… 20 seconds… 10 seconds… Claudio She gets tired of waiting and picks up his partner. After applying an uppercut , he covers Bryan, but the fight ends when the referee begins the count of three.

The fight ends in a draw

Bryan Danielson adds 10 points , obtaining his mathematical classification for the Blue League finals. For his part, Claudio ends his participation with 7 points.


AEW World Trios Championships

The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens and Max Caster) and Billy Gunn (c) vs. Action Andretti and Top Flight (Darius and Dante Martin)

Caster and Bowens combine to attack Darius Martin, who receives a neckbreaker from the latter. Dante receives the relief from his partner, but soon receives a superkick from Bowens. 1..2..NO. Darius interrupts the referee’s count, preventing the defeat of his partner. The six men enter the ring to face each other . The action continues. Billy Gunn hits a slam on Dante before taking him to one of the corners just before a commercial break.

Back, we see Dante escaping a charge from Gunn in one of the corners. Double tag. Caster and Darius enter the ring. Top Flight combines to take down Max. 1..2..NO. Billy avoids defeating his partner, but in return receives a 3-on-1 attack. Billy recovers and surprisingly finishes off his three opponents . Caster and Bowens return to the ring, ready to execute the Scissors Me . Andretti and Darius show up to get rid of Gunn and Bowens. Top Flight launches themselves at Billy and Anthony with two suicide dives while Andretti executes a springboard 450 splash on Caster. He escapes the count to surprise Andretti with a roll-up.

Winners and STILL AEW World Trios Champions: The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn

HOOK responds to Wheeler Yuta via video. Sitting on some stairs, HOOK takes out his FTW Championship from a bag to inform his opponent that he accepts his rules for their title match, adding that it will take place in his home, New York, next week (AEW Worlds End ).


Keith Lee vs. Brian Cage (c/Prince Nana)

After a first phase of testing, Brian surprises Keith with a hurricanrana . Lee responds with another hurricanrana, earning a standing ovation from the crowd. The action continues. Brian jumps towards the corner. Immediately after, he launches himself on his rival to execute a tornado DDT . Cage raises his arms before a new commercial break.

Back, we see Brian and Keith exchanging punches. Lee manages to take his rival towards one of the corners, where he unleashes a wave of attacks. Cage escapes and tries to lift Lee on his shoulders, but Lee throws him into the air. Cage escapes a powerbomb and knocks Keith into the second rope. Brian then executes a 619 .

The action moves to the top of one of the cornerbacks. Cage executes a tremendous superplex . 1..2..NO. Brian executes several attacks on Keith. After applying a superkick , Cage carries him on his shoulders to execute an F5 . 1..2..NO. Prince Nana introduces a cement block into the ring. Brian smiles, but before he can catch it, he falls into the clutches of Keith, who executes a definitive powerslam . 1..2..3.


Winner: Keith Lee

Lee takes a microphone to remember that just a year ago a man took him away from the action for two months after hitting him with a similar cement block. After picking it up, Keith points out that he has tried to get the man’s attention, but it seems that he has not succeeded. That is why he will go to AEW Dynamite to send the message loud and clear , even if to do so he must tear down the house block by block. Lee drops the cement block and microphone to end his promo.

Backstage, Renee Paquette interviews AEW Women’s World Champion  Toni Storm and Mariah May. 

The latter announces that she has already obtained the license to fight and that fans will see her in action very soon. May hopes Storm can give her some advice, but the champion confesses that she wasn’t listening. Instead, she heads straight to the camera to send a message to Riho , her rival at AEW Worlds End, promising that she will beat her.


Christian Cage makes his entrance accompanied by Nick Wayne . The TNT Champion acknowledges that his title match against Adam Copeland raised a lot of questions when Shayna Wayne attacked “The Rated-R Superstar.” However, Cage considers it more appropriate for her to explain herself. With that said, the champion gives way to Wayne’s mother, who makes her entrance under a loud boo.

Already in the ring, Cage hands him a microphone.

The fans continue to boo her. Shayna scolds them for booing a mother. Shayna reminds them that she had to watch Copeland hit her son’s head with a metal chair. Nick is her pride, her beloved child. That’s why she did what she had to do to protect him . Nick smiles. The audience continues to boo her. Shayna berates them again for this before stating that the only person who cares about Nick as much as she does is “The Patriarch”, to whom she returns the microphone.

Christian claims that the world is beginning to realize what kind of human being Copeland is, whom he calls a piece of shit . Cage points out that Shayna had to sacrifice herself in low-level jobs to raise her son so that he could fulfill her dreams. Christian continues, confessing that he thought Copeland would feel sympathy for Nick, since he too grew up with a single mother. But instead, he tried to end his dreams. This is why Cage would like his former friend’s mother to still be alive, because then she could disown him .


Cage claims that Adam’s biggest problem is his anger. These problems cost him the defeat in Montreal. For his part, Christian earned the biggest victory of his career. And it wasn’t the only victory that night. Not only did Cage end up retaining the championship, but he also won a “Matriarch.” That being said, Christian responds to the challenge issued by Copeland last week. A fight without disqualification at AEW Worlds End. Cage accepts the challenge, promising that it will be the last time he defeats his former friend De.

Lexy Nair interviews Ricky Starks and Big Bill backstage.

The AEW World Tag Team Champions mock Kenny Omega, claiming that his medical leave is just an excuse because he is afraid to face them. Chris Jericho interrupts the interview, informing Starks and Bill that he still has a title contract and that sooner or later he will find a partner to face them.

AEW Continental Classic – Blue League

Brody King (6) vs. Daniel Garcia (0)

Garcia slaps King, who responds harshly. Brody knocks his opponent down in one of the corners before executing a cannoball. 1..2..NO. King punishes Garcia in the ropes area before applying several chops. King knocks Daniel out of the ring with a punch. The action moves to the apron, where Brody catches Garcia in a kirifuda clutch. King releases his rival, who falls at ringside just before a new commercial break.


King goes in search of his rival, whom he throws against the audience barrier repeatedly. Brody takes Daniel to the announce table. After hitting him against her, he returns to the ring to continue the punishment. King punishes Daniel in one of the corners. Garcia tries to regain the advantage, but receives a senton. 1…2…NO. 

King smiles and walks over to Daniel to stand him up. A chop knocks Daniel down. He stands up, but receives another one. Brody executes a third. Garcia stands up again to continue receiving chops. King puts his hands behind his back, letting his rival hit him with chops. Daniel tries to charge at his rival, but he avoids him by hitting him with several elbows.

Daniel manages to execute a back suplex on King. 1..2..NO. Brody executes a lariat. 1..2..NO. King repeats the attack again. 1..2..NO. Brody can’t believe it. King tries to get Garcia to his feet, but he barely has the strength. However, Daniel surprises King with an unexpected roll-up.


Winner: Daniel Garcia (3)

The lights go out in the venue. The House of Black members prepare to attack Daniel. Matt Menard abandons commentary and tries to protect Garcia. FTR appears on the scene, forcing House of Black to leave the ring. A furious Dash Harwood points out that he is tired of this situation, challenging the heels to a tag team match.

Thunder Rosa and Abadon vs. Skye Blue and Julia Hart

Julia and Skye combine to attack Abadon, who soon recovers to launch a flurry of punches at Julia. Abadon executes a running knee before seeking relief from Thunder. But Skye bursts in to throw a punch at Rosa, making her fall to ringside. Skye and Julia team up again to punish Abadon during the next commercial break. 

Abadon manages to knock Julia down before crawling towards her corner. Thunder waits for the tag, but Blue makes her fall from ringside. Skye returns to her own corner with a satisfied smile. Hart traps Abadon in a submission hold while Rosa despairs in her corner. Abadon manages to escape from Julia, whom he kicks. Skye takes over and catches Abadon’s leg, but she also falls victim to her rival.


Rosa receives the tag and goes in with everything, attacking the heels in the two corners. Thunder hits a dropkick on Skye, followed by a bridging suplex. 1..2..NO. Julia prevents the defeat of her team. Abadon enters the ring and takes Julia out of it. Skye and Thunder continue the fight. Skye executes a superkick. Julia goes up to the corner, ready to finish off the Mexican. Abadon appears on the scene to get rid of Hart. Meanwhile, Rosa finishes off Blue with her finisher. 1..2..3.

Winners: Thunder Rosa and Abadon

AEW Continental Classic – Blue League

Andrade El Ídolo (9) vs. Eddie Kingston (6)

Andrade and Eddie shake hands as a sign of respect before starting the fight. Andrade tries to land his surprise elbow, but Kingston dodges it. Andrade catches Kingston in a headlock, but Eddie escapes to reverse it into a wristlock. Andrade executes a diving crossbody on his rival, which soon interrupts the referee’s subsequent count. Andrade catches Kingston’s arm, but he shakes off his rival before executing a clothesline.

Eddie traps the Mexican in a hold on the canvas. Andrade escapes to start an exchange of chops with his rival. Eddie throws Andrade out of the ring. The idol tries to stand up while the referee counts 10. Andrade returns to the ring, where Kingston waits patiently for him. Andrade tries to kick him, but Kingston avoids the attack before catching him in a crossface.


Andrade manages to knock Eddie down by attacking his rival’s leg directly. The Mexican focuses his offense on Eddie’s damaged leg before executing a crossbody. Andrade takes his rival to one of the corners before executing a meteor running.

AEW Collision Holiday Bash Results December 23, 2023.

The Mexican performs The Three Amigos. 1..2…NO. Confident, Andrade climbs to the top of one of the corners. Andrade launches himself at his rival, but he receives him with an enzuigiri. Eddie launches a flurry of chops at Andrade before hitting an exploder suplex. 1..2..NO.

Eddie is still hurting his left leg. Kingston receives several elbows from Andrade before being thrown out of the ring. Andrade hits a moonsault before taking his opponent back into the ring. Ingston ducks a moonsault, but Andrade executes a standing moonsault without stopping. 1..2..NO. Andrade stands up Kington to execute his finisher, but he manages to avoid it by taking him to the corner before executing a suplex. 1..2..NO


Eddie approaches Andrade and tries to get him to his feet, but he barely manages to do so. The action returns to one of the cornerbacks. Both hit each other with everything until the Mexican executes a rapid elbow directly to his opponent’s face. 1..2..NO. Andrade applies a Figure Four on Eddie, but he catches the ropes to avoid it. Kingston executes two back fists, followed by a definitive suplex. 1..2..3.

Winner: Eddie Kingston (9)

AEW Collision Holiday Bash Results December 23, 2023.

Bryan Danielson makes his entrance into the ring to face Eddie Kingston, his rival in the Blue League finals next week. So, we come to the end of this week’s episode. We’ll be covering more on this so stay tuned and remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling! For more updates follow

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