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AEW Collision Results December 9, 2023


AEW Collision Results December 9, 2023. Bryan Danielson and Andrade El Idolo will face each other in a key fight of the AEW Continental Classic tournament. 

TNT broadcast episode number 26 of AEW Collision today, December 9 , an event that was recorded this week in Canada after the broadcast of AEW Dynamite.

Continental Classic – Blue League: Eddie Kingston vs. Claudio Castagnoli

Eddie connects a Backfist, Suplex and Tope Suicide as soon as the fight begins. Claudio responds immediately with the Neutralizer but does not reach the count of three. Giant Swing by Claudio and Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring, Kingston with effort reaches the ropes but continues to be dominated by his rival. They struggle in the heights, Eddie knocks Claudio down with blows but he comes back with an Uppercut and manages to apply the Superplex. Eddie attacks with Chops, Claudio stops him with a Lariat.


Exploder Suplex by Eddie, another one and a two count on Claudio. Eddie looks for a Piledriver, Claudio resists and responds with Uranage and Running Uppercut but it is not enough. STF on Eddie with 5 minutes left in the match. Eddie avoids the Riccola Bomb, receives an Uppercut and resists the count. They exchange blows, Half and Half Suplex and Hurricane from Eddie, Claudio responds with an Uppercut and Eddie surprises with another Hurricane. 1…2…no!

With only 3 minutes left, Eddie gets to his feet and tries a Piledriver again. He connects with the Hurricane and charges Claudio, who responds with a pin. Eddie reverses the pin and takes the win.

Winner: Eddie Kingston.

Jon Moxley talks about his upcoming fight with Swerve Strickland. “Being at the top and staying in this sport is a price you are not willing to keep,” Jon shoots. “This is something you’ve never done before, and I assure you it’s going to be a long night,” he signs off.


Hook is being interviewed by Renee Paquette when Wheeler Yuta interrupts him. She says that he can beat him with pure rules, but he can also beat him with FTW rules and challenges him to a match of that style.

Willlow Nightingale vs. Mercedes Martinez

Mercedes attacks with blows to corner Willow, she responds with several Lariats and a Senton. The action moves to ringside, where Willow is distracted arguing with Diamante and Mercedes takes advantage of her to crash her against the edge of the ring and the barricade. Dripping DDT supporting Willow on the barricade, Martinez continues to dominate inside and outside the ring. Diamante lands a kick from the outside without the referee seeing it.

Cannonball by Willow, Mercedes reaches the ropes to escape the pin. Diamante goes up to the edge of the ring to argue and Willow knocks her down with a blow. Fisherman Buster from Mercedes and counts very close to three. Martinez continues attacking with Drivers and Suplex but does not look for the pin. Martinez looks for the count and Nightingale surprises her by spinning for the victory.


Winner: Willow Nightingale.

After the fight, Mercedes and Diamante attack Willow. Martinez punishes with a ladder and Diamante takes a metal pipe. Kris Statlander arrives to save Willow ! Chain in hand, Kris scares away Mercedes and Diamante.

Daddy Magic and Cool Hand Ang are interviewed by Renee Paquette. Jake Hager interrupts them because he wants to talk about Danhausen, since he is upset about what happened with his hat. Menard and Parker yell about fighting in front of their family and friends tonight. Ruby Soho starts talking to Angelo Parker, Anna Jay arrives along with Saraya, who yells at Soho for being with Cool Hand.

Swerve Strickland talks about his fight with Jon Moxley. “I need it. You said you drink blood, you break bones, you do violent things. Me too. See you in Texas,” Swerve says.


Wardlow vs. Willie Mack

Willie takes the initiative with punches, Wardlow stops him with a Dropkick. Wardlow connects with a headbutt and charges towards the corner, Mack dodges it and tries to surprise with a Roll Up. Standing Moonsault and counts two on Wardlow. Mr.

Mayhem catches Mack when he tries Headscissors and hits him with the first Powerbomb of the match. Wardlow applies another brutal Powerbomb and the referee stops the match.

Winner: Wardlow .

Kenny Omega vs. Ethan Page

Kenny knocks Ethan out of the ring with a Hurricanrana and prepares to fly, but Page surprises him with a Cutter out of nowhere. Omega hits a Moonsault off the barricade and returns the action to the ring with a Kotaro Crusher. Kenny applies a Suplex against the ropes and they both fall from the ring. They exchange blows at ringside, Ethan charges from the edge of the ring and looks for another Cutter upon returning but is received by a Knee Strike from Kenny. V-Trigger and two count on Page.


Ethan avoids Omega’s attacks, applies the Iconoclasm and a DDT but it is not enough. Ethan dodges a Moonsault but takes the Snap Dragon Suplex twice. Avalanche Body Slam and a two count on Kenny. Ethan escapes the V-Trigger, hits a Big Boot and covers to no avail. Omega makes a final attack with V-Triggers and the One Winged Angel for the three count.

Winner: Kenny Omega .

Big Bill attacks Kenny Omega on the ramp !

CJ Perry is interviewed by Lexy Nair. Perry says Andrade was born to do this, she reviews her career accomplishments and highlights her skills. Miro interrupts her to tell Perry that she is her husband but she hasn’t heard her say those things about him. Miro complains to his wife for not being at home, but says she should not worry about her client Andrade, she will not intervene in the Continental Classic. “But when it’s over, so is he,” she signs off.


Video of the rivalry between Julia Hart and Abadon.

Commander & Penta El Zero M vs. Cool Hand Ang & Daddy Magic

Penta kicks Matt several times, Menard shakes his hand and then attacks him from behind. Relay for both sides, Komander surprises with his agility applying Arm Drags and Dropkick. Angelo and Matt are cornered, Komander launches Penta into Monkey Flip on them. The Mexicans look for flight but are stopped with blows and are punished at ringside.

Penta responds with a Made in Japan, Matt breaks the count to save his partner. Lunglower by Angelo and a two count on Komander. Fear Factor with a boost from Komander to beat Parker.

Winners: Komander & Penta El Zero Miedo .

Fight for the Continental Classic – Blue League: Bryan Danielson vs. Andrade The Idol

Even start with both looking for control. Danielson goes on to punish Andrade’s arm, who responds with Chops with his other arm. The Idol catches a kick and applies a Dragon Screw, followed by another immediately. They exchange blows at ringside, Danielson throws a headbutt and his bandaged eye hurts, Andrade takes the opportunity to kick him. Andrade removes the blindfold to hurt Danielson’s eye area even more.


They struggle in the heights, Danielson applies a Super Hurricanrana. Hard back and forth from Chops, Andrade has the best part, Danielson has blood on his face from the previous attacks. Bryan looks for a Suicidal Top but Andrade stops him with an elbow to the injured eye. Andrade continues to hurt Danielson’s face, which looks worse and worse. Standing on the second rope they throw punches until Andrade falls and Danielson flies into a Missile Dropkick.

Classic kicks from Bryan, Andrade dodges the last one, looks for a pin and they begin to exchange keys without any of them gaining the advantage. Superplex by Andrade 15 minutes into the fight. The Idol continues attacking to complete the Three Amigos but Danielson resists. Andrade looks for height, Bryan makes him lose his balance and hit his crotch, he applies a Superplex but the count reaches two. Lebelle Locks Andrade in the middle of the ring. With 3 minutes of combat, the fighters go to blows and Bryan takes the advantage. Another Back Elbow from Andrade and Running Knees to the back of Bryan’s neck. The Idol continues attacking aggressively, connects the Hammerlock DDT and takes the victory.

Winner: Andrade El Idolo.

After the fight, medical personnel and members of the Blackpool Combat Club go out to check on Danielson. We’ll be covering more on this so stay tuned and remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling! For more updates follow

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