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AEW Collision Results December 16, 2023


AEW Collision Results December 16, 2023. TNT and AEW Plus broadcast episode number 27 of last night, December 16 AEW Collision, with Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuiness at the commentary table, live from the Curtis Culwell Center arena in the city of Garland, Texas.

This week’s show featured attractions such as the three matches Claudio Castagnoli vs. Andrade The Idol, Eddie Kingston vs. Daniel Garcia and Bryan Danielson vs. Brody King for the AEW Continental Classic Blue League and the defense of the International Championship by Orange Cassidy.

AEW Continental Classic – Blue League

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Andrade El Idolo

Both struggle throughout the ring and their attempts to prevail over the other are blocked. Andrade takes a slight advantage but Claudio knocks him down with a Clothesline. The Mexican looks for the advantage again but Castagnoli knocks him down for the Swing although Andrade frees himself with just enough. Aerial forearm by Claudio and Andrade is left lying on the canvas. 


Claudio works with a lock on the canvas but the Mexican recovers and elbows him. The Swiss applies a Suplex to continue the punishment. Andrade escapes and hits a butt that sends Claudio to the corner. The Swiss dodges his double knee and applies the Swing. Sharpshooter in the center of the ring but the Mexican reverses it and applies a Figure Four. Andrade looks for height but Claudio lowers him with forearms until they distribute blows. 

Powerbomb from the top but he can’t finish the three count. Superplex by Claudio, but Andrade applies the Three Amigos and tries the Hammerlock DDT but Castagnoli blocks him. Andrade tries the Hammerlock DDT from the corner but Claudio makes him fall and hurts his knee. Low Blow by Castagnoli, without being seen, and the Neutralizer for the count of three.

Winner: Claudio Castagnoli.

We see a review of what happened in AEW Dynamite with the Gold League, with Jay White’s victory over Mark Briscoe, Rush’s victory and the close fight that ended in Jon Moxley’s favor against Swerve Strickland.


Abadon vs. Jazmin Allure

Abadon wants to finish as soon as the bell rings but Allure connects some Boots to try to knock him down. Abadon doesn’t even flinch and connects several blows assisted by the ropes and his Flatliner for the count of three.

Winner: Abadon.

The lights go out and when they come back Julia Hart is in the corner. Hart puts the title on the mat and Abadon sneaks up on her until she attacks the TBS champion and connects with her Flatliner to take her belt. Skye Blue comes out from behind her and they look at each other with Abadon but she barely turns her back and hits him in the back of the head and joins Hart in the beating. Thunder Rosa comes out of the announce table and attacks Hart and Blue to help Abadon.

Backstage, The Acclaimed are very angry with MJF for not having helped them so that The Devil did not attack them, so they are no longer friends and now they will show him which is the best team. The Martin brothers with Action Andretti appear and challenge the trio champions to a fight next week to which they accept.


AEW International Championship

Orange Cassidy (c) vs. Bryan Keith

Keith has the advantage with his physical power, with elbows and forearms, even with violent Uppercuts in a corner, but Cassidy prevails with cunning and connects several kicks and headbutts against Keith. Brutal suplex but the count remains at two. Cassidy closes the fight with a Roll-Up with a kick for the count of three.

Winner and STILL champion: Orange Cassidy.

FTR, represented by Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler, enters the ring to cheers from the public. Wheeler singles out the House of Black, accusing them of envying his success and calling them “unrealized potential.” Harwood continues, assuring them that they will never back down from a fight. Suddenly, the microphones fail and the lights go out. In a backstage segment, Buddy Matthews and Malakai Black express their discontent, stating that no one has their back and extending an invitation to Wheeler. 

Black maintains that it is not personal, but that they are determined to prove a point. They reveal they have a photo of Harwood’s wife and daughter and burn it in her face to show her that they are now his family, whether they want to or not.


Willow Nightingale and Kris Statlander vs. Diamanté and Mercedes Martinez

The villains take the lead from the start and collectively punish Willow while Mercedes hits a brutal Superplex on Kris against a stack of chairs in the ring. Diamanté hits Willow in the head with a sign in the ring and Martinez hits a Suplex on Statlander at ringside against a table. Willow recovers and crashes Diamanté into a board in the corner. Chair from Martinez and Statlander appears to hit from behind her and take away the chair to punish her. 

Saturday Night Fever on Mercedes but Diamanté hits her in the back with a chair. Diamanté opens a briefcase that has studs on it but can’t throw Kris on them. Code Red on the tacheulas finally but Willow recovers and looks for a Slam on the tables. Mercedes defends herself and Diamanté pushes her. Saturday Night Fever by Kris for Diamanté on the tacks and the count of three.

Winners: Willow Nightingale and Kris Statlander.

Brian Cage (with Prince Nana) vs. local fighter

The agile fighter sends Cage against a corner and dodges his attack but is confident and Cage hits him from behind and then attacks with Lariats in the corner. He lifts his body and hits him with a brutal Powerbomb for the count of three.


Winner: Brian Cage.

AEW Continental Classic – Blue League

Eddie Kingston vs. Daniel Garcia

Garcia wants to show his strength but Eddie takes it on fiercely and drags him across the mat with hard chops to Garcia’s chest. Kingston applies a strong lock on Garcia’s head and face, on the canvas. Daniel tries to respond with several chops that have an effect on Eddie but the siege does not last long. He rains Chops into a corner for Garcia and dares Eddie to give him more.

Garcia blocks Kingston and lands several blows and kicks until he knocks him down with a leg lock on the canvas. Ankle Lock by Garcia, very strong in the center of the ring. Kingston reaches the rope but his ankle hurts a lot. Exploder against the corner and the Back Fist but Garcia miraculously frees himself in two. Suplex by Kingston but he can’t advance because of his ankle. Knee and Garcia looks for the Sharpshooter without success. Back Fist and Eddie wins.

Winner: Eddie Kingston.

AEW Continental Classic – Blue League

Bryan Danielson vs. Brody King

Bryan suffers from Brody’s repeated blows to the area of his eye, with a forearm to the head and whips against the table and a barricade to the face. Brody’s brutal iron against a barricade with Danielson’s body. King continues his punishment on the canvas, with several Chops and Slams with the help of the ropes. Bryan manages to block another iron at ringside with a sweep to the feet. Kicks and Brody gets into the ring. Dropkicks from a corner and Bryan connects more against the corner. 


Danielson works King’s leg with kicks. Brody responds with a Big Lariat and a Death Valley Driver but Bryan breaks free in two. Brutal Psycho Knee from Bryan but Brody miraculously frees himself. Kicks from Bryan but Brody responds with a tremendous Lariat. Psycho Knee in duplicate to win the match.

Winner: Bryan Danielson

As AEW Collision went off Air. We’ll be covering more on this so stay tuned and remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling! For more updates follow

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