Kenny Omega Vs Will Ospreay FULL MATCH WK17


Kenny Omega Vs Will Ospreay FULL MATCH WK17. The first part of Wrestle Kingdom 17’s main event saw Kenny Omega challenge Will Ospreay for the IWGP United States Championship. This most anticipated bout of the Wrestle Kingdom card would kick off with appropriately spectacular entrances, Kenny Omega emerging to the “One Winged Angel” theme as Will Ospreay recalled the ‘Assassin’ of old with his old Elevated theme.

As soon as the bell rang, Will Ospreay shot like a bullet out of a gun straight at Kenny Omega. The Cleaner was able to side-step and looked to control the early-goings of the match, but Ospreay wouldn’t let him rest, hitting a series of athletic offences. Aggression came to the fore quickly, Ospreay being hung out to dry across the top rope before crashing into the ringside barriers. 

From this the returning Omega was able to take solid. control of the match, whipping Ospreay from corner to corner. Omega removed the blue corner pad and Ospreay soon impacted it neck and back first after receiving a stiff kick to the mid-section. The founder of the United Empire went to the high-flying well multiple times to regain footing, including a flashy springboard forearm that brought a nearfall. 

(Kenny Omega Vs Will Ospreay FULL MATCH WK17.)

On the apron they exchanged stinging chops, before a thrust kick allowed Ospreay the opening to go for an OsCutter. However, a quick-thinking Omega grabbed onto the top rope, sending Ospreay crashing down onto the apron at an uncomfortable angle. With Ospreay down at ringside, Omega placed a table over him and jumped from the top rope with a destructive Double Stomp, putting a gaping hole through both the table and Ospreay.

Ospreay turned the tides with a brutal brainbuster, spiking Omega head-first onto the up-turned table. The fast-paced Ospreay then climbed to the top and hit Omega with a sky twister on the outside. Omega fired back-up, spiking Ospreay with a gruesome Poisonrana, followed up by a neckbreaker, to bring a razor-close nearfall. The back and neck became the focus of Omega, but Ospreay was able to land on his feet from a top-rope Dragon Suplex attempt. He hit a desperate Robison Special and another OsCutter, but the Cleaner raised his shoulder at the count of two.

After a steady exchange of strikes, Ospreay hit a chop that sounded like a firecracker, but Omega came back and drilled the champion with a wild top rope DDT on the exposed top turnbuckle. The crowd gasped as Ospreay leaked blood all over ringside. Red Shoes Uno began the count, but Omega stopped it to deliver a drop-kick through the ropes and his trademark Terminator Dive. The champion had his head drilled into a table in brutal fashion, his already bloodied face becoming more gruesome, before he was violently spiked into the mat.

(Kenny Omega Vs Will Ospreay FULL MATCH WK17.)

Ospreay fought resiliently, however Omega’s Piledriver forced Ospreay to break the pinfall with a rope break, the champion too damaged to lift his shoulder. The ringside doctor was called to look at Ospreay, though the champion wouldn’t stay down. He smartly backed into the ropes to knock Omega into a seated position on the top rope. Omega reversed a superplex attempt to plant Ospreay into the exposed top-turnbuckle, before he dropped the champion off the top rope in a show of sheer brutality. The Cleaner bellowed at Ospreay to stay down, hitting numerous V Triggers, before Ospreay rallied back to his feet.

The champion hit a savage Chelsea Grin, two Hidden Blades and a top-rope OsCutter, but Omega unbelievably stretched his shoulder from the mat. Then, Omega reversed a Storrmbreaker, before Ospreay countered a One Winged Angel and harkened back to AJ Styles with a Styles Clash. It looked like it was over when the champion hit a crushing Hidden Blade to the face of Omega, but Ospreay couldn’t hook the leg, allowing Omega to survive.

They exchanged strikes like two men locked in a bruising street fight, but then the Cleaner took control of Ospreay’s wrists, hitting a Kamigoye to his defiant advisory, before collapsing him with a One Winged Angel. There was no way Ospreay could kick out, making the returning Kenny Omega the IWGP United States Champion once again. We’ll be covering more on this so stay tuned and remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling! For more updates follow AEWHindi.com.

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