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AEW World’s End 2023 Results.


AEW World’s End 2023 Results. MJF puts the All Elite Wrestling World Championship at stake against Samoa Joe All Elite Wrestling celebrates tonight the first edition of the Worlds End event from the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Long Island, NY, CL; which is broadcast live on the FITE TV platform and Bleacher Report Live subscribers in the United States.

AEW Worlds End Zero Hour

  • Willow Nightingale defeats Kris Statlander .
  • Killswitch wins the Battle Royale . Killswitch gets a shot at the TNT Championship which he can cash in at any time.
  • Hook defeats Wheeler Yuta in a FTW Rules match for the FTW Championship.

AEW Worlds End

Claudio Castagnoli, Bryan Danielson, Mark Briscoe & Daniel Garcia Vs  Jay White, Rush, Brody King & Jay Lethal .

Claudio and Rush exchange hard blows at the beginning. Rush takes him out of the ring but Castagnoli returns quickly and they both look for relief. Lethal and Briscoe face off evenly until Mark overpowers him with Chops. White and Danielson are next, Bryan applies the Lebelle Lock but Jay reaches the ropes. Danielson corners him with kicks and Chops and then applies a Top Rope Hurricanrana. Danielson applies his classic kicks, but when he is about to launch the last one, Daniel Garcia takes over. King enters his team and applies a Big Boss Slam to Garcia after he throws several quick punches.

 Brody King argues with Matt Menard who is at the commentary table. Daddy Magic stops but the tension with King does not escalate. Rush tramples Garcia in the ring and makes fun of his dancing. Daniel tries to surprise him but is cornered in the rival corner. Garcia, bleeding from his nose, manages to escape from his enemies and take over from Mark Briscoe. Danielson pounces on Rush, Garcia and Claudio on King and the entire team takes control of the situation. Elbow Drop from Mark to Rush at ringside.


White dodges him in the ring but receives a Fisherman Bomb for a two count. King and Rush corner Danielson and Claudio, dominating the moment. Claudio responds with a Giant Swing on King and Danielson applies a kick, Jay breaks the count in time. Everyone is coming in to apply big movements to the rivals. Garcia applies a Saito Suplex to King, avoids the Lethal Injection and surprises Jay with a pin to take the victory

Andrade El Idolo w/ CJ Perry Vs Miro –

CJ Perry arrives with Andrade. Miro surprises Andrade as soon as he enters the ring and takes control of the first moments of the match. The Idol manages to get out of the ring and is finally able to take off his jacket. He prepares to fly but Miro stops him with a blow. Miro takes Andrade out of the ring and punishes him against the barricade and the commentary table. The Idol pushes him causing Miro to fall on his neck on the other side. Now it is Andrade who controls the situation, throwing Miro against the steps before returning him to the ring.

Superplex by Miro before moving on to a tough exchange of blows. Andrade looks for a Moonsault, Miro dodges the first but not the second. Miro closes the Game Over, Andrade fights to reach the ropes and with a lot of effort he succeeds. Dragon Screw against the ropes for Miro. Discus Elbow by Andrade and a two count on Miro. Figure Four Leglock for Miro, who crawls and manages to turn to pass the pressure to El Idolo’s legs. Andrade tries to change to Figure Eight, but CJ Perry pushes him from ringside so he can’t change position. Miro attacks with a kick and closes the Game Over to make Andrade surrender.


AEW Women’s Championship –

Toni Storm © w/ Luther Vs Riho .

Riho takes the initiative in the fight, taking advantage of her agility to get ahead of Toni. Storm takes refuge with Luther, who gets in the way of a Crossbody, trapping Riho and handing her over to Toni. Headscissors by Riho and Tiger Faint Kick for Toni. Diving Crossbody and Body Slam but it is not enough. Foot Stomp on the edge of the ring and Dragon Suplex upon entering, the count does not reach three over the champion.

Toni surprises Storm Zero out of nowhere but Riho resists. Riho looks for the pin with a spin, fails and immediately attacks with a knee but Toni grabs the ropes. She looks for height but Storm knocks her down and applies a DDT variant to retain the championship. After the match, Mariah May enters the ring and throws rose petals to celebrate Toni Storm.

Dante Martin is interviewed by Lexy Nair. Dante says he’s fine, but he wants to be great. He talks about his fight last night at Rampage, Orange Cassidy interrupts him but Dante doesn’t let him talk. “I respect you, but I’m going to need that title,” Dante says. Orange tells him to try it next Wednesday on AEW Dynamite.


Swerve Strickland Vs Dustin Rhodes –

Swerve attacks with a Dropkick before Dustin finishes entering the ring and goes on to crash him into the barricade and steps. Knee Strike Dustin against the steps. Prince Nana grabs a cement block from under the ring and Swerve hits a Foot Stomp on Dustin’s ankle resting on the block. Medical staff and referees come out to tend to Dustin while Swerve waits in the ring. Dustin insists on returning to the ring to officially begin the match, despite warnings from the referees. Dustin, barely able to walk, gets into the ring and the fight finally begins.

Swerve easily dominates, but he is not looking for victory but rather to continue punishing Dustin. They struggle high up, Rhodes knocks Swerve down with a headbutt and hits a Crossbody for a two count. Classic right hands from Dustin, Canadian Destroyer and Powerslam for a two count over Strickland. Flatliner by Swerve to stop Dustin and transition into a Single Leg Boston Crab. Rhodes spits in Swerve’s face defiantly, Strickland attacks with the House Call and then another. Strickland brutally bends Dustin’s arm and hits a Swerve Stomp for the win.

Sting, Darby Allin, Sammy Guevara & Chris Jericho Vs Big Bill, Ricky Starks, Powerhouse Hobbs & Konosuke Takeshita .

 Sammy and Konosuke start the fight. Relay for Jericho who poses next to Guevara after knocking down Konosuke. Ricky threatens to enter but extends his middle finger to Jericho and takes over from Hobbs, who overwhelms Chris. Darby and Takeshita enter, Allin avoids a Suplex and applies a Code Red for a two count. Avalanche Blue Thunder Bomb from Konosuke to Darby, who is now cornered by the rivals. Finally Sting enters to deliver blows from corner to corner to Takeshita and Starks.


Big Bill stops Sting and Ricky joins in to take control, taking Sting’s arm and walking the ropes to punish him later. Guevara and Starks reverse moves, Sammy achieves a Cutter but Big Bill throws him off as if he were a child. Big Boss Slam for Guevara, Jericho surprises Bill with a Codebreaker but it doesn’t hurt him. Scorpion Deathdrop from Darby to Hobbs, Takeshita attacks him with a hard Suplex and then applies one at a time to Sammy and Darby. Spear from Starks to Guevara but it is not enough. Sammy avoids the Roshambo, applies the GTH and finishes off with Shooting Star Press on Ricky for the victory.

AEW TBS Championship –

Julia Hart © Vs Abaddon.

The House Rule that Abandon chooses is that bites are legal in combat. Abaddon Cutter to take the initiative in combat. Julia reverses with a Crucifix but doesn’t reach the count of three. Julia tries a kick with Abandon against the ropes, but Abaddon dodges her and punishes Hart against the ropes. Hart throws a punch but Abadon catches her and bites her arm. Abadon connects a Lungblower and looks for the account without success.

Superplex by Julia and a two count. Abadon catches her with a Slam and attacks with a Knee Strike that doesn’t reach the count of three. Abadon looks for height, Julia tries to stop her but she is bitten on her face. Skye Blue appears out of nowhere to knock down Abadon without the referee seeing her. Abadon goes under the ring to catch Skye Blue and attack her with several Lariats and a Knee Strike. Hart takes the opportunity to attack Abadon from behind. Moonsault by Julia and a three count.


AEW TNT Championship –

Christian Cage © w/ Nick & Shanya Wayne Vs. Adam Copeland.

 Adam attacks Christian on the ramp and the fight quickly turns aggressive. Copeland soon bleeds on his forehead. Adam throws Christian against the metal steps, severely punishing his knees. He tries to stomp his head on the metal but Cage escapes through the crowd. The action moves to the audience area, Adam seeks height on a balcony and throws himself at Christian. They reach the ring, Adam continues attacking, but looks for a Spear and Cage dodges it, causing him to crash into the post. Christian steps on Adam’s head on the metal steps.

Adam bleeds from his eyebrow after the stomp. Cage grabs a kendo stick and punishes Adam in the ring, choking him against the ropes and punching furiously. Nick Wayne passes a chair to Christian, who opens it to sit on Adam’s neck while applying a Single Leg Boston Crab. Copeland escapes the hold and attacks with the kendo stick. Crossface for Cage, who crawls around looking for a metal bar that Adam ends up taking from him to punish him even more with the key. Copeland pulls a ladder out from under the ring and crosses it in the corner.

Adam places the champion under the ladder and catapults him face first into the metal. Cage stops him with a kendo stick and climbs the ladder. Adam stops him with blows, but Christian manages to throw him with a Sunset Flip Powerbomb from above. Adam resist! Christian and Nick prepare a table at ringside. Copeland prepares for a Spear but Nick saves Christian. Adam attacks with a chair and leaves it in the ring to apply an Impaler DDT on her. Adam looks for the Conchairto but Wayne takes the chair away from him. Cage attacks the lower area with the chair and looks for the account without success.


Cage props up a table in the corner of the ring.

Adam throws the chair in Christian’s face and attacks the table with a Spear. Copeland looks for the count but Mom Wayne takes the referee out of the ring to avoid it. Adam confronts Mom Wayne, Nick attacks him with the title and applies Wayne’s World. Christian Killswitch! 1…2…no! Christian and Nick put flammable liquid on a table at ringside. Wayne sets the table on fire! Adam applies a Spear to Cage in the ring and attacks Nick. Adam throws more liquid on the table and sets it on fire. Powerbomb Wayne on the lit table! Low kick to Cage when he was trying to hit Adam with the title. Killswitch to Cage! 1…2…3!

After the fight, Killwsitch surprises Copeland from behind. He hits a chokeslam and then another on an open chair. Killswitch seems to want to redeem his opportunity for the title, which he can use anytime, anywhere. Cage stops him and wants to use the opportunity. Killswitch hands the contract to Christian.

Christian Cage defeats Adam Copeland and becomes the new TNT Champion . Cage applies a Spear and quickly takes the victory.


Continental Classic Finals – Triple Crown Championship:

Eddie Kingston Vs Jon Moxley.

Kingston challenges Moxley to take the action to the mat, they quickly reach the ropes but Moxley remains on top of Eddie defiantly. They struggle for position, Mox launches the first kick and Eddie responds with one of his own. They exchange Chops and Shoulder Blocks, neither give in until Eddie lands a kick. Kingston launches himself into a Suicidal Butt and crashes his head against the barricade. Jon takes advantage of Eddie’s pain and hits him with a Paradigm Shift at ringside. Eddie tries to advance with Chops in the ring, Mox blocks him and attacks his face.

Piledriver by Mox and a two count. Exchange of Chops, Mox is left on his knees after a particularly strong one from Eddie. Kingston takes off his suspenders and they continue with the back and forth, in which Eddie looks better. Explode Suplex to Jon, who tries to stand up right away but seems to have a problem with his leg that prevents him from walking. Eddie attacks with Machine Gun Chops, Jon tries to escape to another corner but continues to be punished by Eddie’s fury. Jon’s Cutter, Eddie’s second Hurricane, Jon’s King Kong Lariat and Kingston’s Northern Lights Bomb.

Elbows from Eddie and Bulldog Choke Blackpool style. Jon reverses and applies a Bulldog Choke. Kingston resists and manages to reach the ropes to free himself. Hurricane from Eddie, who falls on Mox to cover him but it is not enough. Northern Lights Bomb and another two count on Mox. Tired and on their knees, they headbutt each other until Eddie falls. Moxley slaps him, Eddie responds and they start hitting each other intensely. The Hurricane! 1…2…3!


AEW World Heavyweight Championship :

MJF © w/ Adam Cole Vs Samoa Joe

MJF corners Samoa, charges at him again but receives a hard Uranage. Joe attacks with punches and punishes Max’s injured arm. MJF tries to respond with Chops but his hand hurts, Samoa focuses his attack on that arm again. Max avoids a Muscle Buster and takes Joe out of the ring. MJF tries several quick pins but can’t beat Joe. Samoa blocks the Kangaroo Kick and throws Max over the other side of the ropes. MJF tries to push himself in but Joe overwhelms him with kicks and then flies into Tope Suicida.

DVD by Joe, followed by two Suplexes, but Max resists. Muscle Buster on the edge of the ring! Joe returns him to the ring to cover him but MJF escapes. MJF escapes a Muscle Buster attempt and goes on to hit Joe in the corner. MJF tries to carry Joe but his body gives way. Foot Stomp on Joe’s bandaged elbow. Heatseeker and a two count on Joe. MJF looks for another Heatseeker, Joe carries him on his back but MJF turns looking for a pin. Salt of the Earth by MJF, Joe reverses with an Armbar and Max finally makes it to the ropes. Max pushes Joe and he collides with the referee by mistake.

MJF hits a low blow on Joe when he was looking for height. He charges him, walks to the center of the ring and hits a TKO. Joe resists the count! MJF asks Adam Cole for the ring, who takes a while to give it to him and when he does, Joe attacks him from behind. Sleeperhold by Joe in the middle of the ring.



After the fight, the Devil’s masks enter the ring to attack Adam Cole and MJF. One grabs a chair and prepares to attack, Adam and MJF scream trying to stop him. The lights are turned off…

When the lights come back on, the masked men are standing next to Adam Cole, who is now sitting in the chair. The men take off their masks to reveal their identities: Roderick Strong, Matt Taven, Mike Bennett and Wardlow.


MJF can’t believe it, he tells Cole that he could expect this from anyone but him. Strong and Wardlow attack MJF and leave him lying. Adam takes the Devil’s mask and poses before the destroyed former champion to close the broadcast .We’ll be covering more on this so stay tuned and remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling! For more updates follow

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