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Jeff Hardy’s alter ego “WILLOW” appearing in AEW.


Jeff Hardy’s alter ego “WILLOW” appearing in AEW. Jeff Hardy is one of the greatest wrestlers in the wrestling industry; He is the part of the legendary Tag Team The Hardy Boyz alongside with his brother Matt Hardy. Both the brothers are currently working for All Elite Wrestling (AEW) with their original gimmicks as The Hardys. Alongside this The Hardys have the alternate gimmicks known as BROKEN Matt Hardy for Matt Hardy and Brother Nero as Willow for Jeff Hardy.

Both of these brothers’ alter egos became one of the most popular gimmicks in the Wrestling industry known as the BROKEN universe. But since 2016 in TNA Impact Wrestling Jeff Hardy never used his alter ego character known as Willow. In his latest interview with AEW Unrestricted; Tony Schiavone asked Jeff Hardy about Willow’s potential appearance in AEW as a part of House Of Black. To which Jeff Hardy replied saying:

“Yes, of course, there is [a chance Willow could appear in AEW] but not with House of Black. He is [inside of Jeff] and that’s it. When he comes out to play, he comes out and it’s going to be exciting.”


This is not the first time Jeff Hardy talked about using his Willow character again in his 2021 interview with Culture State Podcast. Jeff Hardy talked about using villain character again saying that:

“Speaking of Willow, I was just talking with the guy that makes these masks, who made it back then. He’s such an awesome mask maker, and that’s now making this new Willow mask, and we’re talking about the possibility of Willow entering the scene once again before my career is over”.

With this we can understand that Jeff Hardy is eager to bring back his alter ego The Willow but this time it’s gonna be in AEW. Who hardly has a few supernatural gimmicks. So it’s gonna be interesting to see; When and how Jeff Hardy will bring his Willow character in AEW. And will it be success or failure.

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