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CM Punk Vs. “Hangman” Adam Page : Full Match


CM Punk Vs. “Hangman” Adam Page : Full Match. The match began with duelling chants. Punk and Page traded wicked shots, with Page getting the better of the exchange. Page rocked Punk with a forearm. Punk retaliated with an overhand chop! CM Punk whipped “Hangman” Page into the turnbuckles. Punk followed up with a Russian leg sweep. Punk went for a flying body press but Page caught him and countered with a fall away slam. Page followed through with a pescado over the top to Punk on the arena floor.

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Page smashed Punk with a rolling elbow! “Hangman” sent Punk hard into the turnbuckles. Page was setting up for the buckshot lariat, perhaps, but Punk shoved Page off the ring apron. Punk charged at Page outside the ring but Page nailed Punk with a pop-up powerbomb on the apron. Page followed up with a flying lariat for a near fall! Adam Page threw Punk to the outside again. Page climbed to the top rope but Punk joined him up there and superplexed Page into the ring. CM Punk connected with a leg lariat beneath Page’s chin. Punk rocked Page with a running bulldog.

Punk used the springboard lariat. CM attempted a sharpshooter but Page fought out. Punk came back with a neck breaker for a near fall. “Hangman” Page hit the moonsault to Punk outside the ring. Excalibur wondered if Page hurt his knee when he landed. Page tried for the buckshot lariat but his knee troubled him and Punk moved a step and then countered with the sharpshooter. Page grabbed the bottom rope, forcing ref Paul Turner to break the hold.


CM Punk Vs. “Hangman” Adam Page

Punk went for the Punkshot lariat but his leg gave out when he landed. CM Punk hit the Punkshot lariat on the second attempt. Punk gestured for the GTS but Page powerbombed him. Adam Page drilled Punk with the deadeye for a very near fall! Page made the GTS hand signal. Page hoisted up Punk for the GTS but Punk grabbed the top rope. Punk blasted Page with a roundhouse. Somehow Page rallied back with a GTS for a near fall! “Hangman” Page was holding his left knee after the move.

CM Punk buckled Page’s leg after a swift kick. Page connected with a high boot. Adam Page clotheslined Punk over the top rope and then threw Punk over the timekeeper’s table. Page picked up his title belt and said “This is mine! You will never have it!” Page tried for the Buckshot lariat but Punk stepped back. Punk tried to counter with the GTS but as he hoisted up Page, Page’s boots knocked ref Paul Turner in the head. “Hangman” Page grabbed his world title belt and was thinking about hitting Punk with it. Page thought twice and threw the belt to the ground. Page tried for the Buckshot lariat but CM Punk countered with the GTS and pinned Adam Page! 

And the new AEW World Champion…CM Punk!

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