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AEW Full Gear 2023 Results.


AEW Full Gear 2023 Results. MJF faces Jay White for the AEW World Championship against Jay White. Tonight a new edition of the Full Gear 2023 event from The Kia Forum arena in the city of Los Angeles, CL; which is broadcast live on the FITE TV platform and Bleacher Report Live subscribers in the United States.

Full Gear: Zero Hour

Jay Lethal vs. Eddie Kingston ©

Battle of chops in the center of the ring, with Kingston’s lead due to the violence of his blows that removed Lethal to ringside. Lethal rallied and landed some knees on a downed Kingston and took him down with Suplexes, but the champion refused to be pinned and cut him in two. Eddie blocked Lethal’s holds at just the right moment and was taken down with a Backbreaker. Jay looked for the Elbow Drop and Kingston put his legs on him and applied a bridge that couldn’t end with the count of three.

Elbow Drop by Jay, but the count ended at two. Lethal took advantage and tried the Lethal Injection, but Kingston cut him off and hit Jeff Jarrett and Sonjay hard. Jay wanted to take JJ’s guitar to attack, but Eddie stopped him and bit his face until Ortiz arrived and smashed the guitar over Sonjay’s head. Lethal missed the Injection and received the Uraken for the three count.


Eddie Kingston retains the ROH World Championship.

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Buddy Matthews

There was a lot of locking on the part of both, especially to the head, but Claudio went to the Uppercuts while Buddy applied butts. Lariat by Castagnoli to take down Matthews. Claudio went rough and stomped on Buddy on the apron and threw him with power towards the corners to connect powerful Uppercuts. They both went up to the corner where Castagnoli connected several headbutts, but Buddy blocked him and hit him with a Superkick in the corner and a Powerbomb that he couldn’t cut off.

Buddy’s brutal jackhammer and since the account was unsuccessful, he changed to a Crossface that Claudio cut off. Elbows from Matthews to Claudio who was almost knocked out. Claudio lifted Buddy on his shoulders and applied a Cutter followed by an Uppercut that could not end the fight. Powerbomb by Claudio and the Sharpshooter in the center of the ring. Matthews crawled to the rope, but Castagnoli took him back to the center and won the match.

Claudio Castagoni emerges victorious on behalf of the Blackpool Combat Club.

The Gunns vs. Samoa Joe and MJF

MJF surprised Colten and slammed him into a corner for a beating with punches and kicks, but Colten got up and locked him in a necklock. The champion dodged Colten’s attacks and spit on Austin until the brother came in to help, but MJF didn’t need Joe. Joe dodged Colten like it was nothing and connected his Cannonball and the Enziguiri. He took over from MJF, who was angry about the previous change, but he entered to continue the beating, although the Gunns surprised him and took him to his corner.


The villains didn’t let MJF switch with Joe, but he managed and managed to get them off and then brought in Joe, who knocked them down with Lariats. MJF took over and wanted to apply the Muscle Buster, but Colten stopped him. There was a Double DDT from MJF and he celebrated with the Kangaroo, but Joe cut everything off and took over. They both tried the Double Muscle Buster, but the Gunns stopped them and hit the 3:10 To Yuma, although they failed to cover. MJF’s partner, Adam Cole, entered the ramp on crutches and distracted the Gunns so that Joe applied his Coquina Clutch at just the right moment for the victory.

MJF retains the ROH World Tag Team Championships with Samoa Joe.

Austin and Colten continued their attack on MJF, while Cole watched everything and couldn’t do anything because of his injury. The Gunns took a chair and hit MJF’s ankle several times and then stomped on him in the ring. Given Cole’s complaints to the referee, MJF was taken off on a stretcher by paramedics and his condition for the main event that night was unknown, as he left in a lot of pain. MJF was in the ambulance and asked Cole not to let them steal his title, to which Cole promised him.

Full Gear Main Show

Christian Cage, Luchasaurus and Nick Wayne vs. Adam Copeland, Sting and Darby Allin

Allin and Wayne began the fight, after a few words in Cage’s ear towards his disciple. Wayne controlled Allin with a lock, but he quickly freed himself and controlled the fight as he pleased with agility and locks. Sting entered and hit Wayne with a hard Slam, then threw him against ringside to collide with the protection fence. Cage intervened but asked for Copeland. Christian changed his mind and brought in Luchasaurus, who was held back by Copeland at the right moment until Allin entered to continue the beating.


Luchasourous applied a brutal Chokeslam on the apron for Allin, and he fell to ringside. Cage now entered and punished a badly injured Allin. Wayne took over and followed what his boss did with kicks to the body. Allin recovered with blows to Cage and Saurus. He stopped Wayne and bit his hand in the corner and then applied the brutal Destroyer from the third rope. Cage attacked Copeland at ringside, while Luchasaurus did the same with Sting. Christian came into the ring and hit Allin with several chops, crashing him into the corners.

Christian looked for the Spear, but Allin dodged it and hit him in the face to tag Adam. Cage fled and gave the change to Saurus. Copeland slammed him against the canvas and applied the Spear on the ropes. Allin jumped to ringside on both villains. Another one from Sting, who brought Luchasaurus into the ring for the Spear, but caught him with his hand for the Chokeslam. Sting helped Copeland and they both took him down in an assisted Scorpion Deathdrop.

Brutal Vertical Suplex for Wayne, but Saurus attacked the three in the ring with butts. Cage got into a fight with Flair at ringside, the latter gave him chops and punches, but Cage cut him off with an eye poke and the Low Blow. Christian took the TNT title and accidentally hit Luchasaurus in the head. He fled with the belt before he was caught, leaving his team alone. Spear from Copeland to Saurus and the Coffin Drop for a three count.


Adam Copeland, Sting and Darby Allin take the win in the AEW Full Gear opener.

Jay White entered the arena with the title and demanded that Tony Schiavone say that MJF was injured and that the match for the belt was cancelled, so he was the new champion. Adam Cole appeared and expressed that he would not let White walk away with the belt. He assured that he had spoken with Tony Khan and had given him the place for the fight: Jay White vs. Adam Cole for the World Championship. White laughed at him and assured him that he would prove to him that he was the true AEW World Champion.

Orange Cassidy (c) vs. Jon Moxley

Moxley did not mince his words and roughly attacked Cassidy, taking things to ringside against the table and the fences. Brutal forearm blows from Mox to leave Cassidy prone. Powerful slam on the canvas, on the run. Mox took Cassidy to a corner and scratched her back and then bit her head. But Mox landed headbutts and Cassidy fell to the apron. Mox went for a Butterfly Suplex, but the champion stopped him with punches and headbutts. He applied the Superplex and the DDT, but the coverage was reduced to two. Kicks by Cassidy, but Moxley got up and ran towards him. The champion dodged it and launched himself with a Dive.

Another Dive, with a bump, that left Moxley against a table. Moxley recovered and caught Cassidy in the air to try to hit the DDT on him, but he failed and received a Stunner. Key to Moxley’s head to avoid the champion’s attack. Cassidy blocked a Powerbomb and hit a Penalty Kick after the Roll-Up. Sleeper Hold, but Mox slammed him into the corner. Mox’s Cutter and the Gotch Style Piledriver, but Cassidy made the two saves. Five Orange Punches from Cassidy, but Moxley did not fall. A sixth left him staggering and the Beach Break for the count of three.


Orange Cassidy retains the AEW International Championship.

Toni Storm vs. Hikaru Shida ©

Shida started strong with chops and controlled the challenger, but the villain’s tricks led her to take the lead and they slammed the Japanese against the canvas for the double count of 10 that ended in time. Shida tried a Piledriver, but Storm blocked it and applied an Ankle Lock out of nowhere. The Japanese woman managed to stretch and reach the ropes at the right time. She got up and landed a brutal elbow on Storm. Storm struggled with Shida and repelled her attempts until he hit her with an object to the head that knocked her out and covered her for the three count.

Toni Storm wins the AEW World Women’s Championship.

Eddie Kingston joined the AEW Continental Classic. Kingston encouraged all of his future rivals, as he would put both of his championships on the line in every match he had.

Kings of the Black Throne vs. The Ungovernable Faction vs. FTR vs. Ricky Starks and Big Bill

The Mexicans immediately took charge of looking for ladders, but FTR prevented them from climbing one to the titles and they went to ringside. Starks climbed a corner, but Malakai Black took him down and Brody King helped him with the rest of the participants while he looked for another ladder to climb. Bill hooked up with Brody while Dax Harwood used the ladder and hit Rush, Black and Brody, but Dralistico stopped him with some Dropkicks. Another spinning kick for Cash Wheeler and he wanted to go for the titles. Brutal slam by Cash on Rush and he went for the belts. 


Black stopped him and took him off the ladder, but Cash landed several blows and ran, but Malakai threw him the ladder assisted by the ropes. Low Blow from Cash to Malakai in the corner and a brutal Piledriver on the ladder. King went into the ring and attacked Big Bill, but he waited for him with the ladder. Starks came out of nowhere and cleared the ring with the remaining four. Spear for Rush and DDT for Dax. Vertical Suplex to Dax and Suplex to Cash. Malakai entered and held him, but not for long and Ricky threw him against the ladder. King tackled him and took care of Dax and Cash with a Cannonball.

Brody climbed the stairs until Bill moved them and he fell. Dralistic agility, Springboard to Bill, but he stopped him and hit a tremendous Chokeslam. Rush hit Bill with a ladder and hit the Bull Horns with the assisted ladder. Rush and Starks fought on one ladder while Big Bill and Dax were on another. Cash and Dralistico went up in a third, but King came in and pushed them all away. Rana from Dralistico to Black. Superkick to King, but he got up and connected with a brutal forearm with a Gonso Bomb on the stairs.

Cash launched himself with a Splash on King, lying on the ladder, while Dax set up the stairs in the ring. Starks soon joined him and they clashed fists at the top. Black took him down and hit the Black Mass on Dax. Cash took him out with a Lariat, but Bill stopped Cash from going up, and Starks took down the belts.


Ricky Starks and Big Bill retained the AEW World Tag Team Championships.

Julia Hart vs. Skye Blue vs. Kris Statlander (c)

Hart and Blue teamed up to destroy Statlander, with several blows that left her at ringside, but the champion hit a powerful suplex on the ground on Hart. Double Superkick and the villains were left in the ring. Hart shook Blue’s hand and she took it, but she attacked him by surprise and slammed his head against the mat several times. Blue responded quickly and hit a Superkick in the corner. She lariatted out of nowhere from Statlander to Blue and took down Hart for a three count that didn’t progress. Brutal powerbomb to Statlander’s Blue. She climbed the corner for the 450 Splash, but Hart knocked her down to ringside. Moonsault Press to Blue, but Statlander cut her off just right.

Slam by Kris at ringside, but Blue hit him with a Boot. She looked for a Superkick, but he stopped her. Blue dodged her attempt and launched herself with the Springboard, but caught her in the air and tried a Powerbomb, but Blue switched to a Code Red that didn’t reach three. Crossface that did not make Blue surrender by Hart, and Statlander connected Suplexes to both of them. Statlander managed to catch Blue and hit the Saturday Night Fever, but Hart shoved her into Kris and she pinned Blue to keep the title.

Julia Hart is the new TBS champion.

Britain’s Will Ospreay was introduced by Tony Schiavone and arrived down the ramp, in street clothes, to a standing ovation. Ospreay signed his full-time contract with the company and expressed that he felt very good about being part of AEW, but that he would not be there soon, but would first end up in New Japan Pro Wrestling and then it would be all his.


Swerve Strickland vs. Hangman Page

Hangman does not wait for him to enter and comes out of nowhere, down the ramp, and attacks Swerve with punches on the canvas and a brutal Powerbomb to connect with the Buckshot Lariat. Page slams Swerve into the fences and staples his arms with the stapler. They go up to the ring with a chair but he leaves it aside and he pins a drawing on his cheek. He tilts Swerve’s blood-stained forehead and lets the streams fall into his mouth. Swerve resists more buckling but uses his strength and buckles Hangman’s forehead.

He uses the barbed wires on Page’s forehead and throws him into a chair covered in them. Swerve takes a cement clack but Hangman stops him at the right moment. Swerve bites Page’s head and hits him with a Slam on the cement block. He then takes him to a public fence and connects a Piledriver on it. Page uses the barbed wire on Swerve’s head and body, tying him up and hits a brutal Fallaway6 Slam. Spectacular moonsault by Hangman with a spiked chair to ringside. Page looks for the Buckshot Lariat again but Swerve stops him with a Boot on the spike chair. Page reverses the Piledriver and applies it to himself on the chair. Strickland manages to get up in nine. Page hits him in the back and Swerve falls again.

But he recovers and hits him with a chair with the spikes and a Neckbreaker on the same chair. Brutal Double Footstomp on the object. Prince Nana helps Swerve take out an iron with wires and sets it up as a table with two chairs in the ring. He puts him on Hangman but he defends himself, bites Swerve and launches himself with a Superplex and a Powerbomb on the improvised table. He takes a wire and wraps it around her head for the Buckshot Lariat with the spikes. Nana saves Swerve again by bringing him down to ringside while Brian Cage comes out of nowhere and hits two Powerbombs and a Slam on Hangman. They place a table with Nana at ringside and he goes up for a Powerbomb but Hangman wakes up and lands two punches and a Lariat with spikes.


Nana hits him with a weak chair and runs away but Page catches him and applies an Inverted Piledriver on the table. Swerve appears from behind and explodes a cement block in Page’s back. Hangman remains on the ground but tries to get up until Swerve throws a huge chain on him and wins the fight.

Swerve Strickland wins the Texas Death Match.

Golden Jets vs. The Young Bucks

The Bucks neutralized Omega and focused more on Jericho, to show him their hatred of recent weeks, with combined attacks or behind Y2J’s back. Omega took over with Jericho and controlled the fight with the Bucks with several Chops and throws against the ropes and Suplexes. Jericho returned and went for the Walls of Jericho but was blocked and received more punishment. Jericho applied his submission on Matt Jackson. Nick tried to save him but Omega grabbed his leg and put him down. Matt escaped the hold and kicked Y2J.

But Omega came to the rescue with a Double Northernlights Suplex. They took out Omega with a brutal Suplex and Jericho connected with the Bulldozer. Senton Atomico from the Bucks and the coverage but from the outside Omega saved his partner by very little. Jericho landed some blows and a Hurricanrana. Omega stopped an attack from Matt but Nick gave him a Low Blow when he wasn’t watching the referee. Matt blocked the Judas Effect and Omega saved him from cover. Double Knee from the Bucks to Jericho and the coverage, while one held Omega back but Y2J miraculously saved himself in two.


They went for the Meltzer Driver but Omega prevented it and Jericho took care of both of them in the ring until they knocked him down. Lowe Blow by Jericho and Omega entered. He fooled everyone by attacking Y2J but attacked one of the brothers and couldn’t apply the One Winged Angel, but he did receive it from Matt, cutting the count in two. Jericho’s codebreaker into the Meltzer Driver and Omega went for the One Winged Angel on Matt but couldn’t get it. Knee from Matt, but Omega prevented it and applied the Bang to Matt. One Winged Angel and the count of three.

Golden Jets remained as a team in AEW.

Adam Cole vs. Jay White

White mocked Cole, limped or lay on the mat for easy coverage, but an ambulance rang and MJF drove to the venue, badly injured with a major bandage. The challenger worked on his injured leg so that he could not defend himself. MJF crawled into the corner, but White stomped on him. He tried to attack, but his leg worked against him and he fell again. Still on one leg, MJF managed to land powerful blows on White and dominated the actions until ringside. The champion launched himself with a brutal Elbow Drop on ringside. Dragon Screw by White in the ring and took him up to the corner to kick him.

Suplex out of nowhere by MJF in the corner, but White pushed him and hurt himself again. Brutal Uranagi from above and the count was two. MJF’s Rolling Elbow, but White sought out Blade Runner. MJF blocked him and slammed him to the mat. White hurt MJF’s arm with stomps and threw him away. MJF ran and jumped with a Cutter on White towards ringside. Cole encouraged MJF from the outside and he covered White but it was two. MJF tried to lift White twice, but couldn’t because of his leg, which was no longer responding due to the pain. Jay worked his leg several times and applied a Figure Four. Cole grabbed a towel and was about to throw it, but MJF refused.


MJF didn’t reach the rope and was on his back, but he cut the count at two. He managed to reverse the hold on Jay until he reached the ropes. Cole wanted to hit White with the title, but White took it from him and hit MJF. He covered him and at the last millisecond he broke free. White took the ring and wanted to hit him with it, but MJF gave him a Low Blow. MJF hit the Gunns with the ring and dodged the Blade Runner. He pinned White and won the match by three.

MJF retained the World Championship and regained possession of the belt

As AEW Full Gear 2024 went off Air. We’ll be covering more on this so stay tuned and remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling! For more updates follow

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