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AEW Dynamite Results November 15, 2023


AEW Dynamite Results November 15, 2023. TBS broadcast the 215th episode of AEW Dynamite today, November 15, live from the Toyota Arena in Ontario, CA.

Review of the brutal attack on The Acclaimed last week, carried out by the masked men and the Devil. Tonight it is announced that there will be more security at the arena, and that MJF will speak about it.

Orange Cassidy & Hook vs. Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley & Wheeler Yuta)

Orange and Hook do not wait for their opponents and attack the audience. The action returns to the ring area, now with the Blackpool Combat Club dominating Hook. The young fighter faces Mox and applies a German Suplex, but continues to be punished. Orange enters with a DDT on Mox, who despite being on his knees remains defiant. Superplex by Moxley and a two count on Orange.


On her knees, Cassidy puts her hands in her pockets and then stands up and throws a Dropkick. Hook and Yuta come in to exchange blows. Hook comes out better and applies a Northern Lights Suplex that doesn’t reach three. German Suplex by Yuta, Hook responds with one of his own, Lariats clash and they both fall. Mox receives an Orange Punch but does not fall. Yuta saves him from the Redrum, Mox connects with the Death Rider and Wheeler covers with the Seatbelt for the three count.

Winners: Blackpool Combat Club .

Jon Moxley takes the floor and says that Orange Cassidy is and never was anything. He claims that he will beat him to regain the International Championship at Full Gear, and there is nothing he can do to stop him.

Tony Schiavone introduces Swerve Strickland and Hangman Adam Page , announcing that they cannot contractually attack each other now. If they do so, both will be suspended and their fight in Full Gear will be cancelled.


Page takes the microphone and yells at Swerve that he is a coward, a fake, a waste of life.

 “You’re dumber today than you were two years ago when you got fired. I can see you and you don’t have it in you…you can’t make it. You’re not the man you think you are. The reason your fiancée left you and why your children don’t talk to you. That’s right, look at me. You wanted to make it personal… didn’t you?

You’re a coward, you don’t surround yourself with friends, but with guys who follow your orders. If you weren’t such an idiot, you’d know that Prince Nana is using you. He goes out, does his little dance, sells his t-shirts…Prince Nana lives off what you do, and when the show is over he spends that money buying weed in the hotel parking lot to school kids. Nana, when finish him off, I’ll beat you up and take your weed off,” Page shouts.

“Sweve, look at me. Look at me! Not only are you not the man you think you are, you’re a child, and I’ve worked with children for a long time. Swerve…you should never have come into my house. We don’t need lawyers, because in Full Gear “I will be the jury, the judge and the executioner. And I will take you to an eternity in Swerve House at the bottom of hell,” Page closes. 


Adam goes back for the microphone he had thrown away while the people cheer him.

“Something I forgot to say…we can’t attack each other today. But Nana…she wasn’t saying anything about us,” Page says and jumps on Nana.

Security personnel enter to arrest Page, who takes care of them all while Strickland and Nana escape.

Roderick Strong and The Kingdom are interviewed by Lexy Nair. Strong says he knows who the Devil is, but he will tell his friend. Matt Taven calls him on screen. Strong claims to know who the Devil is: it’s definitely Max, he claims. Cole yells at him to stop, that he doesn’t have time and maybe Strong is the Devil. Adam says he has to go and cuts off communication.


Skye Blue vs. Red Velvet

An Even start between the two, Velvet avoids an Arm Drag and goes on the attack with kicks. Skye reacts and punishes Velvet against the barricade and metal steps. Blue takes control and taunts Red in the ring, as she delivers a message to Kris Statlander. They exchange several pins, Velvet is closer to the three but Skye escapes. Blue dodges a kick but misses the finish, catches Red and hits the Skyfall, Red escapes just in time. They struggle in the heights, Red surprises Blue with a Huntress to pull her off and looks for her account. Exchange of kicks, Skye stops a Knee Strike and finishes with the Code Blue.

Winner: Skye Blue .

Kris Statlander will face Skye Blue and Julia Hart for the TBS Championship on Saturday on Full Gear .

Video of Miro talking about CJ Perry, ensuring that he not only brings out the worst in her, but also brings out the worst in him. This Friday he will prove it to Daniel García. “This is the word of The Redeemer,” he closes it.


RJ City stands next to Mariah May at the door to Toni Storm ‘s locker room , despite the sign saying it’s not there. Mariah knocks on the door, Luther rejects her, but RJ insists, managing to convince Luther. May talks excitedly to Storm, saying that she comes from STARDOM like her, but Toni says that she feels bad now and doesn’t want to talk. Mariah makes herself available and leaves. Storm asks Luther to get him a tune-up match with Tony Khan on Friday.

Samoa Joe vs. Jon Cruz

Jon throws some kicks at Joe that have no effect. Samoa knocks him down and lashes out with a barrage of punches to take him to the corner. Cruz launches himself from the corner but Joe dodges it easily, immediately finishing off with the Coquina Clutch.

Winner: Samoa Joe .

After the fight, Samoa Joe offers his friendship to MJF again. “There is little time left, Max, and you will realize whether you accept or not, I am inevitable.”


The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) vs. Penta El Zero Miedo & Komander

Nick and Komander start the fight evenly, their partners take over and the four kick each other at the same time. The Bucks offer their hands but surprise with Superkicks. The Bucks join in with a Facebuster on Komander and then a Hurricanrana on Penta. Komander avoids a Powerbomb against the corner, causing Nick to mistakenly kick his own brother. Komander takes Matt out of the ring, jumps on the ropes and hits Nick with a Hurricanrana. He walks the ropes to hit another Hurricanrana on Matt now. Penta launches a Crossbody from the heights.

From Penta’s shoulders, Komander salutes and hits a Double DDT. Made in Japan on Nick but he doesn’t get the count of three. Two Northern Lights Suplex from Matt to Komander, and one to both rivals at the same time. They look for a Meltzer Driver but Komander pushes Matt. Fear Factor to Nick on the edge of the ring, Hurricanrana and counts about three on Matt. Komander walks the ropes, pushes himself onto Nick Jackson who is on Penta’s shoulders and applies a Destroyer to Matt. Superkick by Nick Jackson, Matt distracts the referee while his brother applies low blows. Judas Effect by Nick and BTE-Trigger on Komander for the three count.

Winners: The Young Bucks.

The Young Bucks are interviewed backstage, saying that they no longer care about the rules or what needs to be done. Kenny Omega appears to reproach them for that, Nick tells him that the problem is not with him but with Chris Jericho. Matt says that after this match they can be The Elite again. Chris Jericho appears to tell Kenny not to waste his time on these idiots, who have a match to win tonight before beating them on Saturday. The Bucks get angry and attack Jericho from behind, Omega and security personnel separate them.


The Gunns (Austin & Colten Gunn) defeat two fighters . Quick fight that the Gunns take with the 3.10 to Yuma. After the fight, the Gunns send a message to MJF. “Your friends are gone, Adam Cole is gone, those ROH championships are about to go too,” Austin Gunn shoots.

Video of Wardlow saying he saw fear in MJF’s eyes. “Your days are nearing their end. With god as my witness, I will make the devil my b****.” After the video, the image of the masked devil is seen on the screen for a moment.

Like a Dragon Gaiden Street Fight: Don Callis Family (Konosuke Takeshita, Brian Cage, Kyle Fletcher & Powerhouse Hobbs) vs. Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega, Kota Ibushi & Paul Wight

The action explodes on the ramp and the stage between both teams. Wight throws Kyle into a table from the entrance ramp. Kota attacks Takeshita and calls Omega to join the attack. Wight fights Hobbs in a car, Omega and Takeshita hit each other with objects at ringside. Cage throws Jericho against the timekeeper’s table. Ibushi gets on a bicycle and takes a metal pipe to attack his rivals, until Cage stops him from a Lariat. Hobbs slams Paul onto the car off a structure.


Takeshita takes the bike and attacks everyone using it as a weapon, then hits Ibushi with a Brainbuster on the bike. Takeshita and Jericho fight in the hallways of the arena, between the food establishments and in the VIP sector. Omega and Ibushi attack Cage with plastic crates, which they then put into the ring. Double Suplex to Kenny on a pallet in the ring, but it’s not enough. Omega attacks Cage and Fletcher, from whom he takes a bottle to break it over his head. In the hallways, Takeshita climbs onto the drink coolers to fly over Jericho, but Jericho receives him by spraying him with a fire extinguisher.

Followed by a Judas Effect.

Kenny and Kota prepare to finish off Cage, but Kenny sees Hobbs coming. Powerhouse charges at both. Superplex from Cage to Omega towards ringside on two tables! Spinebuster by Hobbs to Ibushi in the middle of the ring. Jericho comes to the ring to have a chair duel with Hobbs, who drops the chair but responds with a powerful Spinebuster. Cage, Jericho, Omega, and Fletcher intervene in the fight inside the ring, with Kyle being the last one standing. Kota struggles with him on the edge of the ring, Fletcher takes control and throws him into a Jumping Piledriver over chairs and a sign at ringside.

Jericho and Omega team up against Hobbs in the ring. After some attacks, Hobbs’ hands are tied to the top rope. Kenny asks Ibushi to help bring chairs and a piece of sign into the ring, which he uses to destroy Hobbs. He breaks a bottle on his head but receives a Discus Lariat from Cage. Pumphandle Slam to Jericho, he looks for the Drill Claw on Omega but escapes. Bat by Jericho to Brian, Reverse Hurricanrana by Omega and V-Trigger. Another one for Hobbs! One Winged Angel for Cage!


Winners: Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega, Kota Ibushi & Paul Wight .

MJF comes out to the ring to close the show.

“After the brutal attack on The Acclaimed last week, I realized that no matter how far I stray from my past, it will always come back. And no matter how much I let people into my life, those people are hurt. Sometimes I feel a little sad.” damn. I’d like to say to The Acclaimed the same thing I told Adam Cole, I’m sorry you guys got caught up in the mess that is MJF’s life, and I hope you feel better,” MJF says.

“For as long as I can remember, I have known that I want to be a world champion. I have done everything in my life to make it a reality, and I am proud to say that I have reached the top of professional wrestling. But it is not all gold in the mountain.

There is little air here, and when I look down, in every direction I see people climbing with the sole intention of throwing me off the top. I am man enough to admit that I am afraid, afraid of losing everything I have worked for in a long time. blink of an eye. Afraid of doing to you the same thing as The Acclaimed and Adam, afraid of letting you down,” he adds.


“Yes, I’m scared, but they better send an entire army to take me down,” Max now shouts.

“Jay White, you have a chance to take my place, but I don’t think you can do it. Because my name is Maxwell Jacob Friedman, and I’m better than you, and you know it. And to the man who stole my Devil mask and hired those bullies, I will know who you are, and when I know it, you will have hell to pay,” he closes.

Jay White comes out to tell him to cut the act, that he is embarrassing himself.

“You try so hard to be the hero, and that’s not who you are. You’re the villain, you always have been and you always will be. With the devil’s mask, the distractions… you’re the devil, right? You’re not the hero, You’re not these people’s hero, you’re their horrible person, Max. Max, you should know better, they’ll quickly cast you aside, but that’s okay because they mean nothing to you.

You haven’t changed, you can’t change, we’re similar, brochacho “I know you. I know you know that your official days as the AEW World Champion are about to end, and they know it,” White says before throwing out his classic lines and closing by saying “go get him.”


Gunn Club and Juice Robinson appear among the people to attack MJF, who manages to stop them for a moment but receives a punch from Juice. 3.10 to Yuma by the Gunns and Bladerunner by White. Jay covers MJF and Juice makes the count of three. As AEW Dynamite went off Air. We’ll be covering more on this so stay tuned and remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling! For more updates follow

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