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Hangman Page Vs Swerve Strickland Full Gear Match


Hangman does not wait for him to enter and comes out of nowhere, down the ramp, and attacks Swerve with punches on the canvas and a brutal Powerbomb to connect with the Buckshot Lariat. Page slams Swerve into the fences and staples his arms with the stapler. They go up to the ring with a chair but he leaves it aside and he pins a drawing on his cheek. He tilts Swerve’s blood-stained forehead and lets the streams fall into his mouth. Swerve resists more buckling but uses his strength and buckles Hangman’s forehead.

He uses the barbed wires on Page’s forehead and throws him into a chair covered in them. Swerve takes a cement clack but Hangman stops him at the right moment. Swerve bites Page’s head and hits him with a Slam on the cement block. He then takes him to a public fence and connects a Piledriver on it. Page uses the barbed wire on Swerve’s head and body, tying him up and hits a brutal Fallaway6 Slam. Spectacular moonsault by Hangman with a spiked chair to ringside. Page looks for the Buckshot Lariat again but Swerve stops him with a Boot on the spike chair. Page reverses the Piledriver and applies it to himself on the chair. Strickland manages to get up in nine. Page hits him in the back and Swerve falls again.

But he recovers and hits him with a chair with the spikes and a Neckbreaker on the same chair.

Brutal Double Footstomp on the object. Prince Nana helps Swerve take out an iron with wires and sets it up as a table with two chairs in the ring. He puts him on Hangman but he defends himself, bites Swerve and launches himself with a Superplex and a Powerbomb on the improvised table. He takes a wire and wraps it around her head for the Buckshot Lariat with the spikes. Nana saves Swerve again by bringing him down to ringside while Brian Cage comes out of nowhere and hits two Powerbombs and a Slam on Hangman. They place a table with Nana at ringside and he goes up for a Powerbomb but Hangman wakes up and lands two punches and a Lariat with spikes.


Nana hits him with a weak chair and runs away but Page catches him and applies an Inverted Piledriver on the table. Swerve appears from behind and explodes a cement block in Page’s back. Hangman remains on the ground but tries to get up until Swerve throws a huge chain on him and wins the fight.

Swerve Strickland wins the Texas Death Match.

As AEW Full Gear 2024 went off Air. We’ll be covering more on this so stay tuned and remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling! For more updates follow

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