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AEW Collision Results November 4, 2023


AEW Collision Results November 4, 2023. TNT and AEW Plus will broadcast episode number 21 of AEW Collision today. November 4, with Kevin Kelly, Tony Schiavone and Nigel McGuiness on the commentary table, live from the Intrust Bank arena in the city of Wichita, Kansas.

This week’s show features attractions such as the confrontation between Darby Allin and Lance Archer and the union of FTR with The Ungovernable Faction against Gates of Agony, Ricky Starks and Big Bill .

AR Fox attacks Swerve Strickland backstage, during the different promos of the night’s protagonists and they go through the curtain towards the ring for their fight, the opening of AEW Collision.


Swerve Strickland (with Prince Nana) vs. AR Fox

Fox continues the attack with kicks on the ramp, heading to the ring, but Swerve stops him and tries a Powerbomb that he does not achieve and Fox launches himself with a jump towards Swerve until he takes things to a standstill. At ringside, Swerve regains control with several blows and tries to hit him against the apron of the ring but Fox removes himself and blocks his attack against the upright. Fox jumps to hit and eats the parante. Gates of Agony arrive at the ring and support Nana. Brutal superplex from Swerve to Fox.

Splash from Swerve and covers with knees but Fox frees himself in one. Strickland looks for a strong lock on the arm, leaving him on the canvas. Fox reverses the hold but receives a bump from Swerve. Fox receives insults from Swerve but he wakes up with a slap, dodges the dropkicks, Twisting Vertical Suplex and the 450 Splash but Swerve frees himself from the count in two. Other kicks and the cover but Strickland breaks it for a two count.

Neckbreaker and knee from Swerve and the coverage, it only remains at two. Roll-Up from Fox releases Swerve and the latter crashes him into the corner. Double Stomp and Strickland wins by three.


Winner: Swerve Strickland.

Gates of Afgony get into the ring and surround Fox to attack him until FTR’s music plays to save them. Ricky Starks and BIg Bill also appear and team up to beat up the good guys until The Ungovernable Faction appears and scares away the villains. LFI refuse to celebrate with FTR and there are differences between the two, while House of Black observes the scene from the top of the venue in the stands.

We see a self-promotional video of Daniel Garcia, who will face Daniel Garcia for the AEW World Championship against MJF next Friday on Dynamite. Regarding MJF, he dedicated a promo to Jay White on Wednesday about his pin before him after connecting his finisher, which made him laugh that he thinks he is better for beating him and pinning him, and that in Full Gear he will show him why he is better that he. On the other hand, White mocked MJF for his victory, with the belt in his possession, and that at the PPV he will do it again.

Backstage, Kip Sabian is furious about Mark Briscoe’s attack so he teams up with The Workhorsemen to make him feel revenge for his disrespect.


The Kingdom, with Roderick Strong, arrive on the ramp. Strong still complains about Adam Cole but sends his friends to show him what they will do to him.

The Kingdom (Matt Taven and Mike Bennett) (with Roderick Strong) vs. Jameson McGregor and Brixton Nash

The villains come out with everything, without waiting for a response and whip the locals with violence. Brutal slam by Bennett to McGregor and Taven takes care of his colleague at ringside against the ladder. Finisher combined in a corner on McGregor and the count of three for the end of the fight.

Winners: The Kingdom.

Backstage, Briscoe is about to give his feelings on Sabian until FTR appears and greets him. Mark does not reveal who his teammates will be against Sabian and The Workhorsemen.


Lance Archer (with Jake Roberts) vs. Darby Allin

Archer locks Allin in a corner with his hands and then grabs him by the neck and slams him against the canvas. Darby lands quick punches and kicks him out of the ring and then hits a running Dive over the second rope. Archer smashes him against the ramp with a Suplex. Lance takes the action to the ring and tortures his face against the corners. Lance throws Darby away with several Slams from all sides. Archer looks for the Blackout but Darby escapes and lands some kicks but Archer’s strength is greater.

He reverses another Blackout with a DDT but the count remains at two. Punches to the head but they have no effect and Archer continues as if nothing had happened, throwing him to the corners. He chokeslams him twice, the second time outside the ring, while Roberts takes Darby’s skateboard to hit him until the referee sees it and ejects him. Archer is distracted by this reason and Allin enters the ring. He can’t do anything and Lance knocks him down again. Darby bites Lance and puts his finger in his eye and then applies a Destroyer with a pin that ends with Allin’s victory.

Winner: Darby Allin.

Roberts comes out with a microphone and does not concede that Darby has won so he will now show him that not everything is in favor of AEW’s Golden Boy. The Righteous comes out and is distracted so Archer can apply the Blackout.


Backstage, Alex Abrahantes talks about Penta until Swerve interrupts him with ridicule. Abrahantes tells him that he thinks he’s better because he doesn’t show it this Wednesday against Penta on AEW Dynamite. Strickland gladly accepts.

The Acclaimed, featuring Daddy Ass, hit the ring for their 69-day celebration as World Trios Champions. Billy Gunn presents the celebration with several rolls of paper in the ring and Anthony Bowens asks the audience how they feel about them. And he also goes on to present a surprise for Max Caster for his bravery this Wednesday.

MJF comes on the screen and tells him that Bowens and Gunn made him do it but he owes him respect for saving him a few days ago and he wanted to thank him. In his own way, he assures her that he likes her, even though she is a mushroom, but that he likes The Acclaimed. Caster, almost in tears, thanks everyone and everyone’s hard work.


Dalton Castle and The Boys interrupt their celebration to look for a title fight and destroy their trophy for the 69 days, so a Brawl is set up between the six until a referee arrives and they make the fight official.

AEW World Trios Championships

The Acclaimed (Max Caster and Anthony Bowens) and Daddy Ass (c) vs. Dalton Castle and The Boys

Castle leaves Bowens and Caster at ringside while The Boys against Daddy Ass. He confronts them but his colleagues help him and take them out, breaking the piñata and giving away the things inside to the public. Castle regains control and destroys the Scissor Me stickers and throws punches at Caster.

 The Boys enter and attack Caster in combination on the mat. Castle puts a chair in the ring but Bowens enters and eliminates the Boys with the combination of him and the Scissors. Bowens’ Fameousser to Castle and the Scissor Me to one of the Boys. Mic Drop to one of the Boys for a three count.


Winners: The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass.

Backstage, Andrade El Idolo assures that this Wednesday he will give a response to CJ Perry for his proposal.

Kip Sabian and The Workhorsemen (JD Drake and Anthony Henry) vs. Mark Briscoe, Dustin Rhodes and Keith Lee

Drake and Henry take out Rhodes and Lee while Sabian attacks Briscoe in the ring. Slam and attacks against the British corners but Mark stops him short and whips him against the corners with agility. Drake helps from the outside and Sabian launches himself to ringside on Mark. Roll-Up by Mark and Cassis take the victory. The villains take turns hitting Mark in his corner, away from his colleagues. Mark recovers with the help of his colleagues and connects the Froggie Bow to Sabian for the count of three.

Winners:  Mark Briscoe, Dustin Rhodes and Keith Lee.

After the fight, backstage, Briscoe gives a promo to Jay White and challenges him to put his title shot on the line before Full Gear, otherwise he is afraid to face him.


Emi Sakura vs. Willow Nightingale

Sakura wants to have the upper hand from the start but Willow controls her from the beginning, with stampedes in the corners until Sakura manages to apply several chops and a Suplex against the metal ladder. Sakura applies a strong hold on Willow until she manages to get up and take the fight for a moment. Sakura regains control of her with several Chops and stomps.

Nightingale recovers and hits a Death Valley Driver on the ringside floor. He gains height and launches himself at Sakura but the count remains at two. Sakura reverses the Doctor Bomb and covers but she gets a two count. The Magistral but it doesn’t work either. Swinging Neckbreaker and Sakura is left prone. Spinebuster by Willow, Doctor Bomb and the count of three.

Winner: Willow Nightingale.

Backstage, Samoa Joe is congratulated for the longest reign with the ROH Television Title. Joe talks about last week, when he attacked MJF until he is interrupted by Keith Lee, who tells him that he has never beaten him. Joe offers him a fight for Wednesday, which Lee accepts.


Ricky Starks, Big Bill and Gates of Agony (Bishop Kaun and Toa Liona) (with Prince Nana) vs. The Ungovernable Faction (Preston Vance and Rush) and FTR (Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood) (with Dralistico and Jose El Assistant)

Vance and Bill start the fight with holds. Vance tries to do Suplexes but Bill stops him dead with elbows. Vance doesn’t mess around and crashes him into a corner. Both exchange powerful blows but Vance falls. Kaun enters to continue the attack with Chops and Slams. Vance reverses it and Wheeler takes his place. Harwood enters after beating his colleague and receives a good punishment from Liona.

Coverage but Dax breaks free in two. Chops by Dax and Dropkicks but Liona responds with a Big Lariat. Starks comes in to continue the work with punches in the corner. Rush enters and savagely attacks Starks, without letting him recover. Rush grabs a rope and wants to choke Starks but Bill stops him and a battle breaks out between everyone. Rush continues with Starks and takes over from Harwood. Ricky dodges Dax’s attack and he crashes into a pillar.

Bill takes over and elbows Dax, several, until Liona enters. STarks comes back and follows up with a softened Dax, whipping him into the apron. Very powerful slam from Bill in the ring towards Dax, while Ricky talks to the commentators. Starks returns but receives a blow from Rush. Powerslam and cover but Ricky frees himself. Chokeslam from Bill to Vance but FTR receives him.


He shakes them off but gets Rush’s Missile Dropkicks. The White Bull looks for the Bull Horns but Ricky hits him with a Spear. Rush steals the tag from Cash and they apply the Big Rig with Dax. Bull Horns to Kaun and the count of three.

Winners: The Ungovernable Faction and FTR.

After the match, FTR is left alone, as LFI leave down the ramp, and House of Black appears on the big screen, who claim that they will end FTR’s legacy. The light goes out and they attack them from behind until Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta make the save

As AEW Collision went off air. We’ll be covering more on this so stay tuned and remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling! For more updates follow

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