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AEW Rampage Results November 3, 2023


AEW Rampage Results November 3, 2023. Penta El Zero M, El Hijo del Vikingo and Komander will star in a special Day of the Dead fight in Kentucky. Trent Beretta will seek an individual victory against Daniel Garcia. 

Tonight we will once again enjoy a new live follow-up of AEW Rampage . The All Elite Wrestling show will air from the KFC Yum! Center of Louisville, Kentucky. 

Triple Threat

Penta El Zero M vs. The Son of the Viking vs. Komander

The action starts quickly with Viking cornering Komander. Penta catches him with a Piledriver before receiving the other masked man’s offensive. The action goes to ringside, where the Mega Champion goes up to the bar for a Hurracarana on Komander. Penta responds with Slingblades for both of his opponents. Vikingo goes for a 450 Splash and Penta stops the count, launching himself at both of them at ringside and applying Chops that resonate throughout the arena.


Vikingo regains advantage after the commercial break. Komander stops a run and Penta receives his Shooting Star Press with his knees. The mega champion catches him for a Canadian Destroyer before hitting a Poison Rana on the Zero Miedo . The three men are on the edge of the ring. Penta catches both to combine a Fear Factor and a breaker for each. Vikingo recovers and applies his 630 Senton on Zero M. Komander stops the count and applies a Phoenix Splash. Fear Factor from Penta on Komander, who falls on top of Vikingo. 1…2…3…

Winner: Penta El Zero M on account of three

Sonjay Dutt is interviewed at ringside, clarifying that he tried to extend an invitation to Ortiz for his team. Jeff Jarrett assures that they don’t need him, and focuses on Jay Lethal and his future opportunity at the ROH World Championship.

Tag Team Match

The Gunns (Austin Gunn and Colten Gunn) vs. Christopher Daniels and Matt Sydal

Austin have a hard time with Matt, who allows his partner to corner him for several blows to the chest. Daniels receives an illegal right hand from Colten, who takes over for an attack to the face. The Fallen Angel is cornered by the offensive of the members of Bullet Club Gold. Daniels relieves Sydal and together they seek to regain ground. Austin dodges Matt’s attacks and sets up his opponent for the 3:10 To Yuma. Count of three and victory for the Bang Bang Gang.


Winners: The Gunns by three.

RJ City presents the return of Danhausen… but Danhausen himself warns that his return will not be tonight. So, Danhausen will be back next week .

Backstage, Ruby Soho is distraught over everything that happened with Toni Storm, and thinks it’s time to dismantle The Outcasts. Saraya convinces her that he won’t be able to do anything without her, and makes her change her mind. Angelo Parker comes over to comfort Ruby, who rejects her courtship. Matt Menard looks confused because of what happened.

Marina Shafir vs. Skye Blue

Blue receives two kicks to the stomach that make her retreat. She finds space for the offensive and crosses her rival over the string. Shafir responds with slaps to the torso before her opponent manages to dodge a kick that ends up damaging her. Back in the ring, Skye avoids a facelock with a bite to the stomach. She distances herself and ends the fight for a Code Blue. 1…2…3…


Winner: Skye Blue by three

Trent Beretta vs. Daniel Garcia

The two go through quick exchanges before Daniel corners his rival. Trent doesn’t let his opponent’s taunt go and throws him ringside for a Moonsault followed by a Spike. After the last commercial break, Garcia takes damage from a Superplex before responding with a Belly to Belly. Daniel reacts furiously with stomps in the corner followed by a Meteora. Trent responds with a Dragon Suplex followed by the Death Valley Driver. Garcia traps his rival for several German Suplexes and engages in an exchange of elbows. He survives a classic Pildedriver and escapes a DDT for his own neckbreaker. He catches Trent in a Crossface and the referee marks the victory for him.

Winner: Daniel Garcia by surrender

After the fight, Daniel assures that he has finally returned to individual hunting and sends a warning to Maxwell Jacob Friedman , whom he promises will be given a test by the greatest sports entertainer in the world.

As AEW Rampage went off air. We’ll be covering more on this so stay tuned and remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling! For more updates follow

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