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10 Best Interim AEW World Champion picks untill CM Punk’s absence


10 Best Interim AEW World Champion picks until CM Punk’s absence. At AEW Double or Nothing 2022 we saw CM Punk defeat Hangman Adam Page to become the new AEW World Heavyweight Champion. But after CM Punk won the championship, unfortunately he had to relinquish the championship. And on the first AEW Rampage show after Double or Nothing 2022; CM Punk shockingly revealed that he’ll be taking a leave from AEW for the surgery. So AEW chairman Tony Khan announced that there will be an Interim AEW World Champion until CM Punk returns to AEW television.

On this week’s AEW Dynamite show there will be a Battle Royal Match and whoever wins it will have to face Jon Moxley in the main event of the show; And winner of Jon Moxley Vs The Battle Royal Match winner will be the number one contender for the AEW World Heavyweight Championship. And At AEW’s upcoming combined pay-per-view with NJPW The Forbidden Door; The number one contender will have a chance to become the Interim AEW World Heavyweight Champion. Here’s the 10 Best Interim AEW World Champion picks until CM Punk returns to AEW.

10. Kenny Omega.

Kenny Omega is one of the former AEW World Heavyweight Champions and he carried the AEW company as a world champion for a good amount of time. With him being a champion he delivered his best performance every time he defended his AEW World heavyweight Championship. With the great matches came injuries as consequences and at Full Gear 2021 he lost his World Championship against Hangman Adam page. Since then he has been absent from AEW television to have some surgeries and to be 100% fit. It’s been a long time for him to be absent from AEW television and now it seems like a good time for him to return and reclaim his Throne as AEW world champion again. If he does that then he’ll have another great title reign but at this time it seems impossible for him to return as early as this Wednesday.


9. Darby Allin.

Darby Allin is another great talent who has the full potential to be the world champion and he is AEW original. So inevitably one day he is going to be the world champion and this could be the perfect opportunity for him to go on to be the champion. Because current Sting is dealing with an injury and Darby Allin literally has nothing to do in his singles career. So this might be a great opportunity to give a title belt to young talent to see how he runs with it until CM Punk Returns. And even when he Returns then we will have the perfect match for the World Championship revisiting the rivalry between CM Punk and Darby Allin.

8. Eddie Kingston.

Eddie Kingston is the kind of superstar who makes you believe that wrestling is legitimately real and he will die to prove that. That’s why his AEW Run has been a blast giving one after another great rivalries to which fans can connect to. Whether it was against Jon Moxley, CM Punk or Chris Jericho. Or with Jon Moxley he always delivered his best and fans are behind him no matter what he does. Even if he becomes the world heavyweight champion the fans will still cheer for him; And he is the one kind of guy who deserves to be the world champion. But currently he is stuck in rivalry against Chris Jericho so this might be a little impossible.

7. Christian Cage.

When AEW stated that they will be bringing a Hall of Famer worthy superstar to AEW. Then no one thought that this might be Christian Cage. Because people think that he is not a Hall of Fame over a superstar. But since he joined the company Christian Cage has proven fans wrong multiple times; to show them that he can still go on and put on a great performance against the young talents. He even got a world championship match but he was unsuccessful to win the title but now he has allied himself with the world Tag Team Champions; with this if he is highly motivated to perform well to hang out with the champions and if he becomes a champion. Then it will be great to see him alongside the world Tag Team Champions holding all three big belts.


6. Miro.

Miro is another star who has returned to AEW television after a long break. After recovering from his injuries now Miro is 100% fit. And he is delivering great matches again. Before you took some time off from AEW television we have seen him carrying the TNT Championship as a champion and he made that title prestigious. Now he has returned to television and he has no Championship so if he becomes the world heavyweight champion; then we can presume that he will make the World Championship more prestigious while holding it. And who doesn’t want to see Miro carrying that world title around his waist? 

5. “Hangman” Adam Page.

There is anyone who is the most beloved superstar by AEW fans then it is none other than Hangman Adam page. His AEW journey has been an amazing roller coaster ride including some pretty highest spots and lowest low spots. Coming in AEW as an unknown and becoming the world champion and defending it against the greatest wrestlers that this generation has to offer. Is the perfect definition to describe Hangman Adam Page’s AEW world title reign. But like most champions his title reign came to an end by the hands of CM Punk. And now while Punk is absent it’s a great chance for Hangman Adam Page to reclaim the AEW World Championship. So he can have another great title reign.

4. Wardlow.

If there is any superstar who is currently most over among the fans then it is none other than Wardlow. He also has a similar story Arc like Hangman Adam Page coming to AEW as unknown, working his butt off and then defeating his own Boss to stand for himself. Now Wardlow is done with MJF and he needs bigger and better things in his future. With this momentum and being so over among fans Wardlow can easily be the World Heavyweight Champion and fans will appreciate him. But this might be a little rushed for him to be the champion so soon and fans might even turn on him. But we’ll never know until he is the champion and now it seems like the perfect time.


3. Jon Moxley.

Jon Moxley’s World Championship victory at AEW revolution 2020 was the biggesting thing in AEW history. Fans wanted to see Jon Moxley as the world champion because he had just left WWE and they wanted to see how he might do on his own? And for the most part he has done a great job but it was during the pandemic era; so there were no fans to see him or cheer for him. And even then he has carried the company with grace. So if there is any chance for Jon Moxley to be the world champion again in front of fans and have a great title reign in front of fans. Then AEW must capitalise on this because as much as Jon Moxley missed fans that much fans have missed seeing him as the champion.

2. Bryan Danielson.

Bryan Danielson may be the former WWE superstar Daniel Bryan. Who was universally loved by probably each and every wrestling fan but now Bryan Danielson is a totally different kind of person than Daniel Bryan. Now Bryan is more violent and vicious then he has ever been and even if he has every potential thing be the world champion in this industry. And with CM Punk gone , if Bryan Danielson becomes the world champion then this might be a match made in heaven; because both Bryan danielson and CM Punk are very similar. And when CM Punk Returns this might be his greatest title defence against Bryan Danielson.

1. MJF.

Currently the most controversial thing in the wrestling industry is the current story line between MJF and AEW. Because as much as this is a part of a story it’s more likely the real story between All Elite Wrestling and MJF. Currently this is the hot topic and MJF just walked out of AEW. Claiming that he deserves more in AEW. He is right and if returns and becomes the Interim AEW World Champion then this might send shock waves to the entire wrestling industry. MJF is the youngest and well deserved superstar to be the world champion because he can carry this company on his shoulders for an entire time until CM Punk Returns. And even after Punk’s return his rivalry with MJF would be a great point to retrieve his AEW World title reign.

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