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AEW Dynamite Results for March 22, 2023


AEW Dynamite Results for March 22, 2023. Tonight’s episode of AEW DYNAMITE was broadcast live from the Cable Dahmer Arena in Independence, MO! Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, and “The Human Suplex Machine” Taz were the broadcast team for tonight’s event. It’s Wednesday night and you know what that means!

The show opened with Matt and Nick Jackson – The Young Bucks; being loaded into an ambulance and transported to a hospital after an apparent attack. “Hangman” Adam Page accompanied Matt Jackson in the ambulance. Don Callis ushered Kenny Omega back into the arena, trying to keep Kenny focused on tonight’s match.

Trios Match!

AEW International Champion Orange Cassidy, Darby Allin, & Sting vs. Kip Sabian (with Penelope Ford), The Butcher, & The Blade!

Orange used an arm drag on Sabian but Sabian landed on his feet and then cartwheeled to create distance. Orange dropkicked Sabian, and Sabian tagged out to Butcher. Sting tagged in. Butcher nailed Sting with forearms but Sting didn’t budge. Sting lit up Butcher with backhands. Butcher thumbed Sting in the eye. Butcher went for a splash but Sting move and then countered with the Stinger Splash! Sting was looking for the Scorpion Death Lock but Blade and Sabian ran in to swarm Sting.


Darby grabbed a tag and connected with an explosive Code Red on Kip Sabian! While Penelope Ford distracted the ref, the Blade swept out Darby’s leg from the apron. Orange came in to the ring with a diving cross body and then a DDT on Kip Sabian! The Butcher and the Blade double teamed Orange Cassidy. Kip jumped to make the cover but Orange kicked out at two. Sting tagged in and walloped Kip with a lariat! Sting put Kip in the Scorpion Death Lock but Butcher and Blade double teamed Sting.

Darby took down Butcher and Blade with a double Coffin Drop off the middle rope. Orange wiped out Kip with the Stundog Millionaire. Sting finished off Kip with the Scorpion Death Drop and pinned Kip!

AEW World Tag Team Championship Match!

The Gunns – Austin & Colten (c.)  vs. Top Flight – Dante & Darius Martin!

Top Flight used tandem offense and really took it to the champs during the opening minutes of the match. From the apron, Austin grabbed a handful of hair and guillotined Dante on the ropes. Colten began to stomp on Dante in the corner turnbuckles. Austin made a blind tag but Dante planted him with a power move for a near fall. Dante hit the nosedive but Colten made the save, breaking up the pin at the last possible movement.


The Kingdom – Matt Taven and Mike Bennett came out of nowhere and ambushed Darius. The Gunns blindsided Dante with the 3:10 to Yuma and then pinned Dante. Top Flight chased the Kingdom through the fans. FTR – Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler – came down to the ring after the match.


“We’re here to talk business. If you beat us again, we will never tag together again in AEW.”


“If we can’t beat you and win the AEW Tag Team titles, we’ll quit AEW.”


The Gunns told FTR they had a deal, and then they spat in the faces of FTR! The champs ran out of the ring before FTR could get their hands on them.

TBS Champion Jade Cargill was backstage with “Smart” Mark Sterling!

Sterling said they had a cease and desist to stop Taya Valkyrie from using Jade’s finisher. Leila Grey challenged Taya to a match on Rampage this Saturday!

No DQ Match!

FTW Champion HOOK (c.) vs. The Firm’s Stokely Hathaway!

Stokely got on the mic before the match and said Doc Sampson didn’t clear him to wrestle tonight. Stokely also announced his retirement and handed his doctor’s note to Justin Roberts to make it official. It was a receipt for Wingstop and the ref tore it up. Stokely ran away from Hook but Hook chased him down. Stokely attempted a flying uppercut. Hook sent Stokely for a ride with a shoulder capture suplex on the arena floor!


Hook pulled out a steel ring guardrail from beneath the ring. Hook propped the guardrail up against the corner turnbuckles. Stokely blasted Hook with a fire extinguisher in the eyes, temporarily blinding Hook. Hathaway tried to hit Hook with a steel chair but Hook countered and then suplexed Hathaway into the steel guardrail. Hook locked in Redrum and the ref stopped the match, with Hook victorious!

Adam Cole was out with a microphone! The entire arena gave Adam Cole a standing ovation!


“We are seven days away from me making my in-ring return to AEW. Guys, I feel frickin’ great. I know everyone has a lot of questions, the biggest one being who my opponent on March 29th is.”

Daniel Garcia’s music began to play and he walked onto the ramp!



“Who’s ready for story time with Daniel Garcia, baybay?! Since you’ve been gone, I’ve become a real veteran here in AEW. I’ve become a locker room leader. And as a locker room leader, I came out to welcome you back and put you in your place. 

I don’t know if you remember but let me update you on a few things. Brody King—beat him. Ricky Starks—beat him. Bryan Danielson—I beat him too! I’ve main evented more AEW programming in the past year than anybody in the company. What makes you so special Adam Cole?”


“When they ring the bell, that’s what makes me special. I like you, seriously, I think you’re really good. And someday you can be the guy who leads the charge here in AEW, but it’s the company you keep, the Jericho Appreciation Society, they make you overconfident. 


If you are crazy enough to want to challenge me next week, then damnit, you’re on. Adam Cole versus Daniel Garcia, for the first time ever, next week on Dynamite. And it won’t just be a wrestling match, it’ll be a statement.

I hope that you realize what you’re in for. Because I can promise you next week it’ll be a great night for me, for the AEW fans, but for you, not so much. I’ll see you next week Garcia. Boom.”

Alex Marvez was backstage. Marvez walked into the Elite’s locker room.

Omega was upset and told Callis that he should have gone in the ambulance with his friends. Callis assured Omega this was the best thing to happen because now Omega can focus on Vikingo. Omega was torn.


Stu Grayson (with the Dark Order) vs. Blackpool Combat Club’s Jon Moxley (with ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli and ROH Pure Wrestling Champion Wheeler Yuta)!

Grayson charged at Moxley, taking the fight right to him! Mox turned Stu around and began to chop away at him. Mox hammered at Grayson with forearms. Moxley used a side headlock takedown on Stu Grayson. Stu hit Mox with a hurracanrana. Moxley sent Grayson flying with a suplex and then a shoulder tackle, sending Stu tumbling to the arena floor. Grayson battled back with a flip-dive off the middle rope onto Moxley.

 Wheeler and Yuta began to jaw-jack with the Dark Order outside the ring. Grayson somersaulted off the ring post onto the BCC. Stu was looking for the Knight-fall but Mox transitioned to the bulldog choke. Grayson fought out of the choke and then connected with a backflipping kick to Mox! Moxley dug his fingernails into the back of Grayson. Moxley spiked Stu with an avalanche Death Rider and then pinned Stu Grayson!


Renee Paquette was backstage with Ricky Starks!


 “I’m so sick and tired of talking back and forth. I had to come back from my vacation early. Juice, if you want to fight, you can find me on Rampage. I’m issuing an open challenge to you, Juice. Be a man or not, I don’t give a damn anymore.”

Another episode of QTV aired and it was announced that TNT Champion Powerhouse Hobbs would be facing Penta El Zero Miedo on Rampage this Saturday!

The Outcasts’ Toni Storm (with Saraya and Ruby Soho) vs. Skye Blue!

Storm charged at Blue and began to kick her in the corner. Skye Blue made a comeback with elbow strikes and a dropkick. Skye Blue used a diving hurracanrana on Storm. Blue took a moment to get her footing on the top turnbuckle but Toni Storm knocked her down. Storm then sent Skye flying out of the ring with the hip attack!


Skye rallied back with offense to Storm, including several thrust kicks. Storm rocked Skye with a DDT! Skye connected with a Code Blue but Storm nailed Skye with the hip attack. After nailing her with the Storm Zero, Toni pinned Skye Blue.

The Outcasts were about to spray-paint Skye after the match but Riho and Willow Nightingale ran down to even up the odds for Skye Blue. The Outcasts retreated!

Backstage Stu Grayson was being tended to by the AEW medical staff. The BCC ambushed Stu Grayson, with Mox choking out Grayson!


Main Event!

Kenny Omega (with Don Callis) vs. El Hijo del Vikingo!

Vikingo went over the top and crashed onto Omega right out of the box! Omega hammered back at Vikingo with forearms and kicks. Vikingo came back with an implosion hurracanrana and then a knee strike through the ropes! The fans were chanting “This is awesome! This is awesome!” Vikingo used a shooting star press off the apron and onto Omega on the arena floor! Vikingo tried for a pin after a 450 splash on Omega. Kenny came back with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Vikingo.

Omega pulled a table out from beneath the ring. Omega set up the table on the arena floor. Vikingo took down Omega with a rana. They began to trade chops on the ring apron. Omega sent Vikingo crashing onto the apron with a monkey flip. Vikingo sent Omega flying out of the ring with a dragon rana! Vikingo countered an Awesome Bomb and then hit the Phoenix Splash for a near fall on Omega!

The fans began to chant “Fight forever! Fight forever!” Omega caught Vikingo with a powerbomb and then the V-Trigger for a two-count! Omega hoisted up Vikingo for the One-Winged Angel but Vikingo escape and then hit Omega with a swan diving reverse hurracanrana! Vikingo crashed down onto Kenny through a table after a 630 senton from the middle rope!


The fans erupted, chanting “A-E-W! A-E-W!” Vikingo grabbed a near fall after a sunset bomb on Omega! Vikingo climbed to the top for a 630 senton but Omega dodged it this time! Omega rocked Vikingo with the V-Trigger and then pinned him with the One-Winged Angel! Tony Schiavone came to the ring to interview Kenny Omega.


“The more time that goes by, the more I wonder if I’m able to do this kind of stuff for you fans—”

The Blackpool Combat Club rushed into the ring and triple teamed an exhausted Kenny Omega! Sirens began to echo throughout the arena. It was an ambulance arriving at the arena! “Hangman” Adam Page had stolen the ambulance and exited from behind the wheel with weapon in hand!


“Hangman” Adam Page came down to the ring and the Blackpool Combat Club jumped out. Don Callis grabbed Page’s arm and then acted as if Page knocked him to the mat. Kenny didn’t see that Callis fell himself down, and when Kenny got to his feet, he was infuriated by the perceived action of Hangman Page as AEW Dynamite went off Air.We’ll be covering more on this so stay tuned and remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling! For more updates follow

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