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AEW Collision Results October 7, 2023


AEW Collision Results October 7, 2023. TNT and AEW Plus will broadcast episode number 17 of AEW Collision today, October 7 , with Ian Riccaboni and Nigel McGuiness on the commentary table, live from the Maverik Center arena in Salt Lake City, Utah.

This week’s show features attractions such as Adam Copeland ‘s debut on the show, Eddie Kingston’s defense of the ROH World Championship against Komander and a new FTR open challenge.

AEW World Tag Team Championships

Ricky Starks and Big Bill vs. FTR (Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood) ©

Starks and Bill attack before they can enter, with Bill’s physique as a battle tank against the two champions. Harwood takes the worst part as he receives Bill’s brutal blows, the Chokeslam and then holds him in the center of the canvas so Starks can connect the Spear and count three.


Winners and NEW champions: Ricky Starks and Big Bill.

Bryan Danielson vs. Kyle Fletcher

Fleycher mocks Bryan and takes him against the corners with keys that break with his attempts, but Danielson tires of his attitude and applies his experience to the Australian to handle him, although he uses his tricks and kicks to leave him on the canvas. Bryan uses the lock on his legs and back but Fletcher breaks the submission and lands several chops, with kicks to the chest.

Danielson lands his knee at just the right moment and continues his series of chops in the corner. Hurricarana and Fletcher eats the kick in the corner. Brainbuster out of nowhere by Fletcher but the count remains at two. Fletcher humiliates him with several chops in the corner and a Superkick. Danielson dodges the Enziguri and connects with an Ankle Lock. Suplex with a bridge but the count remains at two.

Bryan doesn’t let go and receives elbows. Elbows by Danielson and Dragon Suplex by Fletcher. Brutal Michinoku Driver by Fletcher and Bryan frees himself from the account. She locks the neck but Danielson touches the rope. Dragon Sleeper but Danielson reverses it with a Roll-Up for the win on a count of three.


Winner: Bryan Danielson.

Gates of Agony unexpectedly enters the ring and attacks Danielson from behind, with punches on the canvas, until Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta arrive to save him from the beating.

Backstage, Bill claims they kicked FTR’s ass and are the best because they worked hard to get there. Starks states that there will be no rematch because they need to give respect to the new champions, and that goes for all members of the AEW roster.

Bullet Club Gold (Juice Robinson and The Gunns) (with Jay White) vs. Angelico, Metalik and Gravity (with Serpentico)

Austin starts with Gravity. He mocks him and wants to attack him in a corner but Gravity’s speed allows him to block his attempts and hit him against the canvas. Robinson enters with Metalik and takes a great punishment also with agile moves. Gravity returns but receives a blow in the middle area and Colten enters. Angelico enters and goes with his Comeback and Metalik takes the fight while Robinson attacks at ringside. The latter enters and connects Metalik with his shot.


Winner: Bullet Club Gold.

After the match, all the members celebrate and White takes the microphone. He tells MJF that he’s surprised that after the beating he gave him and having the World Championship stolen from him, he didn’t try to get it back. He expresses that this Tuesday he will face Hangman Page on AEW Dynamite Title Tuesday and will show him that he is a better champion than him.

In a pre-recorded video, Nick Wayne assures that Darby Allin was like his older brother, but now he wants to focus on wrestling so he took Christian Cage as a father figure, after he did less to him.

Iron Savages (Bronson and Boulder) and Jacked Jameson vs. The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens, Max Caster and Billy Gunn)

Gunn starts with the support of the people and attacks his rivals but when Bowens, Bronson and Boulder combine to hurt him roughly, in the ring and at ringside. They subdue Bowens with a lock and power but he manages to get away from Jameson although Boulder captures him again. 


Bowens dodges a Moonsault and tags in Caster. Enter Jameson too but Caster is more important with his comeback. Superkick to Boulder and he connects a Crossbody to Jameson but the count remains at two. Billy gets rid of Boulder and Caster hits the Mic Drop on Jameson for the win on a count of three.

Winners: The Acclaimed.

Backstage, Shayne Taylor and Keith Lee fight each other. Although the two have a long history together in the business, Taylor is jealous because people think Lee is better than him, and wants to prove them wrong. Lee tells him to run.

Toni Storm vs. Kiera Hogan

Storm violently controls Hogam, throwing her by the hair from corner to corner, or with several chops and stomps that leave her on the canvas. But Kiera responds with several sentons against a corner. Storm recovers and responds with a brutal Sky High that ends the count at two. She gets distracted by the referee and receives a Roll Up and a Leg Lariat that almost causes her defeat. Brutal suplex and the Storm Zero for the victory by three.


Winner: Toni Storm.

Ruby Soho, very angry backstage, informs everyone that she has been banned from ringside in the match between Saraya and Hikaru Shida for the AEW Women’s World Championship.

ROH World Championship

Komander vs. Eddie Kingston ©

Kingston begins his work roughly, landing hard blows against Komander and not letting him recover to counter the attacks. But little by little he uses his agility and manages to throw Eddie against a corner and connects a Spinning Croosbody followed by a 450 Splash that fails to finish the count at three. Kingston cuts off a second jump with chops in the corner but Komander slams him to the canvas.

Uranagi from Kingston but Komander breaks free. lariat and again for two counts. DDT from Komander but Kingston breaks free. Komander looks for La Magistral but Kingston blocks them and hits his finisher to win the fight on three counts.


Winner and STILL champion: Eddie Kingston.

Adam Copeland comes out with his entrance and to a standing ovation he thanks Jim Ross at the commentary table for his opportunity in the business. He also explains that his arrival at All Elite Wrestling is to have new challenges and to silence the mouths of those who told him for nine years that he could never do it. And one of those was Christian Cage.

Copeland expresses that he is his best friend and loves him no matter what. He calls Cage out as his bootlicker, especially Nick Wayne, who treats him to his pussy to pet. Cage appears on the screen and tells him that he is still the same as always. Christian continues to refuse him and this Tuesday he will show him why he is the TNT champion. However, Luchasaurus and Wayne come out on the ramp and go against Copeland.

He applies a Spear to Saurus and the Edge-cution on Wayne, but when he is about to connect the Spear, Luchasaurus takes it and applies the Chokeslam and the finisher on him. Adam is left on the canvas and a chair is placed under his head until Darby Allin’s music plays. He goes out into the audience with another chair and hits Luchasaurus. He hesitates a little with Wayne but gives him time to connect some Dropkicks and destroy the injured arm with a sling with a chair


Nick Wayne and Luchasourous stood tall. As AEW Collision went off Air. We’ll be covering more on this so stay tuned and remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling! For more updates follow

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