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AEW Dynamite Title Results Tuesday 10 Oct, 2023


AEW Dynamite Title Results Tuesday October 10, 2023. TBS will broadcast the 210th episode of AEW Dynamite today, October 10, live from the Cable Dahmer Arena in Independence, MO. Due to a scheduling conflict, this week’s show will air on a Tuesday. Renee Paquette and RJ City welcome the Buy In.

Fight for the NJPW Strong Openweight and ROH World Championships: Eddie Kingston (c) vs. Minoru Suzuki

Eddie takes off his suspenders to begin the Chops exchange. Minoru lands a forearm strike that knocks Eddie down, picks him up and lands two more to throw him down again. Jay Lethal and his group watch the fight from backstage. Minoru hurts Eddie’s hand, bending his fingers until the double champion reaches the ropes.

Machine Gun Chops by Suzuki in the corner, who advances towards Eddie and challenges him to keep hitting. Exploder Suplex and a two count on Suzuki. PKs from Minoru, Eddie stands up and receives more kicks again. Eddie collapses before a combination of blows from the challenger, who goes on to close a Sleeperhold.


Kingston avoids a Piledriver with a Backbody Drop and connects with The Hurricane, Suzuki resists. Suzuki looks for a German Suplex, receives another Hurricane but escapes at the count of one. Suzuki avoids a Hurricane, receives another one and the Northern Lights Bomb to fall to Eddie.

Winner: Eddie Kingston .

After the fight, Suzuki and Kingston exchange a Chop as a sign of respect.

Tony Khan announces that Jon Moxley is not medically cleared to fight tonight. Khan states that Rey Fenix ​​will also defend the International Championship tonight. Hook arrives with Orange Cassidy and says that Orange should be the challenger since he never had a rematch.


TK asks Orange if he accepts, Cassidy assumes he does. Khan insists that if he doesn’t want to, he can look for someone else, but Orange accepts the challenge more willingly and confirms the meeting.

AEW Dynamite Title Tuesday begins!

Christian Cage talks about his two possible rivals in AEW Collision, Bryan Danielson and Swerve Strickland. Cage says he will expand on what he told Adam Copeland last week on Dynamite today in the main event. Cage says that as TNT Champion he will enable the first half hour of the show to be commercial-free.

Bryan Danielson vs. Swerve Strickland

Even start with both looking for the advantage in the key. Swerve lands the first slap of the match, Danielson responds with one of his own and they soon exchange pins. They start fighting on the edge of the ring, throwing Chops and kicks. Danielson grabs Swerve’s arm, who responds with a Side Slam on the edge. Danielson appears to have injured his side and is struggling in pain.


Strickland heads Danielson into the post from ringside and hits the Swerve Stomp. Danielson catches him in a Single Leg Boston Crab upon returning to the ring, he transitions to a Heelhook but Swerve reaches the ropes. Super Back Suplex by Danielson and Blackpool Combat Club style stomps. Lebelle Lock to Swerve, goes to arm lock but Strickland reaches the ropes with his legs. 

Danielson runs from corner to corner but the momentum makes his side hurt, so he falls. Swerve Stomp and a two count. Prince Nana takes off his crown and distracts the referee, Swerve takes it but Hangman Adam Page appears to take it off. Swerve dodges a Buisaku Knee but fails to dodge another one, receiving a three count.

Winner. Bryan Danielson .

Bryan Danielson will face Christian Cage this Saturday at AEW Collision for the TNT Championship .


Samoa Joe says that this Saturday he will begin his path to the AEW World Championship. 

Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Chris Jericho

Hobbs charges towards Jericho as soon as the fight begins, landing several blows. Jericho tries to respond and receives a Spinebuster. Hobbs applies another Spinebuster, and a third. Hobbs decisively dominates Jericho, who fails to connect practically any defense. Don Callis yells at Powerhouse to hurt Jericho’s kidney area.

 Chris dodges a Splash in the corner and connects with a Codebreaker for a two count. Chris resists several more Spinebusters and closes the Walls of Jericho. Front Slam for Jericho, two count. Another one covers Jericho with his knee in the face and takes the victory.


Winner: Powerhouse Hobbs .

After the fight, Hobbs applies another Front Slam to Jericho.

Roderick Strong asks Adam Cole to cut the grass at his house, even though Cole rides a tricycle due to his ankle injury. Adam says he has to go, but Roddy insists he has something in the house for him. He puts on the same shirt as The Kingdom from “Neck Strong”. Adam questions Roddy for not having a phone or television signal. Cole is about to leave, but Strong says he needs one last thing.

Fight for the AEW International Championship: Rey Fenix ​​(c) vs. Orange Cassidy

The bell rings and the fighters go to blows in the middle of the ring. Fenix ​​tries a Suplex but his back hurts, he walks along the rope for a kick and continues attacking at a high pace with a Frog Splash for a two count.


The action moves to ringside, where Orange throws Fenix ​​over the barricade. Fenix ​​stops Orange with an Uppercut upon returning to the ring, he tries a Muscle Buster but once again his back hurts. Diving DDT from Orange and another DDT for a two count.

Fenix ​​avoids the Orange Punch with a Superkick, looks for a Cutter but once again his back stops him. Beach Break and a two count on Fenix. Orange Punch and Mouse Trap for the three count.

Winner and new champion: Orange Cassidy .

Toni Storm presents the first part of her silent, black and white short: “Lover’s Lament”.


Wardlow vs. Matt Sydal

Wardlow charges at Sydal and destroys him with Powerbombs to quickly take the victory by decision of the referee.

Winner: Wardlow .

Renee Paquette interviews Chris Jericho while he is being treated backstage. Daniel Garcia comes over to see how he is doing but Matt Menard reproaches him for what he is doing. Garcia says that he is human and is worried about how Jericho is doing, Daddy Cool says that they are better than this and leaves upset.

Jay White vs. Hangman Adam Page

White arrives with the World Championship he stole from MJF. Jay leaves the ring to join the Bullet Club Gold, Page goes after him and argues with the team. White advances with Chops that Page absorbs in the corner, Jay charges and takes a kick to the face. White dodges a blow in the corner, attacks the back of Page’s head and surprises with a DDT.


They trade blows until Page catches White in a Death Valley Driver. Jay returns to the attack but receives a Fallaway Slam and Standing Shooting Star Press. Page seems to have sense in his leg. Jay gets out of the ring, avoids a Plancha but receives a Powerbomb on the edge of the ring. Another Powerbomb in the ring for a count close to three. 

Hangman tries a Deadeye, White escapes looking for more punishment to the leg and ends with an Exploder Suplex into the corner. Kneebreaker on the edge of the ring, causing Page to fall next to Bullet Club Gold at ringside. Jay’s Uranage and new exchange of blows. 

They struggle in the corner and Jay punishes White with his face against the protector, causing him to fall from the ring. Orihana Moonsault by Page, upon returning to the ring Suplex by one, Suplex by another, and Lariat by Page. Deadeye from Page and a count of close to two.


Prince Nana appears and tries to hit Page with his crown. Jay White takes advantage of the distraction to surprise him with a Roll Up and take the victory.

Winner: Jay White .

MJF comes out to the ring and yells at Jay White to give him his championship back. White is amused for a moment by the screams of the people, he says that he was going to return it but regrets it because of the chants from the arena. “Jay, I know you more than you know yourself. You’re the guy who doesn’t care about anyone anymore. You’ll use people, you’ll abuse people. 

Those guys that are with you, deep down you and I know that you don’t care about them at all, you’re using to get where you want. I know because that’s part of the MJF manual, but unlike you, I do the hard thing, I try to be a better man. It’s hard, I hate it, but deep down I know it’s working because when I “I look in the mirror, I don’t hate the reflection, and for the first time I earned their respect,” Max shouts.


“Jay White, there are two things that matter to me in life. My brother Adam Cole, who is out due to injury and needs two surgeries, and that title. That’s not a belt, that’s my legacy. If you win the AEW Championship You become the best fighter in the damn world. I hate you, in fact, if those fools weren’t with you I would beat the shit out of you to get back what’s mine. However, I won’t let this cloud my judgment, I know how talented you are.

I know that one day you will join the exclusive club of champions.

But that day is not today, do you understand? I will ask you to do the difficult thing: be a man, show dignity and respect, not for me, but for the sport, for AEW and for these fans, and give me what you haven’t earned yet,” says MJF.

White replies that he can’t just ask for it, he has to officially earn it. “You have a fight, be patient, you will have your chance. Max, if you can’t be patient, like you said you could come and take it. But something tells me that with the four of us here, and you without friends, you won’t come. 


But if you find three people who support you enough to team up with you, we can face each other,” he says. Juice Robinson adds that he will host a Dynamite Diamond Ring Battle Royal next week with the ring on the line, and claims that he will win it. Juice says he has a gift for MJF, and shows a roll of coins that says “Friedman.

“Act two of “Lover’s Lament”, the silent film short by Toni Storm .

AEW Women’s World Championship Match: Saraya (c) vs. Hikaru Shida

Hikaru goes on the offensive, cornering Saraya, who escapes and asks for Ruby Soho at ringside. Torture Rack by Hikaru, throws Saraya against the canvas and connects a Running Knee Strike to the face. Ruby Soho appears masked to try to use the spray against Shida, but Hikaru takes it away from her and throws it in her face.


Toni Storm comes out to attack Ruby Soho! Saraya takes control by throwing Shida against the barricade. Shida surpasses Saraya in the exchange of elbows and connects a Jumping Knee. Unloading blows in the corner and Missile Dropkick for a two count on the champion. Saraya throws Shida back against the edge of the ring, Shida responds with a German Suplex there too and a Meteora. 

Running Knee and a two count on Saraya. Saraya blocks the Katana, but receives another kick. Shida looks for height but receives a Superkick when jumping. Night Cap by Saraya and a two count.

Saraya takes the kendo stick and the spray. The referee takes the stick away, Saraya uses the spray and applies another Night Cap, Shida resists. Shida reverses with a Falcon Arrow and they exchange pins. Shida achieves the count of three!


Winner and new champion: Hikaru Shida .

Excalibur announces that Chris Jericho was taken to a local hospital to be checked out after his match with Powerhouse Hobbs.

Don Callis and Konosuke Takeshita send a message to Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho. Callis shows a drawing with Omega’s face and a screwdriver, then Takeshita acts like Sammy Guevara showing signs with text to talk about the Callis family’s revenge, which is not over yet.

MJF tries to talk to Adam Cole but he has no signal. Max Caster offers his support to MJF, but he leaves without accepting it. Daddy Ass questions Caster about offering them as a service, Caster says that he has known MJF for many years and wants to help him. Besides, he likes it when they play hard to get, he shuts down.


Christian Cage comes out to the ring with Luchasaurus.

Cage remembers Adam Copeland’s words, saying that Luchasaurus and Nick Wayne would betray him when they take away all his knowledge. “I didn’t take a group, I put them in Halloween clothes, I convinced them that they were tough guys and I tried to be their leader. I’m their father,” says Christian, who then mocks Adam’s idea of ​​being a team again. 

“It’s funny that feeling wasn’t in you a few years ago, when I was better than you but you were the one who had all the opportunities. Oh, times have changed. Your career is on the way down while mine is climbing to new heights, I’m without a doubt the most important star in this business. You need me, I don’t need you,” Cage shoots.

“But I can’t blame you for being a fan, Adam, I have many around the world. I know your wife Beth is a big fan. But I’m getting bored of this, so I’m going to have my hand of destruction finish you off already. Stay Don’t worry, your daughters will be well taken care of when you’re not there. Beth, put some clean sheets on, their new father will be coming home tonight, girls,” Cage closes.


Adam Copeland runs to the ring, but Nick Wayne grabs his foot before he can do anything, Luchasaurus takes the opportunity to attack him with Lariats to the back of the head.

Adam Copeland vs. Luchasaurus

Luchasaurus takes control when the match officially begins. Christian watches the fight sitting at the entrance. Adam tries to respond but Luchasaurus’ combinations keep him on the canvas. Side Suplex by Luchasaurus, who continues to dominate with almost no resistance. Wayne pushes Adam against the post when the referee doesn’t see him, Cage nods in approval from his seat. Diving DDT from Adam at ringside, avoiding receiving an attack against the metal steps that Luchasaurus had brought closer to the ring. Crossbody to Saurus’s back, both remain on the canvas.

Adam avoids a Chokeslam and applies the Impaler for a two count. Adam looks for height but Luchasaurus kicks him down. They struggle in the heights, Luchasaurus sees the steps he moved and plans to throw Copeland there. Adam overcomes him and applies a Superplex. The referee is distracted arguing with Cage, Nick takes the opportunity to place a chair in the corner. Copeland charges and collides with the chair, Luchasaurus hits him with a Chokeslam. 1…2…no!


Adam and Luchasaurus kick at the same time and remain lying on the canvas. They fight on the edge of the ring, near the steps that Luchasaurus placed, Adam overcomes Saurus and makes him move away. Adam runs over the steps to launch himself with a Spear on Luchasaurus at ringside. Cage climbs to the edge of the ring, Adam takes the title and uses it against Luchasaurus and then returns it to Cage, then attacks Nick. Luchasaurus thinks it was Christian who attacked, Adam takes advantage of the distance and hits a Spear to take the victory.

Winner: Adam Copeland .

After the fight, Nick Wayne attacks Adam Copeland. Luchasaurus joins the attack as Cage shouts from ringside. Bryan Danielson comes to make the save! Luchasaurus stops him with a kick and Christian joins in the blows. Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta run to help their BCC teammate. 

The Mogul Embassy adds to the chaos. Hangman Adam Page arrives to take on Swerve Strickland. The show closes with Danielson applying his Lebelle Lock on Cage, who taps in the ring. As AEW Dynamite went off Air. We’ll be covering more on this so stay tuned and remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling! For more updates follow

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