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Jon Moxley Vs MJF Full Match AEW Full Gear 2022


Mox slapped MJF across the face at the start of the match. MJF slapped Mox back. Moxley started laying in heavy shots. Moxley bit down on MJF’s forehead.

MJF stomped a mudhole into Mox, but the champ rallied back with a hard clothesline. Moxley planted MJF with a falcon arrow and then transitioned into an arm bar.

Outside the ring, Moxley whipped MJF into the steel ring steps. He retaliated with a desperation clothesline inside the ring. MJF jabbed at Moxley and then knocked him down with a left-handed hook.


MJF countered the Paradigm Shift, whipping Moxley into the turnbuckles. Moxley waited on MJF and then rocked him with a cutter. Moxley grabbed MJF’s wrists and then started to stomp on MJF’s head.

“Brutal beatdown there,” said Taz.

MJF nailed Moxley with a tombstone piledriver on the apron. In the process, MJF injured his left knee. Moxley smashed MJF with a piledriver off the apron and down through a table!

Jon Moxley crunched MJF with the Paradigm Shift. Moxley applied the figure four on MJF. Finally MJF reversed it, but Mox grabbed the ropes to force the ref break. Both the champ and the challenger were clutching their knees.


MJF waffled Mox with the Heat Seeker for a near fall. MJF tried for another Heat Seeker but Mox shoved him off and then chop blocked MJF’s leg. Moxley took MJF and dropped him with an avalanche Paradigm Shift!

Jon Moxley Vs MJF Full Match AEW Full Gear 2022

Mox and MJF slugged it out in the center of the ring with forearms. Mox charged at MJF but MJF pulled the ref into Moxley’s path, and Mox collided with the ref. MJF pulled out his Dynamite Diamond Ring. William Regal walked to the ring and ordered MJF to put the ring down. MJF threw the ring down! Moxley grabbed MJF from behind with a bulldog choke, and in the process, the second referee was knocked down. Moxley looked on the bulldog choke, and MJF was tapping, but the ref didn’t see it.

Regal slid brass knux to MJF and MJF cracked Moxley in the head! MJF pinned Moxley! And new AEW World Champion MJF!


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