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CM Punk Vs Jon Moxley – Full Match : AEW All Out 2022


CM Punk Vs Jon Moxley – Full Match : AEW All Out 2022.

Mox flipped off CM Punk.



CM Punk shoved Mox into the corner and began to knee him. Moxley turned CM Punk around and walloped him with strikes. CM Punk caught Mox off guard with a roundhouse kick! CM Punk nailed Mox with the GTS for a near fall! Punk jumped at Mox with a tope suicida! CM Punk took the onslaught to Moxley, pummeling him through the fans. Moxley shoved CM Punk headfirst into the steel ring post!

Punk was busted wide open and Moxley went right after him with strikes and elbows. Moxley continued to pummel the laceration. Moxley countered Punk’s bulldog attempt with a knee breaker. Punk gouged at Moxley’s eye. Moxley dropkicked CM Punk’s knee. Moxley followed up with a dragon screw and then a figure four. Punk spat at Mox and flipped him off!

CM Punk Vs Jon Moxley

Moxley spiked CM Punk with a piledriver for a near fall! CM Punk managed to get to his feet and sent Mox colliding with the steel ring post. Punk applied the Anaconda Vice but Mox escaped after biting Punk. Moxley went for the King Kong Lariat but Punk countered it. CM Punk tried for the elbow off the top rope but Moxley baited him in and countered with the bulldog choke! Punk tried to kick out but Mox grabbed Punk’s foot and put him in an ankle lock. Punk grabbed the ring ropes but Moxley German Suplexed Punk.


CM Punk jumped to his feet and rocked Mox with a roundhouse kick. Moxley answered with a King Kong Lariat! CM Punk and Jon Moxley traded strikes. Moxley blocked the GTS and followed up with the Death Rider! CM Punk kicked out at the two-count! Moxley put Punk in the bulldog choke again! Punk found the strength to lift Moxley up and hammer Mox with the GTS! Punk hoisted Moxley for a second GTS and pinned him! New All Elite Wrestling World Champion…CM Punk!

As Punk stood with the belt, the arena lights went out! On the screen, the masked ‘joker’ from earlier in the night revealed himself to be MJF!  MJF walked onto the ramp! CM Punk held up his championship in the ring! MJF gestured around his waist, motioning for a championship belt and then flipped off the crowd. And remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling! Stay tuned for latest updates here at

CM Punk Vs Jon Moxley – Full Match : AEW All Out 2022

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