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AEW Wrestle Dream 2023 Results


AEW Wrestle Dream 2023 Results. This afternoon All Elite Wrestling celebrates the AEW Wrestle Dream event from the Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle, Washington. Solowrestling will carry out live coverage that you can follow below.

AEW WrestleDream: Zero Hour

Renee Paquette, Stokely Hathaway and RJ City host the Zero Hour, reviewing the card and showing interviews with the fighters.

Tony Khan opens the final hour of Zero Hour from the ring, honoring Antonio Inoki accompanied by Rocky Romero, Katsuyori Shibata and Inoki’s grandchildren, Naoto and Hirota. At the end of the segment, Christian Cage is seen watching from backstage.


Satoshi Kojima, Keith Lee, Athena & Billie Starkz Vs Shane Taylor, Lee Moriarty, Diamante & Mercedes Martinez.

Mercedes and Diamante work together on Billie at the beginning of the fight, Athena takes over and reverses the situation. Shane Taylor enters for his team, Athena insists on facing him but the referee doesn’t allow it, so Keith Lee enters. Shane attacks with punches and takes over from Lee, who unloads kicks and Uppercuts on Keith. Kojima enters and destroys Moriarty’s chest with his Machine Gun Chops. Keith applies a Powerbomb to Shane, Athena attacks Moriarty with her O Face and Kojima finishes him off with the Lariat for his team’s victory.

Winner: Satoshi Kojima, Keith Lee, Athena & Billie Starkz

Claudio Castagnoli Vs Josh Barnett :

Jon Moxley arrives with Claudio to join the commentary table during the fight. Even start, both look for control with keys. Claudio goes on to connect the BCC elbows but Barnett escapes with a Dragon Screw to punish Castagnoli’s leg again. They go from keys to blows, Claudio has the better part and corners Josh. Barnett attacks with knees, kicks and a big Suplex. Claudio escapes control and surprises with a Giant Swing, from which he quickly transitions to Heelhook, Barnett frees himself by reaching the ropes. New exchange of blows, Claudio hits a Lariat and connects the Neutralizer. He transitions to an Octopus Hold, spins Barnett with a Crucifix Pin and takes the win.

Winner: Claudio Castagnoli

Josh Barnett speaks after the fight. He says that he has heard about Claudio, and everyone who speaks well of him is right. “I promise you, Inokisan would completely approve of you, I would be a fan of your work. You talk about how it’s not just about championships, you talk about challenges, and I gave you one today. I’m very proud of you, however, this is not “It’s over. You owe me more time, and I’ll come sometime, somewhere,” Barnett says. “Whenever you want, wherever,” Claudio answers.


Luchasaurus Vs Nick Wayne –

Luchasaurus corners Nick and lands several blows on his chest. Hard Chokeslam over the ropes and on the edge of the ring, Wayne is unable to respond to his rival. Luchasaurus continues punishing Nick at ringside, while his mother watches in the front row. Nick responds with a Moonsault that almost gives him the victory. He connects two kicks and looks for Wayne’s World, but Saurus avoids it and finishes with a blow to the back of the head for the count of three.

Winner: Luchasourous

AEW Trios Championship

The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass © Vs TMDK (Shane Haste, Mikey Nicholls & Bad Dude Tito).

Max Caster is cornered by his rivals, but manages to escape and take over from Daddy Ass. Shane doesn’t take it seriously but Daddy overcomes him with his strength. Bad Dude Tito intervenes but The Acclaimed take him out of the ring, Bowens connects the Scissor Me Timbers on Shane. Mikey Nicholls attacks Bowens from outside the ring so that his team takes control. Short tags by Mikey and Shane on Bowens, but they don’t achieve the count of three. German Suplex by Tito on Daddy Ass, but Caster breaks the count. Powerslam, Cannonball and Blue Thunder Bomb by TMDK on The Acclaimed, Bowens resists. Daddy Ass returns to the attack with a Famouser on Bad Dude Tito. The Arrival and Mic Drop for the champions to retain.

Winner: The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass.

Main Card –

2 on 1 Handicap Match ROH World Tag Team Championships :

MJF © Vs The Righteous (Vincent & Dutch)

MJF comes out and assures that he will retain the championships to wait for Adam Cole to return from injury. He says that he will body slam Dutch, and that he will take Vincent’s dreadlocks, tie them up, and shove them up Dutch’s fat ass. Good start for MJF, who places Dutch against the ropes and takes Vincent, looking to make good on his threat. Vincent and Dutch team up against him to take control. MJF escapes with eye pokes and runs to his corner automatically, but he has no one to relieve. Powerslam by Dutch for a two count. Powerbomb and Death From Above by Vincent, Maxwell continues to resist.


Boss Man Slam and another count of two on the champion. Vincent takes a chair and wood to try to hurt MJF’s foot while Dutch distracts the referee, but Max surprises him by squeezing his genitals. MJF dodges another Death From Above and delivers blows from corner to corner to his challengers. MJF applies a Body Slam to Dutch and the people cheer him. He grabs Vincent by the hair and throws him against Dutch’s butt, just like he had said at the beginning. Kangaroo Kick and the crowd goes crazy! MJF applies the Heatseeker to Dutch and leans on the ropes for the three count.

Winner: And still ROH Tag Team Championship MJF.

ROH World Championship & NJPW Strong Openweight Championship :

Eddie Kingston © Vs Katsuyori Shibata.

Kingston lands the first Chops of the match, and although Shibata ends up sitting in the ring, he continues challenging the champion to continue throwing punches. Shibata quickly gets to his feet and responds with his own Chops, Eddie takes off his straps, Shibata lands a hard kick and looks for the count, quickly transitioning to a shoulder lock. Shibata punishes Eddie’s legs and applies a Bow and Arrow, transitions to a Headlock but Eddie escapes by applying a Back Drop Driver. Machine Gun Chops by Eddie, Shibata challenges him but falls to the next blow.

Kick and forearm strikes for Eddie in the corner, Eddie responds and they move into a tough exchange. Exploder Suplex by Kingston, Shibata responds with a takedown and both are left prone. Shibata’s Cobra Twist and Octopus Hold, Kingston seems about to fall but reaches the ropes to escape. The Hurricane by Eddie, Shibata responds with a Backfist, another Hurricane, Shibata pushes himself on the ropes to launch a kick and they both fall again. Shibata escapes a Hurricane on the count of one, he also endures a Northern Lights Bomb. Eddie hits another Hurricane and a Powerbomb to finally defeat Shibata.


Winner: And still ROH World Champion & NJPW Open Weight Champion Eddie Kingston.

AEW TBS Championship

Kris Statlander © Vs Julia Hart.

Kris takes the initiative in the fight, overpowering Julia with her strength. Hart tries to escape from the ring but Kris returns her and continues attacking despite having received a kick to the face from her. Julia leaves the ring again, Kris carries her on her shoulders to try to take her to the ring, but Hart takes advantage of Brody King’s distraction to react and crash Kris against the barricade. Julia applies an Abdominal Stretch, Kris looks sore in her ribs after hitting the barricade.

Blue Thunder Bomb by Kris but the count remains at two. Kris is distracted by Brody, Julia tries to surprise her from behind her with the Mist but Statlander gets ahead. Looking for height, Julia climbs to the corner and applies a Spider German Suplex. She prepares for the Moonsault, Kris tries to stop her but Hart prevails. 1…2…Kris puts his leg on the rope!

Winner: And still TBS Champion Kris Statlander

4 Way Tag Team Championship No.1 Contender Match :

The Young Bucks Vs Lucha Brothers Vs Orange Cassidy & Hook Vs Gunns.

Fenix ​​and Nick Jackson start the fight evenly, throwing punches and kicks at the same time. Cassidy takes over Nick, Fenix ​​tries to carry him but his injured shoulder makes him give way. The Gunns take Fenix ​​out of the ring and punish him against the barricade, then they go after Penta and return to the ring to charge at the others. Austin covers Colten as they took care of getting everyone out of the ring. The Young Bucks attack them and take control of the ring. Hook takes over to face Matt Jackson, they exchange Suplexes.


Then his partners enter and they also receive Northern Lights Suplexes. The Gunns look for a Double Suplex on Hook, but Orange comes for his partner and they apply a Suplex to the Jacksons. Colten Gunn saves his brother from Penta and corners Hook with Austin. Orange tries to tag in but Austin knocks him down, as well as the Bucks in their corner. Penta takes over from Hook and charges with Crossbody and Slingblades on the Gunns. Made in Japan from Penta to Colten, Austin saves his brother.

DDT by Matt, DDT by Orange, Facebuster and Moonsault by Nick. Penta flies over several rivals at ringside, but before flying Hook takes over to stalk Austin. Gunn fights to escape the Redrum, Orange hits him with an Orange Punch, and Hook locks him off. Austin gives up but Nick had the tag and launches a 450 on Hook and Austin, Orange saves them. Penta applies a kind of Gory Bomb and Piledriver at the same time to Orange and Hook with assistance from Nick. The Bucks charge with Superkicks and finish off Penta with the BTE to take the victory.

Winner: The Young Bucks & earn a shot at the AEW Couples Championships.

Swerve Strickland Vs Hangman Adam Page.

Strickland arrives confident and calm, knocks down Page but he responds with a Big Boot and several Chops. Swerve goes on to take control with kicks and a Neckbreaker. Adam lands on his feet before a Suplex and responds with a Fallaway Slam. Powerbomb by Page on the edge of the ring and Orihana Moonsault, Pop Up Powerbomb when returning to the ring but it is not enough. Page hurts Swerve’s hand, goes up to the corner and launches himself with a Flying Clothesline but does not achieve victory.


They exchange blows, Deadlift German Suplex by Page, Swerve comes back with a Flatliner and turns to surprise him with a Brainbuster for a two count. Stomp and Swerve Kick but Page continues to hold on. They struggle on the edge of the ring and on the steps, Hangman applies the Deadeye to Swerve there. They exchange slaps between the ring ropes, Page bites Swerve’s hand. Strickland avoids the Buckshot Lariat and bends Page’s arm Penta style.

Swerve Stomp on the edge of the ring, Strickland looks for height and launches himself into a 450 on Page’s injured arm. Cross Armbar to Page in the middle of the ring. Page reaches the ropes to free himself. German Suplex by Swerve, Page avoids the Swerve Stomp and connects with the Buckshot Lariat. However, the pain in his arm does not allow him to cover Swerve right away. Prince Nana places Swerve’s leg on the ropes so he escapes the three count.

The referee throws Prince Nana out of ringside. Page goes for another Buckshot Lariat but Swerve meets him with Nana’s crown to stop him. 1…2…no! House Call and another one for Page. JML Driver and finally counts three on Page.


Winner: Swerve Strickland

Ricky Starks Vs Wheeler Yuta.

 Jon Moxley joins the commentary table. Even start between Yuta and Starks, they start looking for keys but soon move on to exchanging blows. Ricky walks the ropes, hits Yuta and hits a Suplex for a two count. Yuta takes control with an arm lock, but lets go when he sees Big Bill arrive. Starks takes the opportunity to cover with a Roll up but it is not enough. Tornado DDT from Ricky and a two count. Starks looks for momentum on the ropes but Yuta pushes him so that he falls on Bill. Yuta pushes Bill against the post to escape his attempted attack. Yuta lands elbows on Starks and looks for the account with the Seatbelt. Ricky sees Yuta coming with his rebound off the ropes, surprises him with Spear and finishes with the Roshambo for the victory.

Winner: Ricky Starks

Bryan Danielson Vs Zack Saber Jr.

Bryan and Zack face each other at the beginning, without achieving a clear advantage in the early stages. Danielson catches Saber Jr’s arm and applies a Suplex, ZSJ responds by trying to hurt Danielson’s arm, then exchange Octopus Holds in the middle of the ring. They continue with transitions and exchanges, getting to the point of tangling their legs and standing upside down before moving on to another Yujigatame attempt. ZSJ’s Romero Special, Danielson responds with one of his own. Saber Jr comes out of the key looking for a Bow and Arrow but Danielson surprises him with a pin that doesn’t even reach one.

Zack places Danielson against the ropes and delivers the first Uppercut. He challenges Bryan to respond, resists his Uppercuts and takes the opportunity to hurt Danielson’s arm. ZSJ keeps the attack on Danielson’s injured arm and bends his fingers painfully. Bryan reverses with a Single Leg Boston Crab but his arm hurts too much to keep the hold.


Bryan goes on to draw with kicks and Dragon Screws. Danielson hangs Zack in the corner, unleashes kicks and elbows high up. Zack catches his arm to hurt him again, Bryan hits headbutts and an Avalanche Butterfly Suplex. He floats right away looking for the Lebelle Lock but Saber escapes and they continue making transitions.

Danielson stomps BCC style.

ZSJ avoids the Buisaku Knee and goes on to exchange pins. Danielson anticipates a pin from Zack looking for the Cattle Mutilation, Zack avoids it, receives some elbows and after some turns takes control of Danielson’s arm. Zack catches him in a leg lock, they face each other, talk, slap each other and start hitting each other with their heels until they let go. ZSJ punishes the arm with Uppercuts, Danielson hurts the leg with kicks. Zack dodges a kick and back to back they exchange elbows until Zack achieves the backslide.

PK for Danielson’s injured arm, Michinoku Driver and Gogoplata for Danielson. Bryan crawls but Zack manages to keep the hold for a long time, until Danielson reaches the ropes. Sabra stomps and kicks Danielson’s arm, Bryan stops him with two kicks to the head. Zack receives Danielson’s stomps and traps him in a Yujigatame, then moving on to other holds to continue hurting the arm. Danielson escapes with a Regalplex and connects with the Buisaku Knee. 1…2…no! Buisaku Knee! 1…2…3!


Winner: Bryan Danielson

Konosuke Takeshita, Will Ospreay & Sammy Guevara Vs Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega & Kota Ibushi.

Omega and Ospreay start the match evenly. Sammy takes over and makes himself hated by the public. Guevara is distracted by Jericho, Kenny connects several blows and takes him to his corner to give relief to Chris, who enters with several Chops. Guevara takes over from Ospreay so as not to face Jericho, and leaves the ring to speak into Tazz’s microphone. The six face each other in the middle of the ring after some interventions and violence breaks out between everyone. Takeshita and Omega face each other in the ring, Konosuke hurts Kenny’s eyes and hits a Takeshitaline.

Ospreay reverses Omega’s Moonsault with his knees and advances with Chops and kicks. Abdominal Stretch by Ospreay with the help of Guevara and the others to increase the pressure. Omega approaches his corner, Ospreay stops him and hits Jericho but can’t beat Ibushi. Guevara takes Kota out of his corner and Will regains control by launching Kenny to receive a Blue Thunder Bomb from Takeshita and a Senton from Sammy. Jericho enters and attacks Sammy and Takeshita. Abdominal Stretch by Jericho with the help of his teammates. Jericho and Kota pose like Le Sex Gods before continuing to attack Sammy. Moonsault by Omega and Ibushi,

Lionsault by Jericho and a two count on Sammy.

Powerbomb into German Suplex by Golden Lovers on Guevara. German Suplex by Takeshita to Omega and Chaos Theory to Ibushi. Takeshita and Ospreay hit each other by mistake, Ospreay flies over them at ringside. Spanish Fly from Sammy to Jericho for a two count. Shooting Star Press from Sammy to Kenny at ringside. Kenny and Will trade blows until a Snap Suplex from Omega. Cutter from Sammy to Omega, Powerbomb from Will to Kota and brutal Knee Strike from Take to Ibushi. Codebreaker from Sammy to Jericho, but he escapes on a one-count. Jericho is fired up and charges at the three opponents, who manage to overcome him.


Ibushi advances with hard right hands on Will and Sammy. He faces Konosuke and they begin to throw strong blows at each other. Lariat from one, Lariat from another, Ibushi gets up first but Ospreay stops him. Guevara saves Will from the Golden Trigger, They all enter and attack each other until Kenny and Will fall out of the ring. Sky twister Press by Will at ringside, Sammy covers Chris to no avail. Ospreay saves Sammy from the Judas Effect. Ospreay distracts the referee so that she is late to count Jericho’s pin on Sammy. Don Callis hits Jericho with his bat without the referee seeing it. Sammy takes advantage and covers him to take the victory.

Winner: Will Ospreay, Konosuke Takeshita & Sammy Guevara.

AEW Tag Team Championship:

FTR © Vs Aussie Open.

Kyle surprises Dax in his corner when he is facing Cash, Wheeler comes forward and manages to regain control with his partner. Davis comes in with a Senton on Dax and hits a Chop Lariat Combo in the corner. Aussie Open charges FTR and hits them at ringside. Body Slam, Senton and kick from Mark to Cash upon returning to the ring. Wheeler manages to escape Aussie Open but is tired to reach Dax, Aussie Open stops him with an assisted Power Bomb for a two count.

Cash avoids the senton, kicks Mark, but Kyle attacks Dax to continue avoiding the tag. Brainbuster by Kyle and a two count on Cash. Dax finally comes in to attack Aussie Open with rights, Lariats and Uppercuts. Fletcher avoids a Diving Headbutt, Aussie Open takes the opportunity to attack him together but Dax escapes the count at the last moment. Cash takes out Mark while Dax searches for the account without success. Slingshot Liger Bomb to Kyle for a close three count.


Superplex and Splash from FTR to Mark, who appears to have injured his wrist, Kyle flies over everyone to avoid the pin. Aussie Open tries the Corealis but can’t, they take Dax out of the ring and apply the Shatter Machine on Cash. Corealis on Wheeler. 1…2…Dax breaks the count! FTR knocks Kyle out of the corner, hits a Spike Piledriver on Mark in the ring and finishes Fletcher with a Super Shatter Machine for the win.

Winner: And still Tag Team Champions FTR

AEW TNT Championship : 2 out of 3 Falls Match –

Christian Cage Vs Darby Allin.

 Darby takes the initiative, cornering Christian and putting him against the ropes. Cage spits on him and Allin catches him with an Armdrag, Christian responds and receives boos from the audience. Darby looks for a Sunset Flip, Cage tries the Killswitch, Darby surprises him by covering his eyes with his own shirt and with a Jacknife pin to take the first victory.

Cage takes control at the beginning of the second fall, punishing Darby’s neck. Code Red by Allin and he counts very close to three. Darby continues looking for the account in various ways but Cage resists and takes him out of the ring. Christian is distracted talking to Nick Wayne’s mother who is in the front row. She hides some interest so that Cage approaches and throws the liquid from a glass in his face.


Darby’s Suicide Dive takes advantage of the situation, but Cage surprises him in the ring by knocking him against the commentary table. Christian moves the metal steps to try to punish Darby. Allin struggles with him on the edge of the ring, Cage throws him to ringside, then against the steps. Christian takes Darby back to the edge of the ring and from there throws him towards the steps. Darby receives the ten count outside.

Medical personnel arrive with a stretcher to take Darby away. Meanwhile, Cage removes the canvas from the ring to expose the wood. Cage’s Frog Splash onto the stretcher! Killswitch on the exposed wood! 1…2…no! Darby resists! Darby dodges a Spear but receives the Scorpion Deathlock. Allin crawls until he reaches the ropes. Darby throws himself at Cage’s back, grabs him by the eyes and applies the Scorpion Deathdrop. Coffin Drop!


Darby looks for height but Cage makes him lose his balance. Sunset Flip Powerbomb from above for Darby. He looks for a Spear but connects the referee by mistake. Low blow for Darby! Cage takes the title to punish Darby, but Nick Wayne comes running to take it from him. Nick and Darby team up in the ring, with the title in Nick’s hands. Cage asks for mercy.


Nick Wayne attacks Darby Allin with the title! Nick’s mother can’t believe what happened. Cage drags the referee to slowly count Darby. 1…2…3!

Winner: And still TNT Champion Christian Cage.

After the fight, Cage takes Darby so that Nick can continue attacking him. Sting comes out to the ring to help Darby Allin. Cage sends Wayne to stop him but Sting charges at both of them. Luchasaurus arrives to face Sting, who is now surpassed by Cage and his team. Christian prepares for a conchairto, but the lights go out and they show a video on the giant screen. Adam Copeland comes to AEW!

Edge asks Cage for the chair as if to do the conchairto against Sting. Edge attacks Nick and Luchasaurus! Spear Luchasaurus over the wood of the ring. Spear Wayne. Christian Cage and Adam Copeland engaged in staredown. Adam Copeland shakes hands with Darby Allin and Sting to close the show. We’ll be covering more on this so stay tuned and remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling! For more updates follow

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