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AEW Rampage Jun 2, 2023 Results


AEW Rampage Jun 2,2023 Results. Tonight’s AEW RAMPAGE: Championship Friday was broadcast from the Viejas Arena in San Diego, CA! Your broadcast team was Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, and Jim Ross. It’s Friday night and you know what that means!

AAA Mega Championship Match!

El Hijo del Vikingo (c.) vs. LFI’s Dralistico vs. Komander!

They ganged up on the champion to start things off. Dralistico fired off a shotgun dropkick to Vikingo and Komander and followed up with a dive to the outside on them. Dralistico covered Komander after a senton, good for a near fall. He chopped at Komander’s chest as Jose the Assistant cheered on Dralistico. Vikingo displayed inhuman agility, diving backwards off the ropes with a springboard to Dralistico outside the ring. He followed up with an implosion hurracanrana. Vikingo hit Dralistico with a Fenix Splash for a two-count.

Dralistico and Vikingo exchanged forearms until Vikingo connected with a running corkscrew press. Komander took down Dralistico with a springboard hurracanrana. Vikingo and Dralistico brawled outside the ring and then Komander ran the ropes and flipped onto both of them. Komander did the tightrope walk again and flipped into a 450 splash on Dralistico. Vikingo broke up Komander’s pin attempt on Dralistico. Vikingo spiked Komander with a corkscrew reverse hurracanrana! He nailed Komander with a 630 senton from the middle rope to a table outside the ring. 


The fans became unglued, chanting “This is awesome! This is awesome!” Vikingo hurt his back on the landing and Dralistico was there, looking to take advantage of the situation. Dralistico attempted to powerbomb Vikingo, but the champ countered with a hurracanrana, rolling up Dralistico and pinning him!

Lexy Nair was backstage to interview Jeff Jarrett, Karen Jarrett, Sonjay Dutt, Jay Lethal, and Satnam Singh! Lexy said all the talk the past week was centered around Sonjay and his group being suspended for hitting ref Aubrey Edwards with a guitar shot.


“If anyone should be fine or suspended it should be AEW. The company backed us into a corner. 



“And if we’re throwing out suspensions, let’s start with Aubrey Edwards. She’s been a thorn in our side since the dawn of time. Something needs to be done about her.”


“Should the heat go on the promotion, should the heat go on Briscoe, should the heat go on Aubrey Edwards? Well, the reality of the fact is these five people right here are walking, talking, fire breathing heat.”

Mark Briscoe interrupted the interview.


“Simmer down, simmer down. There will be no suspensions. We just got done talking to my main man Tony Khan. He promised me there will be no suspensions because if you are suspended you will not be here, and if you’re not here, we cannot give you the ass whooping you so truly deserve. We talking to Jeff and Karen.”


Karen: “What?! Who in the hell is ‘we?’”

Ref Aubrey Edwards walked onto the scene with her arms crossed, staring at Karen Jarrett.


“You want this? I don’t see anything but air and opportunity between us.”

Aubrey lunged for Karen and the two women had to be pulled apart!


NJPW World TV Championship Match!

TMDK’s Zack Sabre Jr. (c.) vs. Action Andretti (with Darius Martin)!

Sabre used a wrist lock to take down Action Andretti. Action reversed it but Sabre maintained wrist control. Action hit a diving hurracanrana on Sabre. He followed up with a tope, driving Sabre into the barricade. Sabre yanked Action’s arm, driving him to the mat. Sabre punished Action with a hammer lock. Zack rolled through with body scissors and continued to work over Action’s arm and shoulder. Action Andretti suplexed Sabre but immediately came up clutching his arm. 

Action was looking for a hurracanrana off the top rope, but Sabre knocked him down. Andretti was persistent, jumped back to the top turnbuckle and sent Sabre flying with a hurracanrana. Action spiked Sabre with a reverse hurracanrana and then followed up with a John Woo dropkick. Andretti jumped off the top rope, but Sabre had lured him in. Sabre wrenched back with a submission and Andretti was forced to submit!

NJPW Strong Women’s Championship Match!

Willow Nightingale (c.) vs. Emi Sakura!

Emi charged in with a shoulder tackle. Willow came back with a snap suplex. Emi raked Willow’s eyes and then charged at Willow, knocking her onto the arena floor. Emi rocked Willow with a crossbody against the barricade. Back in the ring, Willow rallied back with a shotgun dropkick off the turnbuckles. Emi connected with a crossbody in the corner and followed up with a twisting Vader Bomb for a near fall on Willow. 


Willow walloped Emi with a low cross body for a two-count. She blasted Emi with the pounce and then a cannon ball! Willow clobbered Emi with a lariat and then finished her off with the Doctor Bomb, good for the pin!

Main Event Time!

ROH Pure Championship Match!

Katsuyori Shibata (c.) vs. Lee Moriarty (with Big Bill)!

Jerry Lynn, Christopher Daniels, and BJ Whitmer were the judges. Shibata and Moriarty chain wrestled. Shibata transitioned to a triangle and Lee used his first rope break. Moriarty connected with a back elbow and then chopped down Shibata with kicks in the corner. Lee dropkicked Shibata in the knee. Shibata came back with a leg lock and Moriarty used his second rope break.

He cracked Moriarty with a dropkick. Shibata planted Moriarty with a snap suplex. Lee locked in a Border City Stretch. Shibata escaped and locked in a sleeper. After a vicious kick, Shibata pinned Lee Moriarty. After the match, Daniel Garcia came down to the ring. Garcia got in Shibata’s face, and they had a stare down as Shibata held his belt high in the air. As AEW Rampage went off Air. We’ll be covering more on this so stay tuned and remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling! For more updates follow

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