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AEW Dynamite Results, Sept 13 2023


AEW Dynamite Results, Sept 13 2023. With Excalibur, Taz and Tony Schiavone on the commentary table, live from the Heritage Bank Center arena in Cincinnati, Ohio. This week’s show features attractions such as the final of the AEW Grand Slam Eliminator Tournament between Roderick Strong and Samoa Joe , the fight for the International Championship between Jon Moxley and Big Bill and the women’s Fatal 4-Way Eliminator Match.

AEW International Championship

Jon Moxley (c) vs. Big Bill (with Ricky Starks)

Bill controls Moxley with very hard Chops and a series of boots to the body and face, but the champion recovers from all the taunts and attacks and launches himself at Big Bill with several devastating Clotheslines. Moxley takes the duel to ringside with his power and punishes Bill with the fences but he holds him back and takes him back to the ring to make him bleed. Brutal superplex by Moxley but Bill applies a brutal Slam that he fails to cover. Boots by Big Bill but Moxley stops the third and takes him down with a Clothesline.

Cutter from Mox but Bill flees to ringside. Jon looks for height and Starks stops him with the ropes. High Boot from Bill but the champion breaks free from the two count. Bryan Danielson arrives to attack Ricky and Bill is distracted. Roll Up that goes nowhere, Chokeslam from the challenger and Moxley again escapes the count in two. He locks Bill’s arm and Starks wants to help him but Bryan holds him back. Big Bill surrenders and ends the fight.


Winner and STILL champion: Jon Moxley.

Both villains attack the Blackpool Combat Club members until Claudio Castagnoli appears on the ramp and picks up Big Bill. Starks escapes along with his ally at the right time.

Backstage, Renee Paquette reminds him of when he was close to beating Samoa Joe and Roderick Strong was about to answer but Adam Cole interrupts him for his safety. Strong, offended, tells him not to get involved because while he was busy with MJF, he did all the work alone as a legend.

All Elite Wrestling reviews Konosuke Takeshita’s victory in AEW All Out.

 Tony Schiavone in the center of the ring introduces Don Callis. He snatches the microphone from him when he enters the ring and demands respect for his client. Since he beat Kenny Omega twice and many other “Aces”. So he points to the titantron and asks that they now call him “The Alpha” because of his superiority over Omega.


Callis assures that Takeshita does not feel weakness nor does he show it, unlike Omega and that he already broke his body, now he will go for his heart when Takeshita destroys everything he loves. When he finishes Kota Ibushi. He expresses that he will burn him and make him suffer to spill Obushi’s blood all over the ring and show him how idiotic and pathetic he is. Then he sticks a screwdriver into the painting he revealed a few seconds ago,

Danielson, in the wings, assures that they love when they mess with them and give them a challenge, so he challenges them for a fight this Saturday at AEW Collision: him alongside Castagnoli against Starks and Bill. Rey Fenix ​​arrives, along with Eddie Kingston and Penta, to challenge Moxley, very angry, until he is removed by security. Kingston stays with Claudio and, laughing, tells him “One more week.”

Hook, in the wings, ensures that he is ready for the next challenges. Orange Cassidy arrives behind him with Paquette and, when asked how he feels after his defeat, Cassidy assures that he is still very tired.


Fatal 4-Way Eliminator Match

Toni Storm vs. Hikaru Shida vs. Nyla Rose (with Marina Shafir) vs. Dr. Britt Baker DMD

Storm flees the fight in the participants’ first clash and leaves Shida as the dominant one, until she goes down to ringside to look for him and attack him against the table. Rosa begins to use her physical strength against Storm and Baker to not leave people with resistance. Shida regains control and manages to connect the Katana on Rose. Baker cuts off Shida’s count on Rose but doesn’t see Storm coming, who covers her with the Roll-Up and takes the win.

Winner: Toni Storm.

Backstage, Saraya is “Proud” of her victory and recognizes her value but that she always lost to her, that she had nothing left and in her clash she will leave her more and more with less to fight for.

Chris Jericho appears after the commercial break on the ramp, alongside Sammy Guevara.

Y2J takes the microphone and expresses that next week Le Sex Gods will go head to head for the first time. To commemorate this, Jericho wants to remember the good times together. Jericho assures him that he looks like a baby next to him. He remembers when he insisted Tony Khan sign him and that he would be a big star in the company. He expresses that he saw him grow in all these years and is very proud of these four years.


Guevara thanks him that it is not the typical talk of throwing shit at his rival and for these years of friendship, since this time changed his life and that without Jericho there would be no AEW. But he tells her that he did not come to the company to be his side, that he wants to climb until he is a champion. Something that will never happen if he continues to be in his shadow so he will defeat him next week.

Jericho agrees and as he told Daniel Garcia.

they must get out of his wing to be more than what they already are. Although he assures her that he is not ready to beat him. Guevara, very determined, tells him that if he will do it and earn his respect, they will shake hands, hug each other and go for the World Couples Championships.

Y2J takes his hand and approaches to tell him that he will give him the fight of his life, that he will hit him as hard as he has ever hit him and that he will wish he had not gotten in the ring with him. Sammy hopes so.


Backstage last week, we see that the doctor assures MJF that he will have to be out for a week to take good care of himself from the blows. Contrary to Paquette and Cole, MJF is happy but leaves a message for Strong and Joe, that he will return better than now and will give them the fight of their lives.

Brian Cage (with Prince Nana) vs. Adam Page

Hangman controls the beginning well with his Chops and Lariats that knock down the great Cage, but the quick intervention of Swerve Strickland distracts him when he is about to apply the Buckshot Lariat and Cage dominates the actions with several powerful Boots and Slams against the canvas. Hangman wants to recover with a DDT but he can’t with Cage’s strength. Hangman’s brutal moonsault to ringside and Crossbody that knocks Cage down but can’t finish the count. A series of Cradles and Roll-Ups on the mat end with the Buckshot Lariat and the count of three.

Winner: Adam Page.

Hangman takes the microphone and turns to Swerve to mock that he doesn’t have the balls to go to the ring with him right now. Swerve interrupts him and reminds him that things will be done the way he wants, at WrestleDream on October 1. And to give him greater security he sends Cage again to attack him. The Young Bucks appear below the ring and give Cage two Superkicks. They wait for Nana to finish dancing but Page hits her Buckshot Lariat.


Nick Wayne and Darby Allin vs. Matt Menard and Angelo Parker (with QT Marshall)

Christian Cage enters the ramp and distracts Wayne and Allin, something the villains take well to control the actions with several Slams against Allin above all. But the latter prevails and relieves Wayne to attack together until he ends the fight with the Coffin Drop on Menard and the count of three.

Winners: Nick Wayne and Darby Allin.

AEW Grand Slam Eliminator Tournament (Final)

Roderick Strong (with The Kingdom) vs. Samoa Joe

Joe mocks Strong and tries to knock him down and then pushes him to ringside. Joe takes him to a corner and punches him in the head several times. He throws himself with several elbows to Trong on the canvas, out of air and unable to move. Joe works on Strong’s injured neck with a lock in the center of the ring and then chops him in another corner. Brutal Big Boots from Joe and Strong frees himself from the count with just enough. The Kingdom wants to distract Joe and he beats them up but Strong knocks Joe down and almost wins by three. Brutal chokeslam from Joe and the Coquina Clutch for Strong’s surrender.

Winner: Samoa Joe.

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