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AEW Dynamite Results November 1, 2023


AEW Dynamite Results November 1, 2023. Live results from episode number 213 of AEW Dynamite. Hikaru Shida puts the AEW Women’s World Championship at stake against Willow Nightingale. TBS and AEW Plus will broadcast a new episode of AEW Dynamite today, November 1 , with Excalibur, Taz and Tony Schiavone on the commentary table, live from the KFC Yum! arena. Center of Louisville, Kentucky.

This week’s show features attractions such as Tony Khan ‘s major announcement and Hikaru Shida and Orange Cassidy ‘s defenses of the AEW Women’s World Championship and the International Championship, respectively.

AEW Dynamite live report November 1, 2023

At the beginning of the program we see the rivalry between Orange Cassidy and Claudio Castagnoli, and what was the fight between Kenny Omega and MJF for the AEW World Championship in Collision.


Backstage, MJF talks about his fight with Bullet Club Gold and about who will accompany him tonight in that fight, but he focuses on talking to Adam Cole. Who congratulates him on his longevity with the title and MJF promises to defend the championships in ROH couples. Roderick Strong with The Kingdom interrupt him but Cole doesn’t want to listen to them and leaves.

AEW International Championship

Orange Cassidy (c) vs. Claudio Castagnoli (with Wheeler Yuta)

Cassidy dodges Claudio’s attack and applies his comical kicks but cannot withstand Castagnoli’s brutal Uppercut that knocks him down. Orange Cassidy manages to block a throw and hits Claudio’s head against a corner several times until the Swiss tires and catches him in the air for a Backbreaker. Cassidy tries a DDT at ringside but Claudio catches it just right and crashes it to the ground and then hits the champion’s midsection.

Hook arrives to help him but the referee expels him along with Yuta for intervening. Castagno carries the monarch on his shoulders and climbs into the ring, into a corner, but Cassidy hits his back, escapes and tries a Powerbomb. Claudio lifts him up and applies a spectacular Vertical Suplex against the canvas. Cassidy reacts to Claudio’s beating and hits him against a corner. Castagnoli falls and Cassidy applies his Dive and the DDT on the floor. Unexpected cutter from Cassidy but Claudio takes it for the Swing.


Sharpshooter in the center of the canvas and the champion threatens to give up but reverses the hold and attacks the Swiss’s head. Claudio’s crossface and an Armbar. Cassidy covers but Claudio comes out and hits a brutal Uppercut. The monarch gets away from him for a count of two. The challenger looks for the Neutralizer but Cassidy falls to the canvas, takes him by the head in a Sleeper and a Swinger but cannot make him surrender. The champion reverses the key in the corner. 

Orange Punch and hits him against the canvas but the Swiss escapes. Claudio returns to the ring and Cassidy kicks him until the Swiss falls. He misses the Orange Punch but dodges the Rainmaker. DDT and Claudio saves himself from the count in two. Cassidy’s out-of-nowhere cutter, coverage and a three-count for the win.

Winner and STILL champion: Orange Cassidy.

Jon Moxley’s music plays and the leader of the Blackpool Combat Club arrives through the audience and enters the ring. Cassidy attacks him but Moxley waits for him and blocks him to hit him with many blows to the head. Castagonoli only observes the scene and together they attack the security. Mox continues with Cassidy on the mat until the Swiss stops him. Moxley leaves the ring and retreats down the ramp.


MJF is backstage, in front of Kenny Omega’s locker room. Chris Jericho opens the door and when asked by MJF, Y2J closes the door on him. Wardlow tackles him out of nowhere and locks him against the wall until he becomes enraged. The Acclaimed appear and ask him to be a team but he looks at the camera and leaves.

Backstage, Moxley was furious about what happened in the ring and demanded another fight from Cassidy. And that this will be in Full Gear, where he will show respect.

ROH 6-Man Tag Team Championship :

Brian Cage and Gates of Agony vs. The Elite

Hangman and the Bucks control the fight from the beginning, with Lariats to the rivals and Superkicks from the Bucks. Cage and GoA cannot prevail in the fight and despite the tags, The Elite anticipates their movements and are more agile in key moments.


Swerve Strickland distracts Page from the ramp and Brian Cage applies a brutal Superplex to Nick Jackson. Finisher by Gates of Agony, Knee Strika to Nick, another GoA Slam and they take the win by three.

Winners: Brian Cage and Gates of Agony.

Backstage, Kenny Omega leaves his locker room in search of Swerve but security arrives and separates them before beating each other to death. In the arena, Nick starts destroying things out of annoyance.

Backstage again, MJF goes to Darby Allin’s locker room but changes his mind and writes his sign to annoy him. The Acclaimed again ask him to be partners but he ignores them.


Adam Copeland comes to the ring.

He thanks Tony Schiavone, as well as praising him. Adam explains that he is happy with the chants and the support of the people, and highlights the work of Allin, whose work he put together the pillars of AEW. Christian Cage breaks into his promo. The TNT Champion arrives with Luchasaurus and Nick Wayne, and tells Copeland that he will retire Sting soon.

But he also tells him that he will end Copeland’s neck. Wayne and Saurus block him until Sting arrives with Allin to save him. Copeland snaps at Sting and Allin that he will join them in Full Gear and that he will kick Cage’s ass.

Matt Menard and Angelo Parker vs. Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega

Y2J and Omega control the fight without problems, with several Lariats and bumps, in addition to constant tags, but Jake Hager distracts from the outside and the villains manage to prevail with several suplexes and brutal slams. Jericho takes care of Parker, knocks him down and applies the Walls of Jericho but Menard wants to attack him.


Kicks from Jericho, Codebreaker to Parker but Menard saves him. Dragon Suplex by Omega and he jumps over Hager at ringside. Menard hits Jericho in the face with the bat but Y2J resists for a two count. Parker wants to hit Y2J with the bat, he dodges him and hits the Judas Effect for the count of three.

Winners: Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega.

After the fight, Don Callis leaves the commentary table and addresses the winners in the ring, stating that there are still two against the four of them. Omega assures her that they have Kota Ibushi with them, something that makes Callis laugh but Jericho adds that they have a huge partner.

Paul Wight appears on the ramp and punches Cole Karter. In the locker room, the Bucks get angry with Omega for not helping them against the Mogul Embassy and leave angrily, without listening to Omega’s justifications.


AEW Women’s World Championship

Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Willow Nightingale

The champion attacks the challenger hard and goes ringside with a Dive to knock her down. She takes the actions to a corner and lands punches and kicks without letting him recover. Shida tries a key in the center of the mat but Willow blocks it and hits her against the mat and then slaps her. Shida recovers and hits a series of Dropkicks.

 Falcon Arrow by Shida in a corner but Willow gets out of the count in less than two. Butt from Willow and a Death Valley Driver but Shida escapes the coverage in two. Shida blocks the Doctor Bomb and does several Roll Ups. Knee Strike but Willow cuts off the cover. Katana and the count of three.

Winner and STILL champion: Hikaru Shida.

Toni Storm bursts into their celebration and sits on the ramp until Shida lands a Katana on her. The lights go out and when they return, Julia Hart is behind Willow and offers her hand to Willow. Skye Blue arrives and confronts him. For a moment she looks like she’s going to betray Willow but she turns around and throws a Blue Mist at Hart.


The Acclaimed approaches MJF backstage again to ask him to be a team, because only Max Caster wants him. MJF takes the bag and sees the contents to angrily tell them that there is no way they will be a team.

Bullet Club Gold (Jay White, Juice Robinson and The Gunns) vs. The Acclaimed (Max Caster and Anthony Bowens), Daddy Ass and MJF

MJF, wearing Scissor Me clothing, goes all out against White but he covers up with his colleagues in his corner. Robinson enters, as does Bowens, and they take each other until that Juice knocks him down with a butt. Bowens prevails with a touch of the eyes and hits a brutal Superkick. Austin Gunn enters and asks for his father. Austin manages to knock Billy down but he punches him in the head.

White now enters and kicks Billy in the middle zone, and a Chop but Gunn returns it twice as powerful. The trio asks him to clash scissors but he refuses and goes back to the corner. Colten enters and taunts them until Bowens punches him. Kicks from Colten that knock Bowens down and take him to the corner where Austin enters. The good guys regain the advantage and manage to connect a combined Elbow Drop.


The Bullet Club’s traps make them take the lead and they almost cover Bowens but he breaks free in two. MJF enters and clears the ring to chase White. DDT from MJF to the Gunns when he blocks the Cutter. He Kangaroo Kick but can’t with the Blade Runner and the count of three.

Winners: Bullet Club Gold.

At the end of the match, MJF is left alone with White, who has the AEW World Championship. He wants to hit MJF in the head with it but Caster runs him off and they connect him with the title. Caster asks him to do Scissor but MJF refuses. Billy demands it from him for saving him. Finally he agrees and they make the fans happy.

As AEW Rampage went off Air. We’ll be covering more on this so stay tuned and remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling! For more updates follow

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