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AEW Dynamite Results January 31, 2024


AEW Dynamite Results January 31, 2024. Swerve Strickland and Adam Page will face opponents of each other’s choosing. TBS will broadcast episode number 226 of AEW Dynamite today, January 31 , live from the UNO Lakefront Arena in New Orleans, LA.

Jon Moxley vs. Jeff Hardy

Jeff takes the initiative and punishes Moxley at ringside. Jon responds with a Suicidal Top, places Jeff on the barricade and hits a Lariat. Jon takes control of the match, slamming Jeff hard into the post and then the barricade. Near that sector of the barricade there are several CMLL fighters: Máscara Dorada, Místico, Hechicero and Volador Jr. Jeff throws Moxley and he falls against the fighters, arguing with them. Hardy takes the opportunity to continue attacking Moxley with a chair.

Jon takes a pen from the commentators and goes after Jeff. He places it on the edge of his ear to twist it! Jon looks for a Piledriver on the edge of the ring, Jeff frees himself and surprises with a Twist of Fate. Whisper in the Wind and a two count on Jon. Jeff looks for height, Jon stops him with a blow and applies a Superplex. Hardy receives a Cutter, responds with a Russian Leg Sweep and covers with a Leg Drop, Mox narrowly escapes. Stunner and Twist of Fate for Mox, Jeff seeks height once again. Moxley dodges the Swanton Bomb and hits a Sleeperhold for the win.


Winner: Jon Moxley .

After the fight, Moxley continues arguing with the CMLL fighters. Místico and the others charge to the ring, Jon throws the first blow but is overcome by the Mexicans. Matt Menard, Angelo Parker, Matt Sydal and Christopher Daniels come out to help Moxley.

Hangman Adam Page vs. Toa Liona

Page dodges Toa and connects the first blows, but Liona manages to stop him with her strength. Page connects a pair of Lariats trying to knock Toa down, but Toa takes him out of the ring easily. Hangman tries to respond but Toa takes him out again with a Pounce. Page looks for a Fallaway Slam but can’t handle Toa’s weight, who falls on top and looks for the count without success. Page dodges a Splash on the edge of the ring and launches himself into a Plank to the outside.

Crossbody upon returning to the ring and counts two on Toa. Superkick by Liona and a two count. Hangman connects several Lariats until he manages to knock down his rival. He looks for the Deadeye a second time, this time managing to charge Toa and apply it. Liona gets up right away and lands a headbutt. Liona’s lariat and a two count. Toa misses a Moonsault to ringside, Page responds with his Orihana Moonsault but receives a Samoan Drop upon returning to the ring. Page surprises with a pin and takes the victory.


Winner: Hangman Adam Page .

The Young Bucks arrived at the arena earlier and got upset with a production guy for not calling them Nicholas and Matthew. The Jacksons give him a fine for his lack of respect and leave.

Wardlow vs. Commander

Undisputed Kingdom come out with Wardlow, Adam Cole joins the commentary table. Wardlow dominates Komander with his power and size, without trying. Wardlow applies a brutal TKO that spins Komander into the air. Komander throws Wardlow against the metal steps and attacks with kicks.

 Phoenix Splash and a two count on Wardlow. Komander walks the ropes and launches a Crossbody, Wardlow catches him and launches him into a Slam. Wardlow applies his Knee Strike from the corner and connects with a Powerbomb for the three count.


Winner: Wardlow .

After the fight, Matt Taven takes Komander while Roderick Strong yells at him that he should have accepted his deal on Saturday. Orange Cassidy comes out with Best Friends to face Undisputed Kingdom. Strong thanks him for coming out and says goodbye.

Tony Schiavone conducts an interview between Ricky Starks and Big Bill, and Sting and Darby Allin.

Starks remembers that Sting’s first victory was against him, Darby replies that he does not respect Sting, and may not even respect anyone. “This man’s career is not a step to climb,” Darby shouts, Starks responds that they will retain the tag team championships, and he will also get revenge on Sting. “I’m going to make sure you don’t reach retirement. And I’m never going to respect you,” he tells Darby. Bill says they will take all their frustration out on them by doing the same thing as everyone here, looking over them.

Sting accepts Ricky’s guts, but says that to have respect you have to earn it. He tells Bill that he has faced other big men, the difference is that they were murderers and he is not sure that Bill is. Allin says that every time Ricky targets someone, there is only one person to target and that is himself. Ricky throws water on him and tensions rise, Sting calms Allin down and says that he always hated talking.


Chris Jericho vs. Kyle Fletcher

Jericho goes ahead of Kyle to take him out of the ring at the start of the match. Jericho is distracted by Don Callis and Fletcher takes the opportunity to attack him from behind. Callis takes advantage of the fact that the referee doesn’t see him to attack Jericho at ringside. Brainbuster and Kyle and count about three. Chris reacts with Tackles and Running Bulldog, looks for a Lionsault but Powerhouse Hobbs attacks him from ringside. Fletcher frees himself from the Walls of Jericho by reaching the ropes.

Kick by Kyle and a two count. Jericho’s codebreaker but it’s not enough. Another Brainbuster from Kyle for another two count. Fletcher dodges a Judas Effect and connects with a Roundhouse Kick. Fletcher launches a Tope Suicida but Jericho receives him with a Judas Effect at ringside. He pushes Hobbs into the steps and puts Kyle back in the ring. Flying Judas Effect from above and counts three.

Winner: Chris Jericho .

The Acclaimed and Bullet Club Gold , the Bang Bang Scissor Gang come out to the ring together. Bowens brings in Cardblade, but the Gunns tell him they already kicked him out a long time ago. Austin brings in the Juiceboard instead. Austin Gunn wants to close the segment with the two-word phrase, but Billy Gunn stops him to do it himself. They all end up doing scissors in the middle of the ring.


Deonna Purrazzo vs. Taya Valkyrie

Toni Storm joins the commentary table during the match. Taya lands the first blows, Deonna responds by taking her out of the ring with a Headscissors. Johnny TV distracts Deonna, Taya takes advantage of her to connect a Spear on the ramp and throw her against the metal steps. Taya continues punishing to maintain control. Deonna responds with a knee and Russian Leg Sweep, she looks for the key but Taya reverses with a pin.

Taya tries to step on Deonna, but she catches her with a leg lock. Sliding Lariat by Taya for a two count. Deonna argues with Toni at ringside, Taya approaches her but Purrazzo pushes her against Storm. Deonna applies a key to Taya’s arms to make her surrender.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzzo.

The Young Bucks talk to Darby Allin backstage while he is being interviewed by Renee Paquette. The Jacksons criticize Sting, and offer Darby to make a team in the future. Matthew gets upset and says that Darby is being unprofessional by not responding to his messages, Allin says that he just has something on his mind right now and leaves.


Rob Van Dam is Adam Page’s chosen rival! Hangman Adam Page appears on the screen to say that not only can they choose the opponent, but also the stipulation: it will be a hardcore match.

Hardcore Match: Swerve Strickland vs. Rob Van Dam

Samoa Joe joins the commentary table. RVD surprises by throwing a chair at Swerve’s head and takes the initiative. Van Dam continues attacking inside and outside the ring. He places Swerve on the barricade and climbs to the edge of the ring to launch his classic spinning kick. Swerve responds, pushes himself up the steps to land a kick to RVD’s head. Swerve prepares a table, tries to charge Van Dam but he kicks him.

Swerve throws Rob into a chair placed in the corner but it’s not enough. Rolling Thunder by Van Dam to return to the attack. Swerve reverses a Monkey Flip and looks for the account without success. Rob places Swerve on the first rope, kicks him, goes up to the corner but Brian Cage appears to knock him down. Hook arrives to attack Cage! Hook beats Brian away with a chair, Brian responds and they start fighting on the ramp.


RVD is distracted, Swerve surprises him from behind but Van Dam frees himself and looks for the account. Swerve leaves RVD sitting on a chair at ringside and attacks with a Stomp from the edge of the ring. Strickland looks for height, RVD composes himself to throw a chair at him. Swerve falls out of the corner onto the ringside table! RVD places chairs above and below Swerve, goes for a Frog Splash but misses. House Call with a chair on RVD but the count remains at two. Strickland finishes with Swerve Stomp and takes the victory.

Winner: Swerve Strickland.

Hangman Adam Page comes out to congratulate Swerve Strickland. “I can only assume that we are both at the top of the rankings list. know you want to go after Samoa Joe, but I need you to look me in the eyes and know that I will never let that happen. I am the next champion of the world, not you,” says Page.

Strickland laughs saying that Page doesn’t understand. “I beat you twice, I don’t have to prove anything to you or anyone else. You can’t beat me,” he says. Page responds that Swerve keeps saying that because maybe he believes it. “You defeated me with the help of Mogul Embassy. Man to man you can’t tie my boots,” Page shoots. Strickland says he will accept a third fight, to beat him and move on to the title.


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