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AEW Dynamite Results for July 12, 2023


AEW Dynamite Results for July 12, 2023. Tonight’s episode of AEW DYNAMITE was broadcast live from the SaskTel Centre in Saskatoon, SK! Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, and “The Human Suplex Machine” Taz were the broadcast team for tonight’s event. It’s Wednesday night and you know what that means! Kicking off the show.

Chris Jericho vs. Komander (with Alex Abrahantes)!

After Jericho pie faced Komander, Komander fired back with forearms. Komander pushed Jericho back into the corner with a dropkick. Komander flipped off the top rope with a hurracanrana onto Jericho. He wiped out Jericho on the outside with a tornillo. Komander cracked Jericho with a running knee strike off the apron. Komander went to the well one too many times as Komander went for a springboard, but Jericho countered with a forearm.

Jericho blistered Komander with chops and then followed up with a brainbuster for a near fall. Chris Jericho ducked a roundhouse kick, but Komander surprised him with a heel kick. Jericho blocked a hurracanrana and rocked Komander with two consecutive powerbombs. Komander dodged a lionsault and cradled Jericho for a near fall. Jericho shut down Komander with a lariat. Komander climbed the ropes, but Jericho shoved him down onto the turnbuckles. He headbutted Jericho and dropped him. Komander walked the ropes and hit a shooting star press on Jericho for a two-count.


Komander nailed Jericho with a Phoenix Splash for a near fall! He went back up to the turnbuckles and jumped but Jericho countered with a Code Breaker for a two-fall. Komander ducked the Judas Effect. Komander went for a dragonrana, but Jericho put Komander in the Lion Tamer and forced Komander to tap out! Don Callis walked down the ramp with a microphone.


“Hell of a match, kid, that’s why you’re the GOAT. Did you see the rating for our segment for last week? The whole wrestling world is buzzing just at the possibility of Chris Jericho joining the Don Callis Family. 28 years ago, you and I were part of a faction led by our mentor, the late, great Bad News Allen. I’m a little nostalgic but I did put together something. Roll the tape.”

Clips of Don Callis teaming with Jericho, managed by Bad News Allen, played on the giant screen.



“I do remember this back in 1995. It’s funny because I still have all my hair. I actually remember when Bad News was talking to me there, he said to make sure that you and I always stick together.”


“That’s right but we didn’t keep our promise to Bad News. But I feel like he’s up there right now in heaven with a smile on his face just with the possibility of you joining the Don Callis Family. I think in your heart you know what Bad News would want your decision to be.”

Alex Marvez was backstage with “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry, who was hiding out in his SUV!


Jack Perry: “It’s an unsafe work environment!”

FTW Champ HOOK jumped into the other side of the SUV and began to assault Jack Perry. “Jungle Boy” jumped out and scurried away.

HOOK: “Keep running, Perry.”

Renee Paquette was backstage with Don Callis!


 “Chris Jericho is a fabulous athlete but later tonight I’m going out to the ring by myself and will announce the fifth member for the Blackpool Combat Club at Blood & Guts. And I’m not worried about Kenny Omega because he’s a real coward.”

Blind Eliminator Tag Team Tournament Semi-Final Match!

AEW International Champion Orange Cassidy & Darby Allin vs. Jericho Appreciation Society’s Daniel Garcia & Sammy Guevara!

Sammy and Daniel came out individually to their respective entrance themes. Darby blasted Garcia with a shotgun dropkick. After Garcia came back with interference, he tagged himself back into the match. Garcia grabbed Darby by the neck and swung him around the ring. Garcia and Sammy used quick tags to isolate Darby. Sammy connected with a jumping knee strike to Darby. Garcia charged at Darby, but Darby moved. Garcia inadvertently hit Sammy with a forearm as a result.


Orange tagged in and spiked Garcia with a Michinoku Driver for a near fall. Garcia dodged the Orange Punch and countered with a Dragon Tamer. Orange hit a Stun Dog Millionaire. Darby jumped in with a stunner to Garcia. Sammy came in but Orange dropped him with the Beach Break! Garcia, the legal man, jumped back in the ring and he and Orange traded pinning combinations. Orange and Garcia knocked each other down with simultaneous kicks to the face.

fans chanted “this is awesome, this is awesome”

Darby and Sammy tagged in for their respective sides and exchanged strikes. Darby and Sammy’s heads collided and both men fell to the mat. Sammy wiped out Darby with a flying knee strike. Darby moved out of the way of Sammy’s shooting star press. Prince Nana walked down to the ring. He picked up Darby’s skateboard and handed it to Daniel Garcia, ordering him to use it on Orange Cassidy. The ref tried to pulled it away from Garcia and as the ref was distracted, Swerve Strickland ambushed Darby with a vicious kick. Sammy nailed Darby with the GTH and pinned him!

Renee Paquette was backstage to interview Adam Cole! Roderick Strong, wearing a neck brace, approached Cole and asked if Cole was starting to like MJF. “Dude, he’s not a half bad guy,” replied Cole. Cole then got a text from MJF saying he was ill and wouldn’t be able to wrestle tonight.


Blind Eliminator Tag Team Tournament Semi-Final Match!

AEW World Champion MJF & Adam Cole vs. Big Bill & “The Machine” Brian Cage (with Prince Nana)!

MJF tried to body slam Big Bill. He was unsuccessful at his attempt and immediately tagged out to Adam Cole. Cage did 10 pushups. Adam Cole did 10 pushups. MJF tagged back in and tried to body slam Big Bill again. He was unsuccessful…again. Big Bill told MJF, “You can’t let him outshine you,” referring to Adam Cole. Big Bill ripped the shirt off MJF. The champ chomped down on the hand of Big Bill and then body slammed him!

Cage tagged in but so did Adam Cole! Cole connected with two pump kicks. He thumbed Cage in the eyes and hit him with another thrust kick. MJF called for the double clothesline. Cole tagged in MJF, but Cage held onto the ropes. Big Bill blasted Cole and MJF from behind. Cole and MJF chopped down Big Bill with stereo thrust kicks. 

Brian Cage grabbed both Cole and MJF and threw them over his head. MJF shocked Cage with the Heat Seeker. Cole followed up with the running knee strike and then he pinned Cage!



“I got one question. We got any devil worshippers in the house tonight? Wow, I am super over, Canada. You know who else is over, though? ‘Do the thing! Do the thing!’”

Adam Cole did his pose and the crowd yelled “Adam Cole BayBay!”

MJF: “Adam Cole, we are so close to hitting that double clothesline. It’s coming.”

Adam Cole:

“Who’s ready for story time with Adam Cole, baybay? Never in my wildest dreams did I expect a tag team like MJF and Adam Cole to work. Not only has it worked, but I think we’re doing pretty damn good, don’t you?


I did not have high expectations for this team but what I do have is high expectations on is winning this tournament. And why stop there? Because if we do win this tournament, on July 29th, AEW Collision, in Connecticut, if we do win this tournament, we get a shot at the AEW World Tag Team championships. 

And boys and girls, I’m going to make a promise right here, right now. If we stay on the same page that we’ve been on, you’re looking at the new AEW World Tag Team Champions. Hey Max, and why is that?”

MJF: “Why? Because we’re better than you—”

Cole: “Baybay!”

Roderick Strong was watching backstage on a monitor.

Renee Paquette was outside Chris Jericho’s locker room with Jake Hager!


“Let’s go in. Great match, Chris, but afterwards you were smiling. You’re not actually considering this are you?”



“Don’s making a lot of great points. That stuff with Bad News Allen, there’s a lot of history there. I honestly don’t know. I just need some time man.”

Hager removed his purple hat.


“It was a great moment, but we’ve got history too. Four years ago, you brought me to AEW. I left behind an undefeated MMA career because you asked. I’ve been here since day one. So, I deserve to know. This isn’t just your career on the line. It’s mine too. So, until you can be straight with me, I can’t give you 100.”

Hager handed his purple hat to Jericho and walked away.

Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament Semi-Final Match!

The Outcasts’ Ruby Soho (with Saraya and AEW Women’s World Champion Toni Storm) vs. Skye Blue!

Ruby slapped Skye in the face. Ruby followed up with a shoulder tackle. Skye used an open palm strike of her own. Toni jumped on the ring apron and distracted the ref. But Skye was able to wipe out the Outcasts with thrust kicks. Skye planted Ruby face first on the ring apron. Toni Storm whipped Skye Blue into the ring steps. The ref witnessed it and ejected Toni and Saraya from the ringside area. Ruby hammered Skye’s knee into the steel ring steps. Skye rallied back with a neck breaker. 


Ruby countered the Code Blue and then began to wrench the knee of Skye. Skye crawled to the ropes, grabbing the bottom rope, forcing the ref to break the hold. Ruby blasted Skye Blue with the Destination Unknown as she pulled Skye off the top turnbuckle. Ruby scored the pin and advanced to the finals this Saturday at Collision! 

QTV held the world premier of “Rap Class” starring Harley Cameron! After the music video played, QT Marshall and Aaron Solo congratulated Cameron on her rap.

Mogul Embassy’s Swerve Strickland (with Prince Nana) vs. Nick Wayne!

Darby Allin hugged Nick Wayne as Nick was making his entrance. Swerve grabbed a headlock. They did tremendous chain wrestling and then Swerve ducked a roundhouse kick. Swerve fired back with a big pump kick. Nick threw Swerve back with a fisherman’s suplex. Prince Nana grabbed Nick’s ankle. Nick Wayne took Swerve down to the arena floor with a leaping hurracanrana. Wayne sent Swerve flying with a shotgun dropkick. 


Nick went over the top with a cutter on Swerve for a near fall. Swerve intercepted Nick with a back breaker as Nick was going for Wayne’s World. Darby Allin walked out onto the ramp and cheered on Nick Wayne. Nick Wayne spiked Swerve with a reverse avalanche hurracanrana and then Wayne’s World off the ropes! Nick went for the cover, but Swerve got his boot on the bottom rope. They battled on the top rope and Swerve powerbombed Nick off the top for a two-count! Swerve rocked Nick with the Last Call and covered Nick, but Nick kicked out! Swerve drilled Nick with the JML Driver and pinned him.

Next: Don Callis came to the ring to reveal the fifth member of the team to take on the Elite at Blood & Guts!


“I’ve got something to say. I’m out here to make a very important announcement. very excited about it. I’m here to announce the fifth member for the Blood & Guts match for the Blackpool Combat Club. And I’m so excited because this fifth member, along with the rest of the BCC, is going to slaughter the Elite and Kenny Omega. 

And there’s no one more deserving of this abuse than Kenny Omega. You all love him, but I know the real Kenny Omega. He’s a coward and a punk.”


Kenny Omega’s music hit! Kenny Omega walked to the ring, but Moxley and Takeshita ambushed him out of nowhere. PAC sprinted down the ramp and hit Omega with a steel chair! Takeshita and Moxley held Omega and allowed Callis to kick Kenny in the head. 


“Kenneth! You have no idea how long I have waited for this. You shattered my nose. Look at me Kenny. I’m the fifth member and now you pay the price.”

Mox and Takeshita placed Kenny’s head between a steel chair. PAC climbed to the top rope.

Moxley: “Any last words for your Canadian friends before Blood & Guts?”

Omega: “Yeah, we still have a fifth member too. Check the screen.”

Graphics on the screen read: “He’s coming. Blood & Guts. THE GOLDEN ELITE” The Young Bucks and “Hangman” Adam Page jumped into the ring and wiped out Moxley, Takeshita, and PAC.


“Hangman” Adam Page: “This Wednesday, Blood & Guts, we finish this once and for all!”


“Next week, we’re going to show you guys that it’s more than about fighting. It’s more than about your kill jitsu. This is about more than that. Heart, passion, soul, friendship, love. People like you, consumed by rage, will never prosper. Don Callis, you will never win this battle. And next week when there are two rings and two cages, you are going to find out the hard way, barbed wire and skewers, it is nothing compared to what we will do to you. Until then goodbye and good luck. Bang!

As AEW Dynamite went off air. We’ll be covering more on this so stay tuned and remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling! For more updates follow

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