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AEW Dynamite : Fyter Fest – Aug 23, 2023 Result


AEW Dynamite : Fyter Fest – Aug 23, 2023 Result. Tonight’s episode of AEW DYNAMITE: Fyter Fest was broadcast live from Gas South Arena in Duluth, GA! Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, and “The Human Suplex Machine” Taz were the broadcast team for tonight’s event. It’s Wednesday night and you know what that means! The show opened with a graphic paying tribute to Terry Funk: 1944-2023.

Trios Match!

The Elite (Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks) vs. Bullet Club Gold (Juice Robinson & The Gunns)

The Elite charge Bullet Club Gold on the ramp, before they enter the ring. Juice grabs a chair but the ref takes it away. Robinson knocks the referee down with a right hand, the Bucks attack Juice with Superkicks. Jay White, who arrived with his teammates, also attacks The Elite. 3.10 to Yuma for Nick Jackson, they look for another against Matt but he responds with Superkicks.

White’s Uranage to Matt, he looks for the Bladerunner but Kenny Omega saves him. Omega fights the Gunns but White comes back for him. Konosuke Takeshita blasted Omega with a Lariat! FTR comes out to attack Bullet Club Gold! Takeshita and Omega go hand in hand in the ring after all the chaos. Takeshita avoids the One Winged Angel and runs away. The combat does not take place.


MJF is interviewed by Renee Paquette.

MJF says that if there’s one thing he knows about himself, it’s that he never gets tired of hearing people chant his name, which is why he’s going to be on All In. “Sing for me as if he were the reincarnation of Winston Churchill,” asks MJF. Regarding being a part of Zero Hour and then fighting in the main event, MJF says it’s the most pressure he’s ever felt in his entire life.

 “This is the biggest event in the history of professional wrestling. This is not only because of my talent and the support of the people, but also because of the path that the wrestlers who came before have taken,” says Max, mentioning several historical wrestlers from WWE, like Hogan, Undertaker or Cena. “If I win All In, I’ll be a giant too,” he adds.

Renee shows him a video that reviews the tensions between MJF and Cole to ask his next question. Max says that he has never had friends, what you see is real. “Adam made me a better person, he taught me that I can trust and let my guard down. Adam is not just my friend, he is my brother. But brothers fight, they are competitive, but at the end of the day they embrace. And I understand people don’t trust me. I’m far from perfect,” says MJF.


“I was vulnerable for the first time in my life, and I ask you to come with me on this journey. Be vulnerable with me and you will be rewarded. It’s the first promise I plan to keep. Because I’m a horrible guy…but I’m your horrible guy.” close MJF.

Jon Moxley vs. Rey Fenix

Fenix outsmarts Mox with his agility and lands two Suicide Stops early in the match. Jon breaks Fenix’s mask and applies a Stomp at ringside. Jon continues to attack Fenix against the barricades before returning to the ring. Mox cutter and count of two. Jon applies a Kimura Lock and continues to damage Fenix. Rey gets up with a kick after receiving several stomps but falls again. Fenix’s cutter and a count of two on Mox. Frog Splash and another count of two on Jon.

Fenix avoids a Paradigm Shift with a spin to find another pin. Mox stops Fenix in mid-flight with a forearm blow and both are left on the canvas. When they stand up they return to the blows, Fenix looks for height but Jon stops him and scratches his back. Avalanche Death Rider! 1…2…nope! Mox immediately looks for a Sleeperhold on Fenix, Rey resists a lot but ends up falling unconscious.


Winner: Jon Moxley .

After the match, the Blackpool Combat Club arrives in the ring to attack Fenix. Yuta and Castagnoli arrive with iron bars to hurt Fenix. Eddie Kingston and Penta El Zero Miedo go out to face them. Santana and Ortiz return to AEW! Santana and Ortiz attack Penta and Kingston to join the BCC in the ring. Best Friends arrive with chairs to scare them all away. The Best Friends, Penta and Kingston arrive in the ring to check on Fenix, who was injured after the match. Medical personnel arrive with a stretcher to treat Rey Fenix.

Renee Paquette tries to interview Eddie Kingston after Rey Fenix is taken away by ambulance. An annoyed Eddie replies that he doesn’t want cameras, and reproaches Renee that her husband did this. After a tense moment with Renee, Eddie says that if he wants me to fix this, he’ll do it at Wembley.

Earlier, Renee Paquette interviewed Sammy Guevara regarding what happened with Chris Jericho last week. Matt Menard, Angelo Parker and Daniel Garcia confront him to berate him for helping Chris, who would have agreed to join Don Callis if it weren’t for the painting. Sammy says that he doesn’t agree with everything Chris does, but understands that he is blinded by friendship. Parker tells him that he’s trying to keep Sammy from being blinded by friendship too, and asks if Jericho will be there for him too when he needs him.


Contract Signing for Chris Jericho Vs Will Ospreay –

Tony Schiavone, surrounded by security personnel, leads the contract signing between Chris Jericho and Will Ospreay . Don Callis accompanies Osprey, Guevara Jericho. Callis says that everyone wants to know why he did what he did last week. “It’s very simple, it can be summed up in four words: Will ‘oh God’ Ospreay,” Callis says, adding that he wants to destroy the career of the greatest of all time. “For that, he made a unique offer to Will. I chose money and power over our friendship, I chose to make history at Wembley,” he says. “A few years ago you almost died in England. This Sunday I will make sure that this is done once and for all with Will”, he closes.

Will Ospreay takes the floor. “Are you going to take this seriously, or is it part of a side project for your band to play at Wembley? This place is the biggest arena in the whole of the UK, this match is going to change my life,” he shoots. “I will be able to say that in two months I beat Kenny Omega, Kazuchika Okada and Chris Jericho,” he says, and announces that his contract with NJPW will expire in six months, and expects to be paid millions and millions because he is better than everyone. “Better than The Elite, better than Punk, better than you. All your legacy, your championships, I respect it, but it’s fuel for my future,” he says and signs.

Chris Jericho:

“I don’t think you would have achieved everything without me. When people predicted that you were going to be in a wheelchair at 30, because you were careless, I called you. I told you to turn it down, and if you didn’t, you wouldn’t have my longevity and you wouldn’t become one of the top stars in this business, which I saw. Now we’re at it, Jericho vs. Ospreay, you didn’t have to attack me from behind to get this fight. It was going to happen two years ago in the Tokyo Dome, but couldn’t because of the lockdown.


This is the biggest show in wrestling history, so it’s the biggest show of my career. This is bigger than any WrestleMania, bigger than any Tokyo Dome, this match Means more to me than anyone. You come from the bottom, I come from the top.  bottom. I’m coming at it from the top of the effin’ mountain with everyone trying to knock me off. Every hater on social media is trying to predict my demise. So that means I have to be the best Chris Jericho that I’ve ever been to beat you Will Ospreay. But in return, you have to be the best Will Ospreay you’ve ever been to beat me.”

Chris Jericho signed the contract. “So prove it to me Ospreay. Prove it to your family at Wembley sitting in the front row. Your mother, your father, you missus, your four year old stepson that you’ve got to put through school. Prove it to them in front of 80,000 of your countrymen that you can beat Chris Jericho. And don’t make me regret the fact that I picked up the phone and called you five years ago. And don’t make me forget that I kept you from being in a wheelchair—” Will Ospreay slapped the microphone out of Jericho’s hand! Jericho slapped Will Ospreay in the face! Security had to keep Jericho and Ospreay separated.

Renee Paquette interviews Adam Cole.

She says that her friendship with her MJF has reminded her of what the real Adam Cole is like and she thanks him for that. Cole says that he has won championships all over the world, but winning the AEW championship would make him the best wrestler in the world. “I don’t want to win that fight, I need to win it and I’m going to win it,” she says. Renee shows him a video with tense moments with MJF and asks about Roderick Strong and The Kingdom’s questions about her friendship. Adam Cole gets upset and ends up walking out on the interview.


Tornado Tag Team Match:

Darby Allin & Nick Wayne vs. Mogul Embassy (Swerve Strickland & AR Fox)

Mogul Embassy take control early in the match, knocking their rivals out of the ring and Fox flies Implosion Senton out. AR Fox is wearing Nick Wayne’s bloody T-shirt and throws it at his mother in the front row. Wayne’s World and Coffin Drop on both opponents at ringside, Darby looks for the account when he returns to the ring but it is not enough. The action goes to the public area, they again fight in front of Nick’s mother and show him that she is now bleeding from the nose.

Wayne returns to look for his finisher but receives a Neckbreaker from Fox in midair, with assistance from Swerve, but Darby arrives in time to break the count. He butts from Darby to Swerve, whom he then seats in a chair at ringside. Fox flies over him and Swerve attacks him with a Swerve Stomp on Allin’s saddle. Swinging Brainbuster and count of two on Nick. Fox continues to attack but Nick does not give up. Nick avoids the 450 and surprises AR with a pin, Swerve is distracted by having his back turned and when he realizes it Darby catches him so he can’t save Fox.

Ganadores: Darby Allin & Nick Wayne.

After the fight, Swerve takes the floor and laughs like crazy. “This is very disappointing. And by disappointing, I mean you, Fox. Every time you get a chance, you blow it. You can’t beat an 18-year-old boy, who I wiped the floor with. I can’t trust you , Fox, in this fight, let alone in front of 80,000 people at Wembley,” says Swerve. Prince Nana makes it official: AR Fox is kicked out of Mogul Embassy.


Brian Cage appears to attack AR Fox. Sting arrives with Darby and Wayne to drive off the Mogul Embassy ! Darby Allin tells AR Fox that no matter what happened, he will always be grateful for what you did for him. Allin calls Sweve stupid and asks who he has in his corner now. Christian Cage arrives with Luchasaurus.

Christian Cage :

“The big guys are always two steps ahead, aren’t they, Stinger?” Cage asks, and asks if they’re going to introduce him to his little friend. “I heard a lot about you Nick Wayne, nice to finally meet you in person. heard you had a father…and your father is dead. I also know your father was a professional wrestler…but I never heard of Buddy Wayne, so which must not have been very good. The good thing for you Nick, it’s like your father was so untalented, you won’t have to live in his shadow. If I were you, I wouldn’t go to Wembley, because I wouldn’t want to see a coffin lid closing about another loved one,” Cage launches. “Every fatherless boy is known to need a mentor, and there is no better mentor than Christian Cage,” he adds.

Renee Paquette interview with FTR and The Young Bucks.

 FTR say they have helped the Bucks because they want their game to be fair and decide who is the best. Renee asks them if this is the biggest match of their careers, the Jacksons say that a few years ago it was impossible to think of 10,000 people and now they will fight in front of 80,000. Nick says they don’t need to win this match, FTR needs to win them to cement their legacy. Cash Wheeler thinks it’s the biggest match of his career and one of the biggest shows ever. Dax Harwood adds that it’s more than business, it’s personal, and it’s about more than titles. “This is about the legacy of FTR, and the only team that stands in our way is you.” Dax starts to talk about his family but Matt stops him, complaining that he always talks about his legacy and his family.


“One day, when all this is over, People will say that The Young Bucks were the best team in pro wrestling. The other guys are the ones the Bucks named on a Youtube show,” he shoots. Dax replies that there’s no way the Bucks are on his level, he acknowledges that they consider them the foundation of tag team wrestling, but they’ll break those foundations now.

Ruby Soho vs. Skye Blue

Ruby tries to surprise attack Skye when she arrives, but Blue is quick to respond. Soho reacts and takes control of the fight. Blue takes Ruby out of the ring and flies into Crossbody. Soho talks to the referee claiming an injury to his nose, but he was just faking it so he could attack Skye. Blue’s Knee Strike and Crossbody for a count of two. Skye’s neckbreaker and another count of two, Ruby reverses and they go looking for several pins. Kick to the face and Skyfall, Soho resists. Hard Knee Strike from Ruby, kick from Skye and Backslide that is not enough. No Future and Destination Unknown to finish off Blue.

Winner: Ruby Soho .

Roderick Strong and The Kingdom are interviewed. Renee Paquette asks about the friendship between Adam Cole and MJF. “At the end of the night at Wembley, we’ll find out who the real MJF is, and the real Adam Cole,” is all Strong says.


The Acclaimed arrive in the ring without music, upset and determined. “No more games, House of Black, get your asses in here right now. Lights out, let’s fight,” Anthony Bowens yells. House of Black arrive in the ring and surround The Acclaimed. Trios champions go on the attack and control the situation. Brody King grabs a chain and prepares to hurt Bowens.

Daddy Ass is back ! Billy Gunn runs to the ring and drives House of Black away. Gunn tells them to stop, and if they wanted his attention, they got it. Gunn explains that after being beaten by them again, he left his boots behind and did two of the hardest things in his life: quit The Acclaimed and have a great career. But the next week, House of Black hurt Max Caster. “They hurt one of my boys. Then they took my boots and destroyed them, they wanted to take away the legacy that it took me 30 years to build. I did things that are part of wrestling history, I am a member of the Hall of Fame,” says Gunn. Billy launches the challenge for All In. But he will not be Daddy Ass, but Bad Ass Billy Gunn.

Combat for the ROH World Championships: Aussie Open (c) vs. The Hardys

The Hardys take the initiative in the match and corner the champions and then take them out of the ring. Davis attacks Matt at ringside while Kyle brings Jeff to the ring. Aussie Open team up against Jeff, who manages to land a Whisper in the Wind to stop them. Matt receives the relief and attacks Fletcher with Clotheslines. DDT for Davis and Side Effect for Fletcher, Kyle resists the account. He tries the Twist of Fate, Kyle avoids it but Matt keeps hitting in the corner. Superplex for Fletcher and Jeff’s Splash for the account that is interrupted by Davis. Davis takes over and throws Jeff for Kyle to kick in midair. Assisted Neckbreaker on Jeff and count of three.


Winners: Aussie Open .

After the fight, Mark Davis takes the floor and shouts to the public to shut up. Kyle Fletcher says there will be no Double Clothesline or Kangaroo Kick at Wembley. “Aussie Open we will continue to be the ROH tag team champions … bay bay,” closes Fletcher. MJF and Adam Cole go out to face the Aussie Open. MJF and Cole are about to leave after facing them, but Aussie Open attack them. Aussie Open want to do a Double Clothesline but MJF stops them for Cole to attack with kicks later. They search for the Double Clothesline but Davis escapes.

MJF prepares for the Kangaroo Kick but Mark saves his partner. MJF saves Cole when Fletcher was going to attack him from behind. Max grabs Kyle for Cole to kick but Kyle moves and Cole almost hits MJF. Max looks upset and comes face to face with Adam. MJF takes the title from him and poses before Adam, who offers him his hand. MJF pushes him and walks as if to leave. He takes the Diamond Ring but regrets it and goes back to hug Cole. As AEW Dynamite Special Fyter Fest went off Air. We’ll be covering more on this so stay tuned and remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling! For more updates follow

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