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AEW Collision Results Sept 9, 2023


AEW Collision Results Sept 9, 2023. With Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuiness on the commentary table, live from the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse arena in Cleveland, Ohio. This week’s show features attractions such as the semifinals of the AEW Grand Slam Tournament and the title fights for Jon Moxley ‘s International Championship and Kris Statlander ‘s TBS Championship .

At the beginning of the show we see a promo of the four participants of the AEW Grand Slam Tournament semifinals addressing each other to warm up the actions.

AEW International Championship

Jon Moxley (c) vs. Action Andretti

Mox has no mercy and hits Andretti against the corners, very violently. The challenger responds with some chops but they don’t faze Mox and he asks for more. Andretti takes Moxley to ringside and there he hurts him against the fences but he can’t keep up. But in the ring he manages to apply a lock to the champion’s leg and leaves him hanging and then chops him.


Andretti leaves the keys to stomp Mox’s injured left leg but the latter manages to throw himself with a Suicide Dive. Brutal move from Mox’s corner but he can’t connect the count of three. The monarch hunts Andretti with a Sleeper but lets go and receives some Dropkicks. Lariats on the mat and Vrtical Suplex but Moxley breaks free in two. Andretti launches himself with a Trompo and falls on Mox’s injured leg.

Winner and STILL champion: Jon Moxley.

Backstage, Roderick talks about his friendship with Adam Cole, who he claims has changed and wants him back. He expresses that his interference in the tournament is to redeem himself and how he is ready to win it and be the new champion but that the most important thing is his friend.

TBS Championship

Kris Statlander (c) vs. Robyn Renegade (with Charlette Renegade)

The champion suffers a bit with the sisters’ pranks with them distracting her at every break in the corner so she receives a beating at the beginning of the fight. Brutal powerbomb from Kris but Charlette wants to intervene at the count of three and causes the champion to be distracted again. Robyn hits her on the canvas but the count remains at two. Kris sends Renegade to the corner, picks her up and throws her hard. She hits the other sister and takes Robyn for a bridging Roll-Up for the three-count win.


Winner and STILL champion: Kris Statlander.

The sisters are beating up Kris after the fight until they break up on the ramp. JADE CARGILL RETURNS TO AEW. The former champion holds Statlander’s hand to help him stand up but she hits the Jaded to close the segment.

Backstage, Ruby Soho is furious with Toni Storm because she cost her her chance to win the TBS title but Saraya calms her down to tell her that she is lost and will apologize again. She then appears happy because she claims that there will be a new defense in New York.

In a talk with Tony Schiavone, Eddie Kingston and Claudio Castagnoli iron out their differences. Kingston accuses him that they were friends on the indies but that he abandoned him to go to WWE and left him in misery when he had helped him with everything. Claudio expects a handshake and a show of respect that Eddie wants nothing to do with it. She puts his title on the line before him to show him her worth.


Aero Star, God Of The Underworld and Gravity vs. Bullet Club Gold (Juice Robinson and The Gunns)

The Gunns handle the fight very well, with traps, but they don’t let the Latinos move comfortably in the ring. They tag team with Robinson to soften Gravity. Vertical Suplex by Austin but Gravity breaks free of the count. Robinson locks Gravity in the center of the mat and does not let him escape but he gets up and applies a Stunner to try to change but the Gunns hold him back. Gravity and some Dropkicks for Aerostar to enter with a Cutter to Colten. DDI enters and can’t beat the Gunns who take him out of circulation early. Leg Lariat from Robinson to DDI and the Pulp Friction for the three count.

Winners: Bullet Club Gold.

CJ Perry dedicates a pre-recorded promo to Powerhouse Hobbs, where he warns him that he messed with the wrong partner and now I’ll see what the Hot and Flexible and her husband, The Redeemer, are capable of.

Daddy Ass and The Acclaimed announce that they will begin their World Tour and will defend the trio titles again in New York.


Angelico (with Serpentico) vs. Rey Fenix ​​(with Alex Abrahantes)

Fenix ​​slowly measures his worst rival, changing speed with some kicks and chops that soften Angelico and take him to ringside. Angelico kicks the rope when Fenix ​​goes up and he hits himself. He lands some blows on Fenix’s chest but recovers and smashes him into the corners. Splash but Angelico frees himself from the count. He boldly locks Angelico on the canvas but can’t handle the coverage. Right on the head to Fenix, he responds with a kick. Right kick to Serpentico and DDT to Angelico but the count remains at two. Stunner variant and now he wins.

Winner: Rey Fenix.

Cash Wheeler recounts their achievements and assures that there can no longer be anyone who challenges them. So next week they will begin an open challenge to find new young opponents who are at their level.

AEW Grand Slam Eliminator Tournament (semifinal)

Roderick Strong (with The Kingdom) vs. Darby Allin (with Nick Wayne)

Luchasaurus surprises Allin at his entrance and smashes him against a blind and then throws him against some objects. Christian Cage assures him that he will pay more for messing with his title. Wayne helps him get to the ring but Strong attacks him fiercely with a knee and a Backbreaker. Even though he is injured, Allin launches himself at Strong at ringside. Roderick returns to the ring with Allin and punishes him with stomps and whips but the count does not come. Allin goes down to ringside and catches his breath to push Strong against the metal ladder and the commentary table but Roderick smashes him against the fence.


STF by Strong but Allin makes it to the count. Brutal Chokeslam from Strong against the corner and Allin falls heavily at ringside. Submission key with Roderick’s Boston Crab and Allin frees himself to give him multiple kicks and knees. He runs to give him the Coffin but puts his knees on him at the right moment. He tries a powerslam but hits him with the apron and hits him with a Stunner. Coffin Drop by Allin. Allin manages to block his slam again but Strong’s Finisher and he advances to the final.

Winner: Roderick Strong.

Bryan Danielson comes to the ring on the ramp and when he takes the microphone he surprises everyone with a retirement. Seeing his daughter’s eyes, she realized that she should stay away but if they believe that, they don’t know who he is. He will be the soul of Collision and he will kick the ass of everyone he crosses because this will be his last year and he wants to go for it because it is his last year as a professional. And at AEW WrestleDream, on October 1, he wants to fight Zack Saber Jr.

Ricky Starks interrupts him and expresses that thanks to what he did he has exposed himself more and so has AEW, that he is the true face and that Bryan did nothing on his own. He warns him that he will go after him as many times as necessary but Bryan assures him that he has already been in a ring and finished him off. And there’s nothing else to do and he approved. And he wants to end this for good. He wants to shake her hand but Big Bill attacks him. Starks takes it off and it seems like they are going to attack each other but Starks hits Bryan with blows. Moxley appears and launches himself at Big Bill. Starks chokes Danielson with his clothes to close the segment.


AEW Grand Slam Eliminator Tournament (semifinal)

Samoa Joe vs. Penta The Zero Fear (with Alex Abrahantes)

Penta does not hesitate for a second and rushes towards Joe. He tries to block him but can’t and falls to ringside. He dodges his dropkicks but takes a Slinblade. Joe regains his posture and hits Penta violently against the fences and ring posts. Penta responds with Chops – Joe resists his blows and leaves him lying on the metal stairs. Joe takes the action to the ring and applies a strong lock. Penta manages to set up a table and launch himself when he sends Joe to ringside but the latter runs and falls on the table. He covers it up but Penta miraculously frees himself. He corners Joe’s Clutch and takes the win.

Winner: Samoa Joe.

As AEW Collision went off Air. We’ll be covering more on this so stay tuned and remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling! For more updates follow

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