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AEW Collision results Sept 16, 2023


AEW Collision results Sept 16, 2023. TNT and AEW Plus will broadcast episode number 14 of AEW Collision today, September 16, with Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuiness on the commentary table, live from the Bryce Jordan Center arena in State College, Pennsylvania. This week’s show features attractions such as the defense of the FTR World Tag Team Championships against Iron Savages and the clash between Kris Statlander and Britt Baker for the TBS Championship .

Ricky Starks and Big Bill vs. Blackpool Combat Club (Bryan Danielson and Claudio Castagnoli)

Bryan starts kicking Bill’s lower area but he gets tired of his blows and throws him against his corner. Claudio enters and exchanges strength with Bill. Claudio lands some blows but then receives a Lariat, along with Bryan, from Bill. Starks enters and gives Bryan some chops but he recovers and connects with others and then knocks him down with kicks. He locked on Danielson’s shoulder but Ricky frees himself and manages to attack Bryan to dominate him. Danielson lands a kick to break the dominance and change with Claudio. Bill also enters but Castagnoli receives him with European Uppercuts until he takes him to the corner. Driving Cutter by Claudio but Bill breaks free in two. Bill captures Claudio in the air and hits a Chokeslam but the count remains at two.

Swing to Starks and the Sharpshooter but Bill cuts him off. Kick by Bryan and Suicide Dive to ringside. Claudio wants to apply a Powerbomb but Starks changes it into a DDT and the count remains at two. Brutal uppercut by Claudio and again in two. Catapult from Starks and Bryan receives a slap from Bill from ringside. Spear but the count remains at two. Bryan dodges, plays with the ropes but Bi8ll takes him down from the corner. Low Blow by Starks and the Roshambo for a three-count over Danielson.


Winners: Ricky Starks and Big Bill.

We see the review of AEW Rampage, where Mogul Embassy challenged The Young Bucks to a match in AEW Grand Slam. Backstage tonight, the Bucks accept their challenge but assure them they don’t have a chance against two-time champions.

In a pre-recorded video, Powerhouse Hobbs assures that he no longer wants a challenge that is just a cover-up, but that he will cause Miro so much physical pain that he will wish he had not faced him. Miro responds in another video where he expresses that everything would have ended if he had not messed with his wife, so he will make him pay for it.

AEW World Tag Team Championships

Iron Savages (Bronson and Boulder) (with Jacked Jameson) vs. FTR (Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood) (c)

Jameson confronts Harwood and makes fun of his belly for drinking too much tequila, and asks him to see his six-pack. FTR gets tired and they apply the Goodnight Express. The Savages go all out and dominate Cash in a corner. Slam by Boulder against Harwood but the Moonsault fails and they connect the Goodnight Express to Bronson. Superplex to Boulder and a Frog Splash for a three count.


Winners and STILL champions: FTR.

After the fight, The Workhorsemen, Anthony Henry and JD Drake, arrive at the ring and ask them for the next open challenge. FTR extends their hand to them and they take it but approach fiercely.

Shane Taylor and Keith Lee cross paths backstage and the latter asks for an individual fight next week. Lee looks at him out of the corner of his eye but accepts his request with a laugh.

John Silver vs. Anthony Bowens (with Max Caster and Billy Gunn)

Before fighting, Silver tells him that in the fight contract it is defined that Caster and Gunn are banned from ringside. They retreat and Silver charges against Bowens. Silver continues the dominance with stomps and chops but Bowens recovers with a chop that makes Silver stumble and takes the advantage.


Suplex and Slam by Silver but Bowens resists the two count. Bowens dodges a Punt Kink and hits a Slam on Silver. He runs to ringside and when Bowens puts him back in, Evil Uno comes out from under the ring and throws him against a post when the referee doesn’t see him. Silver covers him and takes the win.

Winner: John Silver.

Eddie Kingston in the wings expresses that he is not going to explain or apologize for what he said since he did everything for Claudio from the beginning and he repaid him with the worst. He pushed it aside and he doesn’t want to repair anything because it’s too late. And he assures that everything will end in the AEW Grand Slam when he keeps his title.

In the wings we see Orange Cassidy and Hook eating Doritos. Renee Paquette asks them what they have in mind and Hook answers that a tag team or something like that. Cassidy tells him that she wants a starting opportunity, but doesn’t flinch. Hook agrees.


Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis) vs. local competitors

The Australians are going all out to hit their rivals. Davis takes one and throws it to Fletcher to hit a devastating Powerbomb for the three count.

Winners: Aussie Open.

After the quick match, the Australians demand an opportunity at the AEW World Tag Team Championships against FTR for WrestleDream, on October 1.

Scorpio Sky vs. Andrade El Idolo

Sky takes the fight to his heart’s content with kicks and chops when both are standing in the ring but he also works with a lock on Andrade. The Mexican wants to slow down his attack a little when he blocks with a Suplex but he manages to reverse and applies it anyway. Andrade applies some Dragon Screw to stop Sky and holds him in a corner. Elbow from Sky and a Sunset but Andrade for the three count. Small Package but Andrade breaks free. Kick and Figure Four from the Mexican. He switches to Figure 8 and takes the win.


Winner: Andrade The Idol.

Jay White, with the rest of Bullet Club Gold arrive on the ramp. He goes to Andrade El Idolo and calls him out for messing with his boys last week. And he tells him that if they want to get in his way, he challenges him to a fight next week. But he changes his mind and wants to beat her up now. Security intervenes and returns him to the ring as the BCG taunts on the ramp.

The Hardys (Jeff and Matt Hardy) vs. The Righteous (Vincent and Dutch)

Vincent punches Jeff several times but he recovers with a blow to the middle area and they alternate attacks with Matt to knock him down. Vincent dodges an attack in the corner and tags in with Dutch, who mercilessly attacks Matt with chops in the corner.

Vincent smashes Matt’s face into the canvas and covers him but the older Hardy breaks free in two. DDT from Matt and Jeff enters. Series of kicks to Vincent and the Double Stomp to the lower area. Dutch cuts just the cover and they both take him to ringside. Dutch stops Jeff’s Swanton Bomb and throws Matt against the stairs. Vincent applies his finisher to Jeff and wins.


Winners: The Righteous.

Dutch takes the microphone and they introduce themselves. Vincent expresses that they beat one of the best tag teams in the world and now he will reveal to everyone that their icons with a lie. And he assures that he will kill the ego of each of them until they are the new monarchs of the division in Ring of Honor but they will conquer all of AEW.

TBS Championship

Dr. Britt Baker DMD vs. Kris Statlander

The champion holds off Britt’s attempts well and sends her to the ringside with force. Once she returns she controls her with several chops and strong throws against the corner. Michinoku Driver by Statlander but she manages to free herself from the count of three and crashes it against the canvas. She is distracted by putting on the glove and receives a Roll-Up. Kris breaks free looking for her finisher but Baker reverses with a Facebuster and a Crossface.

Exchange of blows in the center of the ring. Baker looks for a Canadian Destroyer but Kris stops her. Roll-Up and Statlander breaks free in two. Destroyer, now yes, and the Angel Wings. Curb Stomp but Statlander resists the two count, miraculously. Key to Baker’s arm and neck. Statlander wants to break the key but she applies the Lockjaw. The champion reverses the key into a Pin and takes the win.


Winner and STILL champion: Kris Statlander. As AEW Collision went off Air. We’ll be covering more on this so stay tuned and remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling! For more updates follow

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