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AEW Collision Results October 28, 2023


AEW Collision Results October 28, 2023. TNT and AEW Plus will broadcast episode number 20 of AEW Collision today, October 28, with Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuiness on the commentary table, live from the Mohegan Sun arena in the city of Unvasville, Connecticut.

This week’s show features attractions such as the title match between MJF and Kenny Omega for the World Championship and the Fright Night Fight for the Women’s World Championship between Hikaru Shida and Abadon .

Jay White vs. AR Fox

Jay White makes his entrance with his Bullet Club Gold colleagues. White shows the AEW World Championship, which he wears around his waist. Everyone heads towards the ring. Jay climbs up to one of the corners of the ring and raises the title in front of the public. After that, he hands it to his teammates, who place it on the commentary table before surrounding the ring.


The referee rings the bell and Jay catches Fox in a headlock . White takes the lead, punishing AR in one of the corners. Fox counterattacks with a Cutter , followed by an enzuigiri that sends his rival to ringside. AR executes a shooting star press leaning on the post that hits White squarely . Fox confronts his rival’s teammates, giving Jay time to recover. AR returns to the ring, where he is surprised by White. His BCG teammates make fun of Fox, who receives a new offensive from Jay.

Jay punishes AR Fox with a powerful offensive. AR tries to react, but White executes a DDT . 1..2..NO. Jay takes his rival out of the ring and begins to argue with the referee, allowing his teammates to attack AR at ringside. After that, White leaves the ring in search of his opponent. Jay catches him and throws him against the audience barrier while his companions continue having fun with the cardboard image of their leader.

The action returns to the ring again.

Jay applies a painful Muta Lock on Fox, but he reaches the ropes . White hits AR and traps him in a headlock on the canvas while he continues mocking his rival. Fox manages to get to his feet and begins an exchange of attacks with White. AR manages to connect a series of attacks and manages to expel Jay from the ring.


Fox launches himself with a butt with a thread on Jay’s teammates. AR quickly returns to the ring and repeats the move with Jay before executing a spinning Michinoku Driver followed by a swanton bomb . 1..2..NO. AR takes White to one of the corners, where he executes a slingshot Spanish fly . 1..2..NO. AR does not give up his efforts and goes back up to the corner to execute a 450 splash , but Jay dodges it. White counterattacks with a half nelson suplex and finishes off his rival with a Blade Runner . 1..2..3.

Winner: Jay White

After the fight, White’s teammates celebrate with him. Suddenly, something catches Juice Robinson’s attention. MJF appears in the crowd and tries to win back his AEW World Championship, but all the BCG members jump on him. MJF manages to escape, but loses the title along the way . Jay White climbs up to one of the corners and raises him high while the champion escapes into the crowd.

The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass celebrate their reign as AEW World Trios Champions backstage.


The Gunns vs. The Boys

Quick fight of just a couple of minutes, where the forceful combination of Austin and Colten Gunn marks the defeat of their opponents in their debut match at AEW Collision.

Winner: The Gunns

The Gunns celebrate in the ring with the members of Bullet Club Gold. We see a promotional video about the fight that will face Kenny Omega and MJF in the main event of the night. Also we see a new promotional video is shown with Danhausen congratulating the Halloween holidays.

Bryan Nemeth is interviewed backstage. The fighter points out that he needs a manager to succeed on his way to Hollywood. Bryan knocks on CJ Perry’s locker room door. Miro is the one who receives him, inviting him to enter. Nemeth accepts, but receives a beating from the Bulgarian as the door closes.


Fright Night Fight for the AEW Women’s World Championship

Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Abandon

The ring appears surrounded by typical Halloween elements. The referee rings the bell and both women begin a first phase of scoring. Dressed as Ada Wong (a Resident Evil character), Shida hits her rival, who throws several objects at her. Hikaru hits Abadon with a dropkick before unleashing a series of punches on one of the corners.

Shida executes a missile dropkick, which sends Abadon to ringside. Shida goes after her, but can’t find her. Abadon appears under the ring and tries to catch the Japanese woman. She manages to get away from her rival, but Abadon returns to the fray, attacking the champion with the lid of a garbage can. Back in the ring, Abadon hits a Leg Hooked DDT. 1..2..NO.

Abadon and Hikaru hit each other with bones. The first takes the lead again, attacking the champion with the garbage can lid. Hikaru tries to react. The champion seems to succeed, but Abadon reacts with fury, strangling the Japanese before breaking an element of the ring over her body.


Hikary and Abadon exchange attacks.

The champion manages to knock down her rival with a running knee before grabbing a broom, with which she launches herself as if she were a witch. Abadon dodges the attack and counterattacks before returning to ringside. The challenger returns with a baseball bat and attacks Hikaru with it. The Japanese manages to counterattack, but Abadon reacts with a lariat. 1..2..NO.

Abadon screams and hits the champion again before going for a roll-up. Shida avoids defeat, but Abadon throws her against one of the corners before emptying a jar of candy onto the canvas. Abadon climbs up to one of the corners and executes a neckbreaker. Hikaru survives the count. The Japanese woman hits her rival with a kendo stick, who collapses. 1..2..NO. Shida picks up a pumpkin and places it on Abadon’s head before executing an ultimate The Katana. 1..2.3.

Winner and STILL AEW Women’s World Champion: Hikaru Shida

Toni Storm appears once the fight is over to lie down on the commentary table. Hikaru scolds her from the ring, but Storm continues with her performance & We see a promotional video starring FTR, Ricky Starks and Big Bill.


Match for the ROH AEW Television Championship

Samoa Joe (c) vs. Rhett Titus

They both shake hands as a sign of respect as soon as the bell rings. Titus tries to get the upper hand, but Joe soon knocks him down with forceful attacks. Rhett hits Joe and goes up to the corner. He jumps on the champion, but he calmly dodges him. Titus launches a new offensive. Joe stops him in one of the corners, executing a slam before applying his finisher. Titus has no choice but to surrender.

Winner by submission and STILL ROH Television Champion: Samoa Joe

QT Marshall and his companions are interviewed by Renee Paquette backstage. QT assures that he will defend his AAA Championship against the best AEW fighters, although it will not be tonight.

Claudio Castagnoli sends a direct message to Orange Cassidy. The Swiss assures that he will take revenge on him for injuring his partner Bryan Danielson in the last episode of AEW Dynamite. Claudio challenges him to a match for the International Championship in the next episode of the Wednesday show. “You hurt a member of Blackpool Combat Club. Now I’m going to hurt you. Good luck,” Castagnoli exclaims.


Ricky Starks vs. Dax Harwood

The lights go out in the stadium before the fight begins. As soon as the light returns we see the members of House of Black on the stairs of the venue’s stands. They observe the combat, which officially begins. Dax and Ricky begin a quick testing phase while their teammates watch the action from ringside.

Harwood catches Starks in a headlock on the canvas. Ricky manages to escape, but receives several chops from Dax in one of the corners. Harwood knocks him down with a bodyslam and goes up to the corner to launch himself with a splash, but Ricky dodges it. Starks catches Harwood’s arm before hitting him by landing on him from the top rope.

Dax tries to fight back, throwing Starks towards ringside, but Starks catches him on the ring apron to unleash a wave of attacks. Ricky continues his offense by executing a suplex on the entrance ramp. Starks throws his rival into the air, causing her to hit the ground. Starks takes him back to the ring, where he tries to cover him. 1..2.NO. 


Dax counterattacks with several chops in one of the corners.

Ricky responds with a missile dropkick. 1..2..NO. Starks scolds the referee before mocking his rival. Enraged, Harwood reacts with a powerful offensive. Ricky manages to stop him with a kick, but Dax returns to the charge, applying a superplex. Harwood continues his offensive, but Ricky stops him with a tremendous clothesline.

Dax returns to the fray and almost achieves victory with two roll-ups. Ricky avoids it, but falls to a clothesline. Harwood avoids a new offensive from Ricky, responding with a brainbuster. 1..2..NO. Harwood kicks Starks’ face and executes a piledriver. Dax covers his rival, but Big Bill prevents the defeat of his partner by taking Harwood out of the ring. He confronts Bill. The referee gives order and the action returns to the ring, where Stark executes a piledriver on Dax. 1..2..3.

Winner: Ricky Starks

The lights go out again. When the light returns we see Julia Hart on the entrance ramp. The lights go out again and House of Black surrounds the ring. Los Ingobernables appear and head towards the ring! Once there, they start an altercation with HOB. They decide to retreat towards the entrance ramp. Big Bill and Ricky Starks also flee the scene. Meanwhile, Rush and his companions meet with FTR in the center of the ring.


We see Andrade El Ídolo, who is interviewed backstage about what just happened. The Mexican points out that this is a matter in which he will not be involved.

Claudio Castagnoli vs. local competitor

Claudio launches himself with a European uppercut before the referee rings the bell. The Swiss launches an offensive on his rival in one of the corners before executing a new and definitive uppercut. 1..2.3.

Winner: Claudio Castagnoli

Claudio puts his rival in a submission hold to send a message to Orange Cassidy.


Backstage, Samoa Joe approaches MJF to remind him that he only has to call him if he needs help. As far as he’s concerned, they’ll be friends until “The Devil” makes good on his promise to give him a match for the AEW World Championship.

AEW MJF World Championship Match

MJF (c) vs. Kenny Omega

Omega is the first to make his entrance. MJF is the next to appear, without the title from him. The announcer introduces both opponents and the referee rings the bell without being able to show the championship.

Both approach the center of the ring and observe each other before starting the fight. MJF and Omega begin with an exchange of keys. The crowd gets into the fight from minute 1. MJF almost achieves victory with a quick roll-up while both play with the other. MJF leans on the ropes and asks the audience for silence before approaching Kenny to offer his hand. “Sportsmanship!” he exclaims. Kenny accepts the offer and they both shake hands, at which point the champion treacherously hits him.


Omega throws MJF out of the ring before launching himself with a butt with a thread. Kenny takes him back to the ring and celebrates with the crowd, but MJF returns the favor with a not-very-well-executed tope. The action returns to the ring, where Omega executes a crossbody. MJF responds with a sitout powerbomb. Omega falls with his head. 1..2..NO.

MJF catches his rival in a headlock on the canvas.

Omega manages to free himself, only to be thrown into the air. MJF catches Kenny with a hug bear and hits a DDT in that position. 1..2..NO. MJF mocks his rival, and he responds with a dragon suplex. Kenny continues his offense, hitting a famouser for a nearfall. Omega throws the champion out of the ring with a clothesline before launching himself at him with a moonsault from the top of one of the ring posts.

Back in the ring, Omega executes a dropkick on the back of the champion’s head, followed by a More Bang For Your Buck, but MJF receives the end of the movement (a moonsault) with his knees. MJF counterattacks with a flurry of punches before biting the challenger’s ear. MJF knocks Omega down with a dropkick and throws him to ringside. MJF tries to continue his offense, but Omega returns to the ring to stop him with a kick, followed by a cross legged neckbreaker. 1..2..NO.


MJF takes refuge in the apron. Kenny hits him with a double kick that sends him against the announce table. Omega goes down to ringside and takes out a table from under the ring, which he quickly places. Omega returns to the ring, where he exchanges roll-ups with the champion. Kenny hits a powerbomb against the corner and MJF responds with a quick clothesline. Both are left lying on the canvas.

The action moves to the apron.

Next to the table previously placed by Kenny. He kicks MJF and executes a dragon suplex on the apron. Omega catches the champion and executes a sitout powebomb on the table, which is completely destroyed. The public goes crazy. The referee approaches them to check the condition and medical assistance goes to the scene. 

Omega and MJF barely manage to get to their feet and return to the ring. The audience applauds. MJF leans on the ropes to get back on his feet inside the ring and begins an exchange of attacks with his rival. Omega takes the advantage with a flurry of punches. MJF hits Omega directly in the eyes, who responds with a running knee, and another. MJF executes a poisonrana, which Omega returns a few seconds later! Both are left lying on the canvas again while the public asks them to fight forever.


MJF and Kenny manage to get to their feet once again. MJF executes a stomp on Omega’s arm. He responds with a running knee. The champion manages to execute a strange Blue Thunder Bomb. 1..2..NO. MJF executes an Avalanche Tomnstone Piledriver, followed by a superkick, but Omega manages to respond forcefully. 1..2..NO. MJF rests his foot on one of the ropes to avoid defeat.

MJF goes down to ringside.

Kenny goes after him, but can’t get him into the ring, so he chooses to execute a powerbomb against the audience barrier. Kenny tries to repeat the play, but the referee stops him. Kenny takes his rival back to the ring and climbs to the corner. MJF stands up and throws himself against the ropes, making the challenger fall. MJF goes after him, but now it’s Kenny who makes him fall. MJF hits his face against the corner. Omega unleashes a series of V-Triggers against the champion and covers him. 1..2..NO.

Two more V-Triggers leave the champion at the mercy of Omega. He is about to execute his finisher, but Don Callis appears on the scene, distracting Kenny. MJF tries to surprise Omega with a roll-up, but Kenny escapes to execute a new V-Trigger. 1..2..NO. They both try to get the victory with roll-ups until MJF manages to connect a Heatseeker. 1…2…NO. Omega almost achieved victory with a roll-up, but MJF managed to respond with a Panama Sunrise before applying a second and final Heatseeker. 1..2..3.


Winner and STILL AEW World Champion: MJF

Samoa Joe, Powerhouse Hobbs and the members of Bullet Club Gold watch the end of the show from a screen in different locations backstage. Meanwhile, MJF waits for Omega to recover. Once standing, he offers her his hand. Kenny hugs her and they both embrace each other. Omega leaves the ring and lets the champion receive the ovation from the fans to end tonight’s show.

As AEW Rampage went off Air. We’ll be covering more on this so stay tuned and remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling! For more updates follow

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