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AEW Collision Results October 14, 2023


AEW Collision Results October 14, 2023. TNT and AEW Plus will broadcast episode number 17 of AEW Collision today, October 14, with Tony Schiavone, Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuiness on the commentary table, live from the Huntington Center arena in the city of Toledo, Ohio.

This week’s show features attractions such as Christian Cage’s three starting defenses for the TNT Championship against Bryan Danielson, Kris Statlander for the TBS Championship against Skye Blue and Samoa Joe for the ROH World Television Championship against Willie Mack.

Adam Copeland opens the program with his usual entrance.

Copeland begins with a promo towards Christian Cage and his constant rejection of his person for rejoining. A few seconds later, Cage interrupts him with many security members and enters the ring with the contingent. He tells the audience to shut up and mocks Adam for thinking he is special in his show. He tells him that he is only the opening while he is the star. And that this whole group was for Adam’s protection and not for Christian.


Bryan Danielson, Cage’s challenger tonight, comes out to reveal that Tony Khan assured him that tonight neither Nick Wayne nor Luchasaurus can be at ringside for their title match, something that upsets Cage and insults him. Ricky Starks and Big Bill join the party in the ring and, after declaring that they have no respect for Brayan or Adam, they assure that they must show them respect, as he does with Cage, something that encourages the TNT champion.

FTR interrupts everyone present and they go directly to Starks and Bill, whom they openly challenge to, what they consider, a well-deserved rematch for the AEW World Tag Team Championships but not tonight because they are not yet medically cleared. . And they remind them that they won’t be so lucky this time. Danielson gets tired and challenges Cage right now but he sends them to security and flees while the faces hold them all.

ROH World Television Championship

Samoa Joe (c) vs. Willie Mack

Both fight with their strength in the center of the ring, with shots to the neck and arms. Joe resists the butts of Mack and the Chops, without flinching, and counterattacks with other more powerful tackles. Mack recovers and throws JOe to ringside to launch himself with a Crossbody to the apron.


But Joe does not allow himself to be trampled and throws himself roughly at Mack, who cannot defend himself. Willie manages to knock Joe down and leaves him in the center of the ring for the Frog Splash, but Joe stands up quickly and hits him, adjusts him and hits him with the Muscle Buster for the victory on a count of three.

Winner and STILL champion: Samoa Joe.

Backstage, CJ Perry highlights what his job at All Elite Wrestling will be until Action Andretti approaches and offers to be his client. Perry does not reject him and looks at him favorably. 

Juice Robinson (with Bullet Club Gold) vs. Christopher Daniels

Robinson takes the fight as he pleases with several Chops that knock Daniels down and give him no air. He falls to ringside and the BCG attacks him and they don’t let him recover to attack but the referee warns from the ring. Daniels controls Juice at ringside with some blows but misses a Splash from the corner and Robinson takes the opportunity to continue his attack. Daniels continues with kicks to get him off and gains some dominance but Robinson responds thanks to the distractions and applies the Juice is Loose for the count of three.


Winner: Juice Robinson.

Once the fight is over, everyone gets into the ring and Jay White performs a ceremony of handing over the Diamond Ring to Robinson, almost like a marriage proposal so that Robinson later punches Daniels with it, held by The Gunns. Robinson takes the microphone and addresses MJF, whom he calls a loser. Jay White, with the World Championship, expresses that MJF cannot face them because he has no friends and in AEW Full Gear it will be the end of him when he is crowned as the new maximum monarch.

Boulder vs. Kyle Fletcher

In a quick fight, Fleycher subdues Boulder from the beginning with some head locks and several punches incessantly towards the skull of his rival. Kyle throws him and finishes him with a knee and the Code Red for the count of three.

Winner: Kyle Fletcher.

TBS Championship

Skye Blue vs. Kris Statlander ©

STatlander starts strong and subdues Blue against the corners with her strength and size difference, but the challenger begins to prevail with kicks and some forearms to Kris’ head that knock him out. At ringside, Blue wants to continue the attack but Kris stops him with knees and Chops. She goes to the ring and Statlander applies a Vertical Suplex but the count remains at two. Blue is not far behind and manages to finish her off and covers her but the count also remains at two. Statlander applies her finisher against an exhausted Blue and takes the win.


Winner and STILL champion: Kris Statlander.

Backstage, Kyle Fletcher sends greetings to his friend Mark Davis for his recovery but now he will take advantage of his solo opportunity when he faces Kenny Omega next week on AEW Dynamite.

TNT Championship Match

Bryan Danielson vs. Christian Cage ©

The two start with a strong lock, without being able to apply accurate movements until Bryan knocks down the champion. Cage responds with a neck lock but Danielson rolls with him to escape. Danielson resists the blows and subdues Cage with various holds, including his classic leg and arm lock. At ringside he whips him against the fences and chairs to return to the ring and work on his neck and back. 

Bryan’s arm is sore but he continues the fine work until he tries to launch himself with a Splash but misses and hits the canvas. Danielson tries the Dive but Cage meets him with an elbow to the apron. He tries a suplex on the apron but Cage blocks it with an elbow and kicks and then slams his back against the edge of the ring. Cage slams Bryan’s hand against the commentary table and further damages the injury he had from the start of the fight.


Headbutts from Bryan at the top of the corner and he launches himself with a Headbutt.

He drops some Dropkicks and launches himself from the corner with more but Cage resists the two count. Cage tries a Powerbomb but can’t with Bryan, Roll Up and applies an Ankle Lock. Suplex but Cage stings his eyes and launches himself from the third rope with a Frog Splash that Danielson cuts the count in two. Christian looks for the Spear but Bryan stops him with a kick, cover and is cut in two. 

Brutal stomps by Danielson and prepares a Running Knee. Cage’s Spear out of nowhere and the Killswitch but Bryan resists the count. Psycho Knee by Danielson but Cage is miraculously saved. LeBell Lock and Christian hits the rope. Again the key in the center of the ring but his arm does not allow him to apply it. Big Bill appears and distracts the referee. Ricky Starks comes out of nowhere and hits Danielson on the head with the tag team titles. Cage’s count of three and victory.

Winner and STILL champion: Christian Cage.

After the fight, Nick Wayne and Luhasaurus join the attack on Danielson but first FTR and then Adam Copeland join the ring to save Danielson from the beating and make them all flee. Copeland’s Big Foot to Luchasaurus. Wayne is left alone and receives Adam’s brutal Spear to close the segment


 As AEW Collision went off Air. We’ll be covering more on this so stay tuned and remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling! For more updates follow

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