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AEW Collision: Fight for the Fallen 2023 Results


AEW Collision: Fight for the Fallen 2023 Results. Tonight’s AEW COLLISION: Fight for The Fallen was broadcast live from the Rupp Arena in Lexington, KY! Nigel McGuinness and Kevin Kelly were the broadcast team for tonight’s event. It’s Saturday night and you know what that means! Saturday night’s alright for fighting!

Tonight’s opening contest: ROH World TV Champion Samoa Joe vs. The Golden Vampire!

El enmascarado attacks him before Joe can reach the ring, slams him against a post at ringside and then unexpectedly lands him with the GTS to leave him sprawled on the canvas. No decision. The masked and golden man remains to observe the public until he reveals his identity. CM PUNK IS THE MYSTERIOUS RIVAL. Punk takes the microphone and accepts Joe’s challenge from him for AEW All-In.

Jay White (with Bullet Club Gold) vs. Dalton Castle (with The Boys)

White can’t stand Castle’s extravagances for long and goes all out to give him Chops on his chest and back him into the corners. The Boys protect him when he falls to ringside, from attacks by The Gunns and Juice Robinson, but White continues his advantage. Castle responds with Lariats, due to an oversight by White and wants to keep him with a key. White uses the ropes and applies elbows but Castle hits several Suplexes and leaves him on the canvas but does not get the count of three. Castle leaves the Gunns lying so they don’t bother. He blocks Blade Runner on the canvas but eats the Uranagi. White’s Sleeper Suplex and the Blade Runner for the count of three and the victory.


Winner: Jay White.

Tony Schiavone comes out to the arena to interview White. He blurts out that he once sent Kenny Omega to the hospital and that now he will have to be careful because at Wembley Stadium he will do the same to him and his friends. He had to run into the peak of the Bullet Club: the Gold division, so it doesn’t matter what they do or what they try to finish them off.

Robinson plays with the Young Bucks filler and asks what they will do with them at Wembley. Finally, The Gunns want their revenge against the Bucks, since now they are better than them and they will show it. The Gunns ask for someone to come out to fight them, if they have the guts. Iron Savages accept his challenge and make it to the ring. Jacked Jameson introduces them and the fight begins.

Bullet Club Gold ( Juice Robinson,  Austin and Colten Gunn) (with Jay White) vs. Iron Savages (Bronson, Boulder and Jacked Jameson)

The Gunns taunt them and demand respect, but Bronson violently runs them over and punishes Colten harshly. However, Gunns and Robinson abuse their relief and flock to Bronson, kicking and stomping in the corner. Robinson wants to choke Bronson with a cord but the referee takes it off. He presses on the Iron Savage’s eyes and changes with Colten. Bronson wants to have the advantage but Colten kicks him in the lower zone. Bronson corners a double Clothesline from the Gunns and switches with Boulder. The giant punishes the two brothers as paper. Robinson lunges at Dive from the corner and Boulder catches him before slamming him into the brothers. Powerslam but Juice resists the count in two.


Winners: Bullet Club Gold.

Again, AEW gives us a review of the Black Mass that ended Billy Gunn’s career and the subsequent redemption that The Acclaimed want for the veteran fighter, loading his boots. There’s no going back for Gunn, who threw his stuff away and put it away like trash.

Backstage, Ricky Starks acknowledges that he was wrong and that he deserved his suspension. But that his anger has not diminished at all and that he wants there to be a war in AEW, so there will be chaos. The camera pans over to Big Bill and Starks says it will be tonight. Next, we see a promotional video of Starks’s crusade for the anger of him.

Big Bill (with Ricky Starks) vs. Derek Neal

Big Bill starts very brutal towards Neal and whips him hard. Starks gives him a belt and Bill shakes his head before closing the fight with a brutal Chokeslam and the count of three.


Winner: Big Bill.

Once the fight is over, Starks goes up to the ring and belts the defeated rival and then Bill throws him against ringside as if it were paper.

We see a promotional video of the fight that Swerve Strickland and AR Fox will have against Darby Allin and Nick Wayne in AEW Dynamite: Fyter Fest.

Willow Nightingale vs. Diamanté

Nightingale is in control with a stampede into the corner and another with several Lariats. Diamanté lands several hard shots on Willow on the canvas so she gets the upper hand. Willow blocks her rival and Mercedes Martínez appears to distract her. The Caribbean regains control of her and does not let Willow replicate the attacks. Willow regains control of her with a Spinebuster, despite Mercedes’ attempts to mess it up. Backbreaker but Diamanté can’t finish the count of three. She looks for a Roll-Up but it doesn’t work. Willow manages to hit Diamanté at ringside, while Kris Statlander neutralizes Martinez, and takes her to the canvas for the Doctor Bomb and the count of three for the victory.


Winner: Willow Nightingale.

Now it’s the turn of the promotional video between The Young Bucks and FTR, the review of their entire rivalry and career in All Elite Wrestling and their outcome in All-In at Wembley.

Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Kevin Ku

Hobbs does not let him breathe with his stampedes and Lariats that leave Ku lying on the canvas, unable to get up on his own. He presses him into a corner before landing a brutal Superplex. Combination of front and back Lariats. One-armed spinebuster for the count of three.

Winner: Powerhouse Hobbs.

After the match, Hobbs stomps Ku and sends a message to Miro with the Camel Clutch. Miro comes out on the Titantron and blurts out that he’s not all muscles, you have to have heart, and if he has guts, he’ll face off with this golden-bodied warrior.


Darby Allin vs. Christian Cage (with Luchasaurus)

With the help of Saurus, with distractions, Allin is outdone by Cage and he crashes him to the canvas with a crowbar to his arm. Allin wakes up and snaps free. He dives and covers but Cage soon breaks free of all attempts and the punishment follows. Allin and Cage’s bridge breaks free in two again. Tremendous slam from Cage that leaves Allin very badly injured and looks for the Spear. Allin blocks it and applies a Code Red that does not complete the count of three. Allin blinds him with his shirt and they both butt heads. The two launch themselves towards the ropes as a weapon but Allin falls to ringside. Luchasaurus punches him but Darby returns.

She tackles Allin’s back and runs to crash into Cage in the corner. Saurus again attacks Allin but he dodges, although he receives Christian’s Clothesline. Cage crashes into the metal ladder and then receives an elbow and forearms while sitting on a chair. Missile Dropkicks Cage in the chair. Darby throws himself backwards but Cage runs off the apron and hits him with the TNT title. He covers for him but Darby touches the rope with his foot. Allin blocks the Spear and puts Cage in the corner but Cage breaks free, Powerbomb and Spear. Allin is miraculously saved in two. Allin makes a bridge and is left with the victory.

Winner: Darby Allin.

Cage, angry at the result, goes up to the ring with Luchasaurus and connects the Spear to Allin, and makes Tony Schiavone count, to proclaim his triumph, before the watchful eye of the Mogul Embassy in the wings. As AEW Collision went Off Air.We’ll be covering more on this so stay tuned and remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling! For more updates follow

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