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AEW Awards 2022 – People’s Choice Voting


Welcome to the first ever People’s Choice AEW Awards 2022. Presented by and Elite Wrestling. Please vote for your favourite Wrestler, Moment or Match and make them winner.

The awards contain multiple categories such as best non wrestler, best debut, best pay-per-view, best champion, best wrestler, best tag team, best match etc. AEW Awards 2022 was the inaugural award show hosted by AEW (All Elite Wrestling) but this is inaugural Year End Awards for AEW. Created by our own team and US fans.

Rules for voting:

  • You can only vote one time.
  • Votings will begin on Dec 6, 2022.
  • Votings will close on Dec 25, 2022.
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Note : Results for AEW Awards 2022 will be declared on Dec 28, 2022.

AEW Awards 2022

The AEW Awards, also known as the AEW Dynamite Awards, are annual awards presented by Elite Wrestling to its professional wrestlers recognizing their accomplishments, along with the best and most viral moments from the current year.


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