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AEW All Out 2023 Results !


AEW All Out 2023 Results ! This afternoon All Elite Wrestling celebrates the AEW All Out event from the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. Elite wrestling will carry out live coverage that you can follow below.

Zero Hour: AEW All Out

Bryan Danielson talks about his respect for Ricky Steamboat, and becomes furious when he remembers that Ricky Starks wanted to challenge him to a Strap Match. “The last time I was in a match like that it was against someone I loved, and we beat each other up. Starks, I don’t even like you…so imagine what I’ll do to you tonight,” he closes.

The Over Budget Charity Battle Royale!

The winner earns $50K to give to the charity of their choice! The final three are Cage, Liona and Page. Buckshot Lariat from Page to Liona. Toa Liona is eliminated. Hangman avoids a Discus Lariat but receives a Neckbreaker. Page grabs the ropes to avoid falling, pushes himself up to catch Cage with his legs and pass him to the edge of the ring where they exchange blows. Deadeye on the edge of the ring! Brian Cage is eliminated and Hangman Page won the match.


Trios Match!

ROH Women’s World Champion Athena, Diamante, & Mercedes Martinez vs. Hikaru Shida, Skye Blue, & Willow Nightingale!

Athena’s team argues at ringside, Skye Blue takes the opportunity to launch herself from the corner on them. Diamante’s neckbreaker on Skye but it’s not enough. Blue is cornered by the rival team, which maintains dominance with short relays. Willow takes over, Athena wants to get out but her companions get out of the corner. Athena escapes, Diamante enters but Shida stops her with a Falcon Arrow.

Mercedes and Skye also intervene, Blue looks for height but Martinez stops her with a Spider German Suplex. Willow charges Cannonball at her, Athena surprises her with an O Face. Shida and Athena exchange blows, looking for momentum on the ropes but they are both taken out by a rival. Willow pushes Athena against the barricade, Diamante attacks her from behind but Willow puts her back in the ring and wins the match.

AEW World Trios Championship Match!

The Acclaimed (c.) – Anthony Bowens, Max Caster, & Daddy Ass (with Dennis Rodman) vs. Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett, & Satnam Singh (with Sonjay Dutt & Karen Jarrett) !

Dennis Rodman accompanies the champions. Karen Jarrett punishes Max with the rope when the referee doesn’t see, Jeff takes the opportunity to take control of the match. Bowens takes over and attacks his rivals. Billy Gunn then comes in and deals blows to Lethal and JJ.


Satnam stops him with a Big Boot and applies a Chokeslam to Bowens. Karen Jarrett tries to use the guitar against Billy Gunn, but Aubrey Edwards stops her. The tension increases between the two and the referee takes her out of the ring by force. While distracted, Dennis Rodman smashes the guitar over Singh’s head. Famouser, The Arrival and Mic Drop a Lethal for the count of three.

AEW All Out 2023 Main Show –

ROH World Tag Team Championship Match!

Better Than You BayBay—AEW World Champion MJF & Adam Cole (c.) vs. Dark Order—Alex Reynolds & John Silver (with Evil Uno)!

Adam and John start the fight. The champions soon look for the Double Clothesline but Reynolds and Evil Uno take their partner out of the ring. MJF asks to shake Alex’s hand as a sign of respect, but pokes him in the eyes. MJF prepares for the Kangaroo Kick, but Silver hits his neck from the corner of him. Max gets out of the ring due to the pain in his neck, Dark Order goes after him and Silver attacks him with a chair without the referee seeing it. Referees and medical staff arrive to treat MJF.

Adam faces his two rivals alone, he looks for the Panama Sunrise but Silver avoids it, responds with kicks and a Fisherman’s Buster for the count of two. Neckbreaker on Adam’s knee, Cole crawls into his corner but it’s not MJF, but Evil Uno to taunt him. Dark Order apply a Double Clothesline but Adam Cole resists. MJF returns! Max lashes out at John and Alex to take control of the match. Kangaroo Kick to Alex! Evil Uno climbs to the edge of the ring to yell at them but Cole applies a Superkick to him. Double Clotheslines! The champions apply their joint finisher and defeat Alex.


Samoa Joe arrives for his match and when he crosses paths with MJF on the ramp he pushes him. MJF becomes enraged and runs to the ring to attack Joe. Security personnel arrive to separate Joe from MJF.

ROH World Television Championship Match!

Samoa Joe (c.) vs. Shane Taylor!

Joe and Taylor hit each other in and out of the ring from the start of the match. Shane applies a Splash for the count of two upon returning to the ring. Joe’s Enziguri and Suicide Stopper to reverse the situation. Joe continues to attack but Shane leaves the count of one after a Senton. Joe looks for a Sleeper on the ropes, Taylor responds with a Stunner. Looking for height for a Splash but Joe resists the count. They exchange blows, Joe unloads knees and closes the Sleeperhold in the middle of the ring to make Shane perform. Finally Joe puts Shane to sleep.

TNT Championship Match!

Luchasaurus (c.) (with Christian Cage) vs. Darby Allin (with Nick Wayne)!

Darby is bandaged in the midsection. Allin charges as soon as the fight begins, but Saurus crashes him hard against the barricade and the metal steps. Nick Wayne comes over to check on his friend, Luchasaurus tries to keep him away while he continues punishing Darby on the steps. Luchasaurus places the steps on Darby’s back and walks down them to crush him. Nick Wayne pushes Christian Cage away when he yells in Darby’s face and helps him escape the steps. He headbutts Darby, who escapes from a Chokeslamm attempt and looks for the count with a Roll Up.


Crossbody and another count of two on Luchasaurus. He launches into Crossbody from the heights but the champion stops him without problems hitting him with his shoulder. Luchasaurus removes Darby’s bandages to use to hang him. Darby uses the bandages to grab Luchasaurus’ feet and knock him down. She forces him to sit on a chair and flies Senton from above to ringside. Hard German Suplex to Darby and Torture Rack to hurt his back more. Cage offers him a towel to throw and make Darby give up.

Allin attacks Luchasaurus and launches a Tope on Christian. He looks for height but Luchasaurus tries to stop him. Darby bites his hand and hits an Avalanche Code Red that almost gives him the win. Darby prepares for the Coffin Drop, but is distracted when Cage attacks Wayne with a chair and threatens him with a Conchairto. Luchasaurus applies two Piledrivers, crashes Darby against the corner and finishes with a Lariat to take the victory. After the fight, Christian looks for the Conchairto on Darby, but several fighters come out to scare him away.

“The Redeemer” Miro vs. Powerhouse Hobbs!

Both struggle trying to take position at the beginning, Miro gains an advantage but Hobbs stops him with a Lariat. Leg Lariat by Miro for a two count, Hobbs responds with a Belly to Belly Suplex. Hobbs misses an attack in the corner and falls out of the ring, Miro launches a Cannonball at him. Hobbs stops Miro with a Headlock upon returning to the ring. They exchange blows and collide several times, neither of them giving in. Miro ends up landing several blows while the public supports him and manages to knock Hobbs down.


Hobbs looks for height but Miro stops him with a Superplex. Miro lands a kick, Hobbs responds with a powerslam for a two count. Special kick from Miro and another two count. Miro closes the Game Over in the middle of the ring, Hobbs gets up carrying him and crashes him in the corner. Spinebuster and he counts very close to three on Miro. Hobbs looks for the Game Over on Miro, but he escapes and connects with a Spinebuster. Game Over again and Hobbs gives up.

After the fight, Miro shows respect to Hobbs. As he turns around, Hobbs attacks him and begins to choke him. Lana arrives to save Miro ! Lana attacks Hobbs with a chair, but she fails to harm him. Miro takes the chair and destroys Hobbs. Miro looks confused upon seeing Lana, and seems annoyed by her presence, so he ends up leaving alone and leaving her in the ring.

TBS Championship Match!

Kris Statlander (c.) vs. Ruby Soho (with AEW Women’s World Champion Saraya)!

Kris overcomes Ruby with his strength at the beginning of the match. Kris is distracted by chasing Saraya around ringside and Ruby takes advantage of her to stop her with a kick. Saraya attacks Kris from ringside when the referee doesn’t see her. They exchange blows until they are both lying on the canvas. Kris dodges Ruby and attacks with several blows, Knee Strike and Powerslam for a two count.


Gory Special from Kris in the middle of the ring, Soho escapes and looks for the account with Roll Up. Exchange of pins and Crossbody crash, both fall after the crash. Avalanche powerslam and a two count on Ruby. Ruby’s Poisonrana and DDT, Hurricanrana and counts very close to three on the champion. Blue Thunder Bomb by Kris for a two count. Kris looks for height but gets distracted by Saraya. No Future from there and Destination Unknown, Kris narrowly escapes. Saraya distracts the referee, Ruby takes the spray to use against Kris. Toni Storm comes out from under the ring! Storm takes the spray from Ruby, Kris applies the Sunday Night Fever and takes the victory.

No Disqualification Strap Match!

“Absolute” Ricky Starks vs. “The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson!

Ricky Steamboat joins the comment table. Starks refuses to put on the leash and treacherously attacks Danielson. Ricky takes his weight belt and punishes Danielson, takes the buckle and hurts his face, cutting him. Ricky now agrees to put on the leash and starts choking Bryan, then steps on him on the metal steps. Danielson responds with kicks and knees, but Ricky attacks him with the strap across his face to stop him from advancing. Ricky goes up to the corner but Danielson escapes and whips him with the leash. Ricky is left hanging in the corner, Danielson punishes him with the leash several times.

Ricky is distracted talking to Steamboat, Danielson uses the strap to crash him several times against the post, cutting his face. Danielson continues scoring Ricky’s back, who got tangled up in the post. They exchange blows with the strap, Ricky gets the advantage but that only turns Danielson on, who challenges him to keep hitting. Danielson responds by scoring harder and connecting with his classic kicks. Big Bill appears to attack Danielson! Ricky Steamboat attacks him and Danielson throws Starks on top of him and then flies over both of them.


Starks prevents a Buisaku Knee with a Spear but it is not enough. He looks for the Roshambo, Danielson avoids it and connects with the Buisaku Knee, which is also not enough to finish Ricky. Blackpool Combat Club style stomps and Lebelle Lock Starks in the middle of the ring. Danielson goes on to choke him with the strap until he is unconscious.

Nigel McGuiness announces that Hangman Page will donate the $50,000 from his victory in Zero Hour to The Chicago Public Education Fund.

NJPW STRONG Open Weight Champion Eddie Kingston & ROH Pure Champion Katsuyori Shibata vs. Blackpool Combat Club—ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta!

Shibata starts dominating Yuta, Claudio takes over and manages to equalize the situation. Eddie enters to confront Claudio, but he takes over from Yuta. Eddie lands several blows on Yuta but turns his attention to Claudio, who reacts by punishing him against the barricade. Eddie manages to escape from the corner of the Blackpool Combat Club by applying a Butterfly Suplex to Yuta. Claudio attacks Eddie with Foot Stomps and Uppercuts. Claudio unleashes a barrage of Uppercuts on Shibata, but Shibata surprises him with a kick in the corner. Forearm strikes and Dropkick for Claudio.


Shibata dominates Yuta with an Indian Deathlock, Claudio tries to stop him with Chops but Katsuyori resists them. Shibata catches Claudio’s leg and applies an Ankle Lock at the same time. Castagnoli manages to free himself by throwing Shibata, who as he falls bends Yuta’s leg more. Eddie returns with Chops and the Exploder Suplex for Yuta. Combination of Pump Kick and Saito Suplex on Yuta, Claudio breaks the account.

German Suplex to Eddie and count of two, Wheeler continues to attack without stopping. Claudio and Eddie exchange slaps, Claudio knocks him down with a Lariat and elbows. Neutralizer and count of two on Kingston. Eddie connects The Hurricane but Yuta saves his partner. Shibata’s Sleeperhold, Yuta breaks free but receives a Hurricane. Shibata applies the Sleeperhold again against the ropes.

“The Cleaner” Kenny Omega vs. Konosuke Takeshita!

 Don Callis shouts orders to Takeshita to punish Omega’s neck. Backdrop Driver by Takeshita that sends Omega head first into the canvas. Konosuke smashes him against the barricade and lands a kick. You can’t escape from Omega at ringside, doing the Moonsault from the barricade. Omega continues attacking when he returns to the ring, locks an Indian Deathlock and exchanges blows with Takeshita without releasing the key. Konosuke frees himself by attacking Kenny’s eyes and connects with a Takeshitaline. Takeshita blocks a Hurricanrana and throws Kenny face first into the corner guard.


Brainbuster to Kenny at ringside. Takeshita pulls out chairs from under the ring and prepares to attack with one, but the referee takes it away. Don Callis takes advantage of the discussion to place the chairs on Kenny, Konosuke flies into Senton over the ropes to hurt Omega. Blue Thunder Bomb and Senton to Omega. Exchange of blows, Takeshita misses a Knee Strike and falls out of the ring, Omega flies in Tope with Giro. Missile Dropkick upon returning to the ring and Snap Dragon Suplex for Takeshita. Another Snap Dragon, Knee Strike and Poisonrana for Takeshita, who resists the pin.

(AEW All Out 2023 Results !)

Takeshita avoids a V-Trigger, they reverse and dodge more hits until Takeshita lands a hard Lariat. Kenny dodges a Powerbomb to land one of his own followed by a V-Trigger. Takeshita avoids the OWA, connects a Driver and a German Suplex with a bridge, Kenny holds. Takeshita attacks with forearm punches, Kenny stops him with kicks. Omega looks for an Avalanche One Winged Angel, Takeshita escapes and applies an Avalanche Blue Thunder, the count is very close to three.

Takeshita’s Knee Strike and another count of two, Konosuke gets frustrated but Callis calms him down. Callis tries to use the screwdriver against Omega but he dodges it, the screwdriver is stuck in the canvas. Takeshita tries to use it to escape from the OWA but the referee takes it from him. Takeshita spins, they exchange pin attempts, Konosuke surprises with a tremendous German Suplex. Knee Strike but Kenny resists. Takeshita removes his knee protector and finishes off with a brutal Knee Strike to take the victory.


Eight-Man Tag!

AEW World Tag Team Champions FTR—Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood & The Young Bucks—Matt & Nick Jackson vs. Bullet Club Gold—Austin & Colten Gunn, “Switchblade” Jay White, & Juice Robinson!

Cash faces the Gunns at the start of the match. Hurricanrana from Cash, Matt Jackson takes over and goes on the attack with his brother. Mixed and loud reaction for the Bucks when they enter the ring. Jay takes over to exchange Chops with Dax. FTR combine to attack Jay, who gets out of the count in one. The eight enter the ring and chaos breaks out. The Bucks and FTR respond in unison to overcome their rivals. Bullet Club Gold responds by cornering Dax.

Harwood dodges a Cannonball and finally manages to take over from Nick Jackson. The Bucks combine against Jay White and Austin Gunn, who they cover after Superkicks. White stops Matt and Cash’s Superkick Party, Nick surprises him with a Facebuster and flies a Moonsault on Juice. Assisted Piledriver by Dax and Matt, BCG breaks the count. Superplex to Austin, Splash by Cash.

Diving Elbow by Matt and 450 Splash by Nick, Robinson takes him out of the ring to save his partner from the pin. Dax resists Jay’s Chops and responds with his own. Nick Jackson’s Shatter Machine featuring Dax. BTE Trigger by Matt and Dax. Surprising Bladerunner from Jay to Cash, Colten, who is the legal one, looks for the account and takes the victory.


Main Event Time!

AEW International Championship Match!

“Freshley Squeezed” Orange Cassidy vs. Jon Moxley!

Mox takes the initiative, dodges an Orange Punch and applies a Suplex that hurts Orange’s neck even more. Another Suplex for the champion, Mox maintains dominance. Stundog Milloinare from Orange looks for a DDT but Mox reverses it with a Suplex, to trample him again Blackpool Combat Club style. Moxley punishes Orange at ringside and hurts his face. Seeing that he is bleeding, Mox focuses his attack on the cut with punches and bites. Cassidy crawls, bleeding profusely, and makes it to the ring only to receive a Piledriver from Mox, who bites into his forehead again.

Mox puts his hands down his pants to annoy Cassidy and attacks him hard again. Orange scratches Mox’s back and bites into his face before flying with a Diving DDT. Another DDT, he looks for the Orange Punch but Mox dodges it to respond with Jabs. Mox’s Gotch Style Piledriver and a count of two, Orange seeks to reverse with Crucifix Pin but fails to count three. They struggle between keys and pins, Mox closes the Yuji Gatame and transitions to the Lebelle Lock. Cassidy looks like she’s about to give up or fall unconscious, but she hangs on and makes it to the ropes.

(AEW All Out 2023 Results !)

Moxley removes the ringside protectors to look for an attack there, but Orange reverses with a Beach Break on the concrete. Dropkick to throw Mox against the metal steps, Cassidy runs to the ring to try to win by countout. Orange Punch, Mox does not fall. Orange Punch, Mox is on his knees but still does not fall. He goes for the third but Mox reverses with a Cutter. Orange Punch! Spear! 1…2…no!


Orange does his classic slow kicks, but little by little the intensity and speed increases. King Kong Lariat by Mox, Orange gets to his feet right away and gets another one. Death Rider and counts very close to three on Cassidy. Orange is defiant and raises his middle fingers to Mox. Deathrider! 1…2…3! After the fight, Jon Moxley leaves with the Blackpool Combat Club. Orange Cassidy remains in the ring, bloodied and emotional, receiving the support of the public.

We’ll be covering more on this so stay tuned and remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling! For more updates follow

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