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AEW All In 2023 Stadium Stampede Full Match


AEW All In Stadium Stampede Full Match : Blackpool Combat Club, Santana & Ortiz Vs Orange Best Friends, Penta Oscuro & Eddie Kingston

Eddie comes running in to beat Claudio up on the ramp. Santana and Ortiz go to blows with Trent and Chuck in the ring, Penta and Orange attack Yuta at ringside. Mox takes an iron object to punish Trent, while Claudio and Eddie continue to fight in the doorway. Penta charges with chairs and Slingblades on Santana and Ortiz. Mox stops Penta with a Paradigm Shift, grabs wooden spikes from his bag but Penta counters and sticks them into Moxley’s forehead.

Made in Japan on Mox but the account remains in one. Castagnoli and Kingston reach the upper levels of the arena, in the ring Santana applies Powerbomb and Piledriver on chairs to Penta. Penta seems to be injured after the attacks. Mox receives the classic kicks from Orange and surprises him with a fork. Brainbuster on a chair for Orange.


Yuta suplexes Chuck over a barricade in the parking lot. Yuta joins Claudio about Eddie, but Chuck arrives with an umbrella to help his partner. Double Powerbomb Trent on a ladder in the ring. Moxley puts a wire board in the ring and throws Trent there. Eddie is left lying in an internal area of ​​the arena after a blow to the head. Ortiz splash and count of two on Trent. Piledriver on the metal steps for Trent, Ortiz continues to hurt Orange with a fork. Blackpool Combat Club take Best Friends to the entrance and continue to punish them.

 Sue arrives in her truck, Mox goes to the window to kiss her, and Tent flies into a rage. He takes the tray of cookies from his mother and attacks Claudio and Yuta. Penta returns as Dark Penta and applies a Destroyer from a ladder over tables to Ortiz. Best Friends hug Yuta in the ring before beating him down.

Wheeler tries the Seatbelt on Chuck but it’s not enough.

Awful Waffle to Yuta but Claudio breaks the account. Giant Swing from Claudio to Orange in the ring, Superplex from Trent to Ortiz on tables at ringside. Orange Punch to Claudio, despite the pain Cassidy manages to apply another but Castagnoli resists and escapes from the account. Orange breaks a bottle and tapes the glass to his fist, Mox tries to stop him but receives a DDT on part of the broken glass. Claudio’s Pop Up Uppercut on Orange. Kingston returns bleeding and with a wire chair in his hand! Kingston attacks Claudio several times, until Mox stops him. Castagnoli tries to steal the victory but Eddie resists to charge them both with Backfist. Eddie throws Mox against a table with wire, 


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