Young Bucks Turned on Jon Moxley : Band is back Together

Young Bucks Turned on Jon Moxley : Band is back Together. The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega are really good friends in their real life. They traveled the world together and they are friends for over 12 years. They always helped each other in their personal and professional lives but recently on AEW Dynamite. Bucks found themselves on the different parts of the road.

This week on Dynamite show :

The Young Bucks wear scheduled to face Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers alongside Jon moxley. Since the bell rang the match was awesome and it has really good spots in it. But in the end when Kenny Omega and Matt Jackson came face to face in that match the emotions really picked up. Matt Jackson was hesitating to attack Kenny Omega because he is his friend but Omega wanted to hurt Jackson any way he can.

In the end when The Young Bucks was about to deliver The BTE Trigger on Kenny Omega Matt Jackson was afraid to do it. That pissed off Jon Moxley and he entered the ring and hit Kenny Omega with two Paradigm Shifts. To show The Young Bucks how the work is done but when he was about to deliver the third Paradigm shift. The Young Bucks surprisingly attacked Jon Moxley with double superkicks. That led to The Good Brothers to hit Magic Killer on Jon Moxley for the three count. During this The Young Bucks were silent and they were watching all this.

People started to chant “YOU SOLD OUT.” After the match The Young Bucks attacked Jon Moxley with the double superkick. And they hugged each other via this we can understand that the band is back together. But now we will have to see what happens on next week’s dynamite show after this huge turn by the young bucks.

Young Bucks Turned on Jon Moxley : Band is back Together
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Young Bucks Turned on Jon Moxley : Band is back Together

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