Triple H trending due to Cody Rhodes

Triple H trending due to Cody Rhodes. Triple H is one of the greatest wrestlers in the wrestling industry and currently he is working as CEO and Executive Vice President for WWE. He is WWE’s one of the biggest assets and a key figure in WWE management.

Recently Cody Rhodes had a match on AEW’s one of the biggest pay per views Double or Nothing 2021 against the governor Anthony Ogogo. Anthony Ogogo is a former boxer who is currently transitioning himself in the wrestling industry as a wrestler. Cody Rhodes had trained him and now he has his biggest match in the wrestling industry against Cody Rhodes. The match was a great match and Anthony Ogogo delivered over expectations showing that he can actually wrestle. But after a great match Cody Rhodes managed to defeat Anthony Ogogo and win the match.

This did not go well in the wrestling industry and basically in the fans because Cody Rhodes is one of the Executive Vice Presidents of AEW company. So he has a power to plan any match’s finish that’s why people started to think that; Cody Rhodes has managed his power and position to hold back the younger talents like Anthony Ogogo and defeat them on the biggest stage. That’s why people started to compare Cody Rhodes to Triple H; Because in his wrestling career Triple H has also held back a few wrestlers and he did not let them be over the top performers in WWE. That’s why Triple H started to trend on Twitter because fans started to call Cody Rhodes, Triple H.

This is a weird story that Triple H is trending due to Cody Rhodes. But it’s the wrestling industry and anything can happen here. Share your thoughts on this and what do you think of Triple H trending over the internet ?

Triple H trending due to Cody Rhodes
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Triple H trending due to Cody Rhodes.

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