Tony Khan on Mark Henry’s future in AEW Company

Tony Khan on Mark Henry’s future in AEW Company. Mark Henry is a well known wrestler and the world’s strongest man; The moniker he has achieved by doing a lot of hard work. He is most famous for his WWE run in the attitude era and his Hall of Pain run in WWE.

Recently AEW had one of the biggest pay per views Double or Nothing 2021 and on that pay per view AEW announced that: They have signed world’s strongest man Mark Henry to their company; And he will be serving as the chief analyst for AEW’s upcoming second TV show AEW Rampage. After AEW’s Double or Nothing 2021 pay-per-view Tony Khan had a Media Scrum in which he discussed Mark Henry’s role in AEW. He said:

“Mark Henry and I are friends. Mark told me he was available and to do things that I would be really interested in doing. I thought that would be really interesting because; He’s not only a good friend but a really respected person in the wrestling business. A great wrestler, a great mind, a great scout, and a great analyst in wrestling. He gives his opinions on the radio, but he provides great scouting reports; He really has helped mentor a lot of wrestlers in addition to being a great wrestling mind. I think he could be not only a great on-air personality but a great backstage influence. He’s a great friend and person, so it’s just great to have Mark in the AEW family; And it was great to announce it on such a special show.”

By which we can understand that Tony Khan is happy and grateful to bring Mark Henry to AEW company. He believes that Mark Henry has a lot of things that he can give back to the wrestling industry and AEW. Tony Khan said that Mark Henry will be doing a lot of roles in AEW but it’s currently unknown what will be his roles in AEW.

Tony Khan on Mark Henry's future in AEW Company
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Tony Khan on Mark Henry’s future in AEW Company.

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