Tony Khan on AEW starting to tour again

Tony Khan on AEW starting to tour again. Due to the current global Covid-19 pandemic the world is shut down. Many sports are also cancelled but wrestling companies such as WWE and AEW kept doing their live shows. But due to the pandemic they were unable to tour and had to do their weekly shows from the same arena.

Recently covid-19 cases were low in the USA. That’s why finally AEW announced that they will be starting to tour again on July 7th 2021. Their first three shows are set to take place in Miami and Texas. Tony Khan also spoke on the current situation of AEW starting to tour. He said :

“We’re so appreciative of our fans in Jacksonville who have been with us these past nine months. Their support and incredible energy have lifted us week after week, and viewers have fed off their enthusiasm and support. Daily’s Place will always be our home.”

“Looking ahead, we’re thrilled to welcome our fans back to become part of the action in Miami, Austin and Dallas. We’ve missed touring cities, meeting the fans and hearing their roar during our live shows. Please be assured, we are working closely with the venues to comply with state and local regulations in each city. Miami, Austin and Dallas are the first of many as we gear up the trucks to travel around the country again!”

Tony Khan is very excited to welcome our face back on their show. And he wants many of their talents to perform in front of a live audience because most of them certainly are not. This will be great for AEW and fans but this should not be the reason for increasing covid-19 cases in each state and in AEW.

Tony Khan on AEW starting to tour again
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Tony Khan on AEW starting to tour again.

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