Tony Khan apologized to AEW Wrestler after a controversy

Tony Khan apologized to AEW Wrestler after a controversy. Tony Khan is AEW’s Chairman, CEO and the owner of the company. That’s why everything that happens within AEW has to be in supervision of Tony Khan.

Recently there was a controversy around AEW, Hikaru Shida and their Spanish commentary team. Because of the last Dynamite show; when Hikaru Shida was delivering her speech. One Spanish commentator mocked her accent. This was clear racism. That’s why fans and people started to criticize AEW for their Spanish commentators actions. AEW took action against him and fired him from the company. Tony Khan addressed this situation in his post media scrum after the Double or Nothing 2021 pay-per-view. He said :

“I didn’t think there was any excuse. I was not happy. Afterwards, I heard what was said and having our commentators involved with what was said about her, who I also apologized to, I thought it was best for the company to make this decision.”

By these words Tony Khan revealed that he has apologized to former AEW women’s world champion Hikaru Shida. This is a great attitude of Tony Khan towards his employees. Tell us what you think about this story ?

Tony Khan apologised to AEW Wrestler after controversy.
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Tony Khan apologized to AEW Wrestler after a controversy.

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