The Inner circle Accepted The Pinnacle’s Challenge

The Inner circle Accepted The Pinnacle’s Challenge. Here comes another energetic day in AEW dynamite. The Pinnacle has challenged Inner Circle for the Stadium stampede match at Double or Nothing 2021. Inner Circle was scheduled to answer The Pinnacle’s Challenge on this week’s Dynamite show.

After a fantastic match between Hikaru Shida and Rebel. Inner Circle came to address the fans and reveal their answer for a rematch against The Pinnacle. At first Inner Circle’s Ortiz, Sammy Gauvara and Jake Hager took a mic and they said : “They have nothing to lose now and this will not end until they put down The Pinnacle.” Finally Chris Jericho took a mic and he said :

“I have been thinking a lot about it and there was a question: is it worth it? That MJF almost tried to kill me, I guess it’s 100% worth it. Because Inner Circle is coming for The Pinnacle and we will piss off your graves. So our answer is we accept !”

Finally Chris Jericho and the Inner Circle have accepted The Pinnacle’s challenge. So now we’ll have to see what will be the output of this feud.

In the previous main event called “BLOOD  AND GUTS ” there was a match between Pinnacle and The Inner circle. In that match the Pinnacle brutally injured Chris Jericho. On that event the Pinnacle looks like devil they were heartless. They were celebrating that moment in front of everyone. The Inner circle annoyed that behavior. So they wanted to take revenge. So today the whole Inner circle team came to stage and accepted the challenge.This match is on the next AEW pay-per view event that is “DOUBLE OR NOTHING”

The Inner circle Accepted The Pinnacle's Challenge
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The Inner circle Accepted The Pinnacle’s Challenge.

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