Sting wrestling another match in AEW

Sting wrestling another match in AEW.

Sting is a once in a lifetime performer because he started his wrestling career in the late 1980s and he’s still working his ass off. Recently when he joined AEW fans speculated that he will be wrestling in AEW. AEW confirmed this news as they booked Sting for their upcoming Revolution pay-per-view in the street fight match. This match is a very important match for the Sting. Because this will be his first match since he has suffered the career threatening injury.

Recently another AEW superstar has shown interest in facing Sting in AEW. Who is none other than AEW’s chief executive officer Cody Rhodes. While speaking with the New York post. Cody Rhodes said that :

“To me, the cinematic matches, they really don’t have a current definition. I’ve seen the Stadium Stampede and I’ve seen the [WWE] Boneyard [match]. I’ve seen various different ways to present cinematic matches. And really cinematic just means with different camera cuts.”

“It can mean a lot of things, But ask me that question again in a few months; because I want the opportunity to stand across from the Stinger and I think he knows that. It’s almost kind of itching at me under my skin that if there is somebody I wanted to beat? It’s the face of TNT’s hottest period and run.”

Cody Rhodes

So it looks like Cody Rhodes wants to have a match against his childhood Hero Sting. This means we are probably gonna see another match of Sting in AEW. Because Cody Rhodes wants this match very desperately and he will do anything to get it.

Sting wrestling another match in AEW

Sting wrestling another match in AEW

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