Sting is All Elite. (Sting Officially signed with AEW)

As we all know last night at AEW special winter is coming Dynamite episode. There was tag team match between Cody Rhodes & Darby Allin Vs Ricky Starks, Powerhouse Hobbs. After this tag team match between Cody Rhodes & Darby Allin Vs Ricky Starks & Powerhouse Hobbs. Team Tazz members Ricky starks, Powerhouse Hobbs and Brian cage. Started attacking Cody Rhodes’s Nightmare family members Arn Anderson, Dustin Rhodes and Darby allin. Then suddenly lights went off and surprisingly former WCW heavyweight champion and the WWE Hall of famer Sting made his AEW debut. Which was AEW’s biggest surprise at Dynamite special winter is coming and crowd went nuts.

Sting walked through ropes and came face to face with every wrestler which was present in the ring. String stared at every wrestler like Arn Anderson, Dustin Rhodes, Cody Rhodes and Darby Allin. There was no physical stuff. Sting left the ring after its signature shout. Which was chilling moment at last night AEW Dynamite winter is coming.

But after Sting’s debut at last night AEW Dynamite show AEW Announced that Sting has signed multi your deal with All Elite Wrestling.

although AEW hasn’t revealed Sting’s AEW contract details but it is supposed that sting has legendary contract with AEW. Which might have at least 1 to 2 million dollars contract with AEW.

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